The sofa market

Update 03/10/2019


1.1 Introduction

A sofa is defined as a sofa backrest, with armrests, where several people can sit In the nomenclature found on the Internet, sofas in the strict sense are included in a broader category, that of sofas "Stuffed" including seats, benches, heaters, fixed sofas, convertibles, poufs, relaxers, corner sofas and meridians. This category of "upholstered" is itself part of the category of "upholstered home furnishings market . In this study, we will study the market for "upholstered" products in their generality, first because sofas represent the most important part of the market of their sales and then because the difference between a sofa in the strict sense and another type of tapestry is relatively unclear

The global furniture market is more global and includes the following growing The growth of the global economy, which is largely due to the increase in the demand from emerging countries . In the European and American markets, "upholstered" products account for more than half of furniture sales

In France, in the furniture market, "upholstered" products represent the third segment behind furniture and kitchen furniture The French "upholstered" market is rather stable . In value terms, sofa sales are concentrated on fabric sofas or in leather with regard to sales of imitation leather sofas, for example


The price is a determining criterion for the purchase of sofas, followed by style and quality. Criteria that the few dominant generalist distributors very largely the market compared to the specialists in the segment. In addition, the vast majority of sofa sales are made in mass distribution for the home

Finally, the online broadcasting is booming, allowing the arrival of a few new players on the market even if the traditional players in the sector have already invested heavily in it. They also face the threat of the the sale of individuals to individuals sofas, and more generally second-hand furniture



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