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The French home furnishings and decoration market is valued at 13 billion euros in 2023.

The global interior decorating market, valued at $131.2 billion in 2023, is experiencing positive growth, with an expected annual growth rate of 5.13%, leading to a projected market size of $168.49 billion in 2028.

In France, the home furnishings market has shown resilience, with the furniture and decoration sectors valued at nearly 26 billion euros in 2021.

Despite thepositive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the home furnishings (+9.0%), garden (+10.0%), household appliances (+5.0%) and DIY (+13.0%)sectors, a notable shift towards online sales was observed, with forecasts that byvisions that by 2022, 50% of sales would be made online; a significant increase in online furniture and home decoration sales, of 35.8%, 13.7% and 12.8% in June, August and October 2020 respectively, compared to the previous year. The pandemic has influenced the 12% increase in first-time online purchases.

With regard to France's foreign trade, a slight decline in trade in lighting fixtures was observed in 2022, with imports of $2330.90 million and exports of $864.01 million.

Trends in the French interior design market and consumer behavior

The French interior decorating market, although excluding furniture, carpets, household appliances and wallpaper, remains vast and diversified. Even in times of economic recession, the French have shown resilience and allegiance to improving the comfort and style of their homes. Although the confinement of 2020 has tested the entire home sector, recovery is evident and French consumers tend to prioritize their living environment.

The French home furnishings market is split more or less equally between furnishings and interior design. Within this market, the lighting, decorative objects and home textiles sectors represent around 1.848 billion euros, 2.376 billion euros and 2.376 billion euros respectively. Of particular importance to consumers is the lighting and miscellaneous market, which accounts for 50% of the decorating market, worth 6.6 billion euros.

Interior design is deeply rooted in French culture, with the majority of the population attaching great importance to the aesthetics of their homes. The average annual budget for interior decoration is 532 euros. Men outstrip women in terms of spending, with an average annual budget of 644 euros, compared to 444 euros for women.

In the French interior design market, traditional furniture superstores occupy half the market share, and a survey of French preferences in this sector puts Ikea at the top, followed by Maisons du Monde and Amazon Home Furnishings.

These preferences also reflect the strong penchant for "Made in France" products, with a notable increase in French furniture production from €6.06 billion to €8.25 billion between 2020 and 2022.

Physical stores remain the preferred option for the majority of French consumers, even if the rise of online shopping cannot be ignored.

French consumers' interest in "home decoration" is cyclical in nature, with peaks in search activity around the festive season

The players in the interior design market

  • Ikea, whose kit furniture and trendy accessories have become almost synonymous with modern, affordable interior design. With its vast warehouses, in-store play areas and Swedish meatballs, Ikea offers an all-day shopping experience that appeals to a wide audience.

  • Conforama and But were acquired by Austria's Mobilux and are now market leaders in France

  • Maisons du Monde has become a very popular chain. It offers customers an eclectic mix of furniture and home furnishings inspired by a variety of global influences. The brand has built its reputation on offering unique pieces that combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, ensuring that every customer can find something to suit their personal style.

  • Alinéa, which combines furnishings with a bold flair for interior design, offers French buyers a range of chic and elegant options. Like a visit to a modern art museum, a visit to an Alinéa store is an encounter with the cutting edge of design.

  • Casa France offers an assortment of household and decorative items at competitive prices. Entering a Casa France store, one often has the impression of discovering a treasure trove of delightful finds designed to add a warm touch to living spaces.

  • home24 has established itself as a specialist pure player in the market. Its digital platform offers a comprehensive catalog of interior design products, enabling customers to embellish their interiors in just a few clicks.

  •, another pure player that has caught the eye of the French market, is a strong contender in the e-commerce field. Its compelling value proposition includes regular flash sales and a wide range of products accessible from the comfort of one's sofa.

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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Market overview and definition

The interior decoration market in France encompasses several types of products: lighting, decorative objects, home textiles, table decoration items, table linens... The scope of this study excludes the furniture, carpets, household appliances and wallpaper markets, for which specific Businesscoot studies exist:

France's interior decorating market is therefore vast, encompassing manufacturers, retailers, DIY specialists, furniture specialists, large-scale geit also attracts many new players, some of whom are far from being specialized in home decoration at first glance, such as Zara Home.

The global market is growing and is set to remain so in the years ahead, with an average annual growth rate of around 5.13% over the period 2023-2028. Market growth is driven in particularby rising urbanization rates and global growth driven by developing countries.

In 2022, the French interior decorating market seems to be relatively resilient to less favourable economic conditions, proof of the attachment of the French to their comfort and home furnishings. ais to their comfort and interior design, even if confinement dealt a heavy blow to the entire home sector in 2020.

The market is highly concentrated, and is also characterized by the resilience of consumption in physical outlets, with the multiplication of the latter in many forms, even if the rise of the online sales channel cannot be overlooked, nor its influence in the purchasing decision process. the growth of online purchasing is a significant lever for the sector: by 2022, it is estimated that 50% of sales in the home furnishings and decoration market will be made online.

1.2 A growing global market

The global interior design market is estimated at $***.* billion in ****.

Global interior design market (***) World, ****-****, in billions of dollars Source: ****

It is expected to grow moderately over the next five years, at a rate of *.**% per year. As a result, the market is expected to reach sales of $***.** billion in ...

1.3 French market size

By ****, the decoration and furnishings market in France will be worth almost ** billion euros, divided roughly equally between furnishings and interior decoration, which are worth **.** billion and **.* billion euros respectively. A specific Businesscoot study dedicated to the French furniture market is availablehere.

Breakdown of interior decoration market size by product type France, ...

1.4 Impact of Covid-19

The covid-** pandemic was generally beneficial for home furnishings. In fact, all sectors grew over the period:

The impact of Covid-** was hard felt in the physical distribution network (***). This negative phenomenon was partly offset by a big recovery during the deconfinement, with the prospect of a summer at home for ...

1.5 Foreign trade in home furnishings

Foreign trade in luminaires

To establish the trade balance for lighting fixtures, we use the Harmonized System of Customs and more precisely code ****: Lighting fixtures... The Trademap website allows us to retrieve the data available in the table below.

Balance of trade in interior decorating fixtures France, ****-****, in billions of ...

1.6 The impact of Covid-19

Confinement motivates renovation projects

According to a poll conducted by Opinion Way from May ** to **, **** for renovation design agency Little Worker reported by Le Parisien, **% of French people want to invest in making their homes more pleasant, and **% want to do the same to make them more comfortable.

What kind of ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Culturally strong French demand

Interior design is part of French culture, and as such, the sector occupies an important place in the hearts of many French people. In ****, **% of French people said they attach importance to their interior design.

The importance attached to interior design varies greatly depending on the room in the house. For ...

2.2 A sector strongly linked to the real estate market

The interior decorating market is closely linked to the real estate sector, which has been contracting in recent months.

Older homes The number of transactions in older homes rose steadily over the years between **** and ****, then fell by *.*% in **** to reach *.** million transactions in ****. We can see that in ****, at the ...

2.3 Cyclical demand

Demand for decoration appears to be a cyclical phenomenon.

Trends in interest in "decoration" searches France, ****-****, Google index Source: ****

The graph above represents the proportion of searches for the keyword "décoration" in France over the last five years, compared to when the rate of use of this keyword was ...

2.4 Demand for interior luminaires

Overall consumption on the decline

Household consumption of lamps has been falling sharply since **** after a period of steady increase. It fell by **.*% between **** and ****.

Consumption of lighting fixtures rose between **** and ****, before following a downward trend between **** and **** (***). However, the year **** marks a powerful comeback in consumption, with an increase ...

2.6 Les jeunes et les enseignes de décoration d'intérieur

Les enseignes de décoration les plus populaires France, ****, en % Opinionway

Les enseignes de décoration avec le plus d'avis négatifs France, ****, en % Opinionway

Les Français et leur connaissance des enseignes de décoration France, ****, en % Opinionway

Il est indéniable qu'Ikea occupe une place prépondérante dans ...

3 Market structure

3.1 A highly concentrated French market with a large number of players

There are many types of players in the French interior design market:

Home furnishings superstores; Specialized home furnishings and decoration chains; Bazaar and destocking chains; Pure-players: Amazon, La Redoute; Decoration specialists.

Home furnishings superstores account for the largest share of the home decoration market, with **% of sales in ****, followed by home ...

3.2 France's favorite brands

A survey conducted by EY-Parthenon reveals the French people's favorite home furnishings and decoration retailers in ****:

France's favorite home furnishings and decorating chains France, ****, in satisfaction scores Source: ****

In first place is the Ikea brand, appreciated by **. *% of those surveyed. This is followed by Maisons du Monde with **.*%. Amazon (***) rounds out ...

3.3 "Made in France" production and number of companies and employees in the sector

While French furniture production seemed to have been in structural decline for a decade, the years **** and **** saw the sector grow drastically, with manufacturing rising from *.** billion euros in **** to *.** billion in ****.

Value of French furniture production France, ****-****, in billions of euros Source: ****

Share of European consumers who believe local ...

3.4 Distribution still predominantly physical

Physical stores remain the main distribution channel

Physical stores are the primary distribution channel in the interior design sector: **% of French people still prefer to visit a physical store:

Preferred purchasing locations for home furnishings France, ****, in Source: ****

The timid rise of the Internet

In ****, the leading e-commerce sites in the ...

3.5 Online distribution, the new growth driver for retailers

Trend in online furniture sales France, ****-****, in billions of euros SOURCE: l'Ameublement Français

The online furniture segment is experiencing slight but steady growth. Sales have risen from *.** billion euros to *.** billion euros between **** and ****.

Preferred online shopping sites for home decoration France, ****, in Source: ****

Amazon (***).

The online distribution of ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Product categories

If we take a look at the websites of the various furniture and decoration chains, we can distinguish several product categories in the interior design market. Take, for example, the website of Maisons du Monde, a major player in the sector:

Decorative objects and home textiles Bed linen Household linen Table ...

4.2 Interior design prices

The great diversity of interior design products on offer, as described above, logically implies a very wide range of prices, depending on the type of item in question. This makes it very difficult to give an overview of prices on the interior design market. Nevertheless, we can consider the major price ...

4.3 Supply trends

DIY (***)

According to LSA conso, **% of French people resorted to DIY in ****, reflecting a trend towards "handmade" consumption.**% have done so for economic reasons, **% to change their way of consuming, and **% to better protect the planet[***]

Connected interiors

Recent technological developments have enabled Ikea to launch an augmented reality (***) app that ...

5 Regulations

5.1 European regulations on general product safety

There are no regulations specific to interior decoration. However, this market is subject to rules that apply to a wide range of products.

The General Product Safety Directive is a European directive whose aim is to guarantee a high level of safety for products distributed on the European market. [***]

According to ...

6 Companies

6.1 Segmentation

  • Ikea France
  • Conforama France
  • BUT International
  • Gifi France
  • Maisons du Monde
  • Casa France
  • Centrakor Stores
  • home24
  • La Redoute AMPM
  • Habitat France
  • La Foir'Fouille
  • Le Marché aux Affaires
  • Action France
  • Alinéa
  • Castorama France (Kingfisher)
  • Leroy Merlin France (Adeo)
  • ITM Equipement (Bricorama, Bricomarché, Brico Cash)
  • Stokomani (Zouari Groupe)
  • Tikamoon
  • Gautier Meubles
  • Maison Thevenon
  • Boconcept
  • Roche Bobois Groupe
  • Petite Friture
  • Poterie de la Madeleine Anduze
  • Sarah Lavoine Maison
  • Zanotta (Cassina, Haworth Lifestyle Design Group)
  • Cassina (Haworth Lifestyle Design Group)
  • Knoll
  • JJA Groupe
  • EK France
  • Silvera Design
  • Pinton Ateliers
  • Tissus des Ursules
  • Manufacture de Meubles d'Argentat - Pierre Yovanovitch
  • B&M
  • Hema
  • Maxi Bazar (Zouari Groupe)
  • Normal
  • Noz Arrivages

List of charts presented in this market study

  • World interior design market (estimate)
  • Breakdown of interior decoration market size by product type
  • Importance of decoration by room
  • Criteria for choosing furniture and home furnishings
  • Interior design inspiration
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Latest news

Why Bricomarché, Bricorama and Bricocash are opening up to franchising - 21/05/2024
  • - The number of existing Bricorama franchises: 34
  • - The year the Bricorama network was acquired: 2017
  • - Sales growth since 2018: 60%
  • - Market share in 2018: around 10%
  • - Current market share: around 15%
  • - Sales in 2023 for ITM Equipement de la maison: 3.4 billion euros
Castorama revises its formula in France to boost sales - 28/03/2024
  • - Castorama sales down 4.8%.
  • - Brico Dépôt sales down 7%.
  • - Total sales in France down by almost 6%.
  • - Strategies: modernization of stores, reduction of floor space by 30%, transition to franchising, and transfer to the Brico Dépôt banner.
  • - By 2024-2025, 13 units will be specifically affected (2 franchised, 1 will become Brico Dépôt, 7 relaunched, and 3 reduced in size).
  • - 15% of Castorama and Brico Dépôt sales are generated by major works (kitchens, bathrooms) linked to moves.
  • - Introduction of Screwfix in France, with 23 current stores, planned to reach 15 more by 2024 and 600 in the long term.
Action opens its 800th store in France at Aulnay-sous-Bois - 31/01/2024
  • Eleven years of presence in France. 800 stores in France.
  • First store inaugurated in Courrières, Nord, at the end of 2012
  • Sales of 3.5 billion euros excluding tax by 2022.
  • The brand offers 6,000 products, including 1,500 for less than one euro.
Tissus des Ursules expands its network of stores - 19/01/2024
  • In the last two years, Tissus des Ursules has opened 7 new stores, adding to the 50 or so already in existence.
  • In 2021, the company acquired 18 additional stores in northern France, bringing the total to over twenty openings for the year.
  • Tissus des Ursules now has 70 points of sale, mainly in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (17 stores), the Paris region (around 12 stores) and northern France (around 20).
  • The company employs a total of 450 people.
  • By 2023, the total sales generated by all these outlets were 56 million euros.
  • Sales of furnishing and apparel fabrics by the meter account for the bulk of business, while ready-to-wear represents around 15% of revenues.
  • The Tissus des Ursules sales network is the second largest fabric distribution network in France, behind Mondial Tissus.
Habitat furniture chain applies for receivership - 30/11/2023
  • Habitat's sales in 2019 were €100 million.
  • In 2020, sales fell to 80 million euros.
Meubles Gautier: The real estate crisis affects furniture makers - 25/11/2023
  • The company has three factories in France.
  • The company has a network of 118 stores, 40 of which are international.
  • A new plant capable of manufacturing customized furniture was inaugurated in early 2022.
  • Personalization accounts for 10% of sales in their stores.
  • There is potential to increase this to 20%.
  • 20% of the Gautier range is produced in Italy and Poland by subcontractors.

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Conforama France
BUT International
Gifi France
Maisons du Monde
Casa France
Centrakor Stores
La Redoute AMPM
Habitat France

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