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The candle market - France

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1.1 Market overview

The candle is a lighting object consisting of a wick wrapped in wax, which can have a decorative function by creating a source of light, but also an olfactory function by diffusing a specific scent. Today's candle market also includes electric and digital candles , alongside traditional candles. However, there are also other types of candle, such as tea lights, birthday candles, cartridge candles and so on.

After a significant drop in overall sales in 2020, following supply problems linked to the COVID-19 health crisis. The global candle market picks up again in 2021 and 2022, and should record an average annual growth rate of 5.26% between 2023 and 2028. Europe, whose candle market is expected to grow strongly in the coming years, is the geographic region that dominates the candle market, ahead of the American and Asian markets.

Consumers are increasingly buying candles to decorate their homes. The ease of purchase and the availability of different types of candles on multiple distribution channels are encouraging more and more people to buy them. Specialized decoration stores are seeing increasing competition from supermarkets and hypermarkets, which are positioning themselves in the segment and benefiting from reduced prices and a varied offer that is attracting more and more buyers. E-commerce is also helping to boost candle sales in France.

In France, scented candles are driving market growth, with strong growth in sales of high-end scented candles in particular. The market's upward trend has, however, been halted by Covid, with 2020 marking a sharp contrast with a record year in 2019.

1.2 A fast-growing global market

According to a study by Zion Market Research, the global candle market was estimated at $*.* billion in ****. This was expected to grow at a relatively high rate, averaging around *.*% each year until ****. However, with the COVID-** crisis largely undermining supply chains, the candle market was down to an estimated $*.* billion in ...

1.3 French growth slowed by the health crisis

In ****, the candle market in France was worth €***.* million. This value is obtained by adding the value of domestic candle production (***).

Proceeding in the same way, and taking into account the increase in industrial investment, we estimate the French candle market at €***.* million. We consider an overall increase in production in ...

1.4 International trade

France has a sizeable trade deficit when it comes to the candle market. Indeed, the country's candle exports are lower than its imports, although the difference is tending to decrease. There will be a sharp increase in both imports and exports by ****[***]. With exports growing faster than imports, France's candle trade ...


2.1 Reasons for requesting candles

There are many different types of candle, used in many different situations. Despite the absence of statistical data, it is possible to draw up a typology of supply based on these different demands:

The offer is thus segmented into candles used for birthdays, candles intended as gifts, candles whose main function ...

2.2 A demand driven by scented candles

According to a report by the European Candle Association(***), the space allocated to candles in stores is shrinking all the time.

However, some types of candle are managing to maintain sales growth despite the current price war. Such is the case with votive candles (***), which come in a variety of ...

2.3 A new aesthetic demand

Today, the candle's original luminous function has been largely forgotten, and has given way to a new, more dynamic use by a new generation. The candle market is being driven by scented candles, which meet a new demand. Indeed, candle pure player Yankee Candle now offers over *** different scents and a ...

2.4 Request for handmade, local and natural candles

Over the past few years, the craft industry in France has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity across the full range of areas covered by this branch of the trade. The boom in micro-businesses has helped to develop small-scale crafts and attract many young people to the market. The craft industry is ...

2.5 Contextual demand linked to rising energy prices

The war in Ukraine has caused energy prices in Europe to soar, and this energy crisis has been a boon for the candle market in France and Europe. The risk of power cuts announced by EDF for the winter of ****-**** caused demand for candles to skyrocket.

This prompted candle makers ...

2.6 Meilleures ventes Amazon

Leader incontesté de la vente en ligne, Amazon propose une gamme élargie de bougies. Afin de mieux saisir les spécificités de la demande, il peut être intéressant de s'attarder sur les meilleures ventes de la catégorie "bougies". Ci-après, les meilleures ventes de bougies sur Amazon dans ...


3.1 A highly concentrated market

According to the Syndicat Général des Fabricants de Bougies et Ciriers, the candle-making market is particularly concentrated, with * companies accounting for **% of national production. Listed below are the union's members, with their most recent sales figures where available.

Source: ****

3.2 Candle composition

Candles are all made from the same raw materials, in different proportions (***). [***]

Wax and kerosene give the candle its hardness. These materials can be used pure or in combination. Today, kerosene is by far the most widely used candle-making material. [***]

In recent years, kerosene gel has made its appearance alongside waxes ...

3.3 Distribution organized according to candle offering

We can distinguish several distribution channels for candles, each of which distributes more or less high-end candles.

Mass retail (***): a segment positioned at the lower end of the market; Home decoration department stores: low to mid-range; Cosmetics stores: medium to high-end.

While supermarkets mainly distribute low-end candles such as low-cost tea-lights, ...


4.1 Many different candles on the market

The Syndicat Général des Fabricants de Bougies et Ciriers offers an overview of the different candles sold on the market. A distinction can be made between two types of product:

Antique (***); Scented candles, which are more recent, and within which we need to distinguish between mood candles and massage ...

4.2 Prices vary widely according to candle type

There are no statistical data on candle prices in France. However, it is possible to record the prices charged by distributors and major candle brands.

The table below shows the unit prices observed on brand websites.

Source: ****

While theECA refers to the price war for tea lights, linked to their low ...

4.3 A range split between low and high end

Scented and jewelled candles gain ground

Blended with essential oils or fragrances that give them a distinctive, pleasant scent, scented candles are gaining ground with consumers. One of the sector's leaders, Party Lite, for example, achieved sales of **.* million euros in ****. [***]

Party Lite explains in particular that these highly profitable candles ...

4.4 Tendances de l'offre : la cire d'abeille

La cire d'abeille est une alternative bien connue à la cire traditionnelle de paraffine. Le tableau suivant répertorie les meilleures ventes sur le site Amazon :


5.1 Labeling requirements for candles placed on the market

When placing a chemical product on the market, manufacturers are required to label their products according to the CLP (***) standard. This obligation came into force in ****.

In concrete terms, this means the following rules for scented candles and fluxes:

Danger pictograms must appear where necessary; If hazardous substances or allergens are ...

5.2 Rules for scented candles in France

The Syndicat Général des Fabricants de Bougies et Ciriers reports on a study published in **** on the risks associated with the use of scented candles.

Candles imported from other countries (***) are not all subject to the same regulations. In France, there are numerous rules governing the design, production and ...


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Reviews (5)

Reviews (5)

The candle market - France

Publicado en 05/10/2022 by Inès Duffort

Excellente étude, bien sourcée et structurée. Cela m'a beaucoup aidée dans ma recherche.

Businesscoot Response:

Merci Inès pour votre retour! Nous sommes heureux d'avoir été à la hauteur de vos attentes.

The candle market - France

Publicado en 26/09/2022 by Laëtitia Laubry

Le marché de la bougie parfumée de luxe, à plus 50€ pour le format 180gr, qui est le secteur qui m'intéresse le plus, n'est pas assez ou clairement abordé, même si les principaux acteurs sont nommés.

Businesscoot Response:

Chère Laëtitia, Merci pour votre bonne note ainsi que pour votre retour constructif. Nos analystes vont dès maintenant mettre à jour l'étude en prenant en compte vos remarques et en ajoutant une partie qui traite de la vente de bougies de luxe.

The candle market - France

Publicado en 11/04/2022 by S Bonne

Etude avec quelques chiffres intéressants, mais un peu courte et concentrée sur les très gros acteurs.

Businesscoot Response:

Merci M. Bonne pour votre retour !

The candle market - France

Publicado en 18/08/2022 by TDB Foret

The study talks about the candle in France but never takes into account the artisanal candles which are also part of the production.

The candle market - France

Publicado en 24/07/2022 by Valerie

I was hoping for more work on the study of the different market players

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