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The Bedding Market - Germany

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

The bedding market includes products related to sleeping such as mattresses, bed bases (or box springs), pillows and bed linen. The bedding market is a sub-segment of the furniture market. This study analyses bedding for a wide array of end-users, including households, hospitals, hotels, prisons, etc.

According to the World Economic Forum, 62% of adults consider their sleep quality as poor. Increasingly, sleep is recognised as an essential period of our life to foster health; in parallel to this, players in the bedding industry can capitalise on the increased attention given to products related to sleep. Indeed, the industry will benefit from higher expenditure on bedding features going forward.

Sales in the global bedding industry can be divided with 38% of bed bases, 30% of bed linen, 28% mattresses and the rest medical beds. Amid higher consumer expenditure, product innovation, and e-commerce all sub-segments of the global market are expected to grow. Distribution is shared between large furniture retailers (IKEA), pure players, and online players (Emma, Mattressfirm, etc.). 

In Germany, the market is healthy and mature. For instance, the nation boasts the highest number of hospital beds per 100,000 inhabitants in Europe. [Eurostat] Moreover, overnight stays in the nation have increased steadily over the last years. The mattress market has also grown, albeit at a modest pace. In relation to this, the German consumer's turnover of mattresses is lower than recommended (in other words, the mattress is not changed as often as it should be). If this information can be disclosed to a larger share of the population, the mattress market will potentially boost growth further.

In 2020 bedding specialists accounted for the largest share of sales of bedding products in Germany. However, similar to many other markets in the Western World, sales are increasingly moving online. Although the share is still low (around 10% of total sales), startups such as Emma are disrupting the market with fast delivery, edge-cutting technology, and flexible delivery options. 

1.2 The global market by product segment


According to GlobeNewsWire, the global mattress market was valued at $US **.** billion in ****. It is expected to reach $US **.** billion in ****, which represents an average annual growth rate of *.*%. 

Overall, the driver of this growth are so-called queen-size mattresses (***), it is plausible to assume that revenues from newly purchased mattresses ...

1.3 The German market is expanding

Revenue from the bedding industry Germany, ****-****, in € million Source: ****

The bedding market in Germany has been growing since ****, albeit at a modest pace. Between then and ****, the market expanded by **% to reach €*,*** million (***).

This growth comes as Germans' are becoming more concerned about their quality of sleep. They are also ...

1.4 International Trade

In this section we look at Germany's trade in bedding, defined by the following NAF code:

****-Mattress supports; articles of bedding (***), fitted with springs or stuffed, whether or not covered. 

Trade of mattresses Germany, ****-****, in US$ million and in % Source: ****

The graph above depicts the evolution of trade for ...


2.1 Client demography broken down into four segments

Four primary consumer segments make up the bedding industry in Germany, all of which use some type of bed structure. Below these categories are covered and analysed separately to provide an overview of where the bedding industry stands for each pillar.


Households are the largest consumer category in the bedding ...

2.2 Features sought after in mattresses & sleep analysis

The survey below was made in **** for consumers in Europe and looks at what features consumers primarily look for when purchasing a mattress.

From this, we find that first and firemost, the mattress needs to be good for the back (***). [***]

Although this study is old, the core traits for mattress features ...

2.3 Demand Trends: bedding interest is highly cyclical

Search interest "Bettwäsche" Germany, ****-****, in index unit Source: ****

The graph above shows the proportion of search interest for Bettwäsche in Germany between **** and **** compared to when it was the most searched (***). Thus, a value of ** implies that the keyword has been searched for less often, and a value ...


3.1 Organization and type of actors

The distribution of bed bases and mattresses in Germany today is predominantly through physical points of sale, shared between different actors listed below:

Large-scale distribution (***) Bedding specialists Traditional furniture Internet sales (***) Others  

The rise of e-commerce in the bedding industry, accounting for around **% of sales, was partly due to the democratisation ...

3.2 Production

Among the main mattress manufacturers in Germany are the following players:

Rössle (***) is a medium-sized company with approximately *** employees. It has been producing slatted bed bases, mattresses and blankets near Stuttgart for over *** years. Rummel manufactures high-quality mattresses and slatted bases for tailor-made products. Metzeler, a specialist in foam mattresses, ...

3.3. Distribution

The chart below reports the distribution channels of bedding products and bed linens in Germany in ****. From this, we can see that bedding specilalists (***) accounted for almost three quarters of all sales in **** thus far. In "other" we find e-commerce which holds around **.*% of the market. 

Market shares of bedding and ...


4.1 An overview of bedding products

The bed basis

Bed bases act as a support structure for the mattress, thus allowing the mattress to ventilate and maintain hygiene. The following types of box spring are available on the market:

Slatted bed base: ensures natural ventilation of the mattress. There are two sub-segments: Fixed slatted bases, consisting of ...

4.2 Price overview

Adam Szpyt, founder of bett*.de, a pioneer operating ***% online, communicates margins which hoover around *-*%. [***] This speaks for high competition and a general pressure on prices in the German bedding market. 

Below, a price overview is presented. It is based on Idealo, a price comparison website, where the majority of ...

4.3 Supply trends

Made in Germany This label is the world's strongest "Made in" label. [***] In Germany it is an important complement to any brand in the bedding industry, as it confirms the ambition to foster local production, whilst also respecting environmental concerns through the mitigation of global supply chain reliance. The latter often ...


5.1 Current Regulation

The German bedding industry obeys to regulation on both a regional level (***) as well as domestic.

In order to ensure safety in the use of bedding, certain standards are in force [***]:

Regulation (***) No ****/**** of the European Parliament and of the Council of ** September **** on textile fibre names and corresponding labelling and ...


6.1 Company segmentation

  • IKEA
  • Wayfair
  • Ravensburger Matratzen
  • Emma Matratze
  • Eve Sleep
  • Casper

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