The global office furniture market, estimated at $71 billion in 2020, is set to grow at a CAGR of 4.4% to reach around $93.31 billion by 2026. This growth trajectory is largely fuelled by the service economies taking shape in developing countries. However, the French market faces intense international competition, with foreign groups holding a majority market share of 51%. In terms of product sales, seating, desks, tables and storage dominate, accounting for almost 90% of billings in 2020.

Distribution within the market relies heavily on direct sales by manufacturers and retailers, although online sales are set to grow. The sector has also moved towards value-added services, such as design consultancy. Current trends emphasize well-being at work and the growing demand for high-quality, durable office furniture, in line with the move towards more flexible and comfortable working environments, such as co-working spaces. Despite the predominance of imports, with a coverage rate of 24.6% in 2021, there is a growing awareness of environmentally-friendly procedures and products, which could steer the market towards a more personalized and service-oriented future.

Progressive dynamism of the French office furniture market

The service sector within the office furniture market, which includes design consultancy and other value-added offerings, is experiencing the most considerable growth. Office furniture offerings are aligning with modern office trends that prioritize comfort and well-being, directing demand towards high-quality products. This reshaping of demand is partly due to the move away from traditional offices towards more flexible working environments such as flex offices and co-working spaces. SMEs and mid-sized companies have become important customers, accounting for 41% of total market billings. The market also features a mix of generalist and specialist groups, each segmenting the market with varied product offerings and revenue scales that range from tens to thousands of millions of euros.

The market maintains a good balance between imports and exports, with Europe being both a major source of imports and a main export destination for French office furniture. The influence of the real estate sector on the furniture market is undeniable. Despite a notorious downturn due to COVID-19, with business furniture investment expected to fall by around 8% by 2021, the overall market remains centered on Paris and the La Défense district in particular. Despite these challenges, the furniture market continues to evolve, with companies now more progressively seeking a dynamic balance between office presence and teleworking solutions, which is influencing demand for office furniture.

Key players in the French office furniture market

Landscape In the dynamic field of the French office furniture sector, several players have established their presence with distinct positioning and offerings. These market players range from generalist giants with extensive product ranges, to niche specialist groups, to successful independents catering to specific market needs. Here's a look at the influential companies that occupy a prominent place in this sector.

Generalist groups :

  • Steelcase - A global entity renowned for its extensive office furniture portfolio, offering innovative solutions for diverse working environments.

  • Ikea - The Swedish conglomerate is not only known for its home furnishings, but extends its user-friendly, cost-effective design philosophy to office furniture.

  • Conforama - A major player offering a variety of furniture, including a selection that caters to the needs of professional customers.

  • But - This French retailer has expanded its product range to meet the needs of professional spaces, offering smart choices for organizations.

  • Nowy Styl Group - A company renowned for its ability to combine European craftsmanship with ergonomic designs, catering to both large-scale projects and individual customers.

  • Top Office - With a focus on affordable office supplies and furniture, Top Office is a benchmark for many businesses looking to equip their workspaces.

Specialist groups :

  • Haworth - Specializing in creating adaptable workspace solutions that promote productivity and well-being, resonating with current workplace trends.

  • Sokoa/Eurosit - These brands are known for ergonomic chairs that combine comfort and style, which is essential for today's health-conscious working environments.

Independent :

  • Clen - An independent entity that prides itself on high-end, innovative office furniture that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

  • Buronomic - As an independent brand, Buronomic offers customized office furniture solutions focused on user comfort and space optimization.

Together, these companies form the pillars of the French office furniture market, each bringing its strengths and unique products to bear on the changing demands of the sector. From large multinational chains to independent craftsmen, the diversity of these players guarantees a healthy competitive landscape that stimulates innovation and quality, while catering to a wide range of customer preferences.

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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Presentation

The office furniture market in France brings together all the players involved in furnishing workspaces, including manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Office furniture is designed specifically for use in commercial and corporate spaces, such as meeting rooms, individual workstations, cafeterias and lounges. It can be segmented by product type (seating, workstations, tables, storage units and accessories) or by material (wood, plastic, metal, fabric and leather).

The global office furniture market has been growing well in recent years, with some estimates putting the market's compound annual growth rate at 4.66% for the period 2020-2026.

In France, the market is in good health. In fact, it will continue to grow at a significant rate of +7.1% in 2022. But the market is suffering from strong international competition: since 2018, foreign groups have held the lion's share of the market (51%).

Today, the market is divided between retailers (41%), direct sales by manufacturers (33%), mass retailers (21%) and online sales (5%).

The trend within the market is towards the sale of services, such as design advice. Thus, within the market itself, it is the sale of services that is seeing the most significant growth .

The return of the theme of well-being in the workplace is leading to a trend towards the reinvention of the workspace. In France, the traditional office is losing ground to the advent of flex offices and co-working spaces. In these new spaces, comfort is the watchword. As a result, demand is turning towards quality, while retaining its demands for optimization.

1.2 A growing global market

According to Icrowdfr, the global office furniture market was estimated at $** billion in **** and is expected to grow at a rate of *.*% per year to reach $**.** billion in ****. This growth is largely due to the emergence of the tertiary economy in many developing countries.

Global office furniture market World, ****-****, US$ ...

1.3 A French market gradually recovering from the crisis

According to a report published byAmeublement Français, the French trade organization for furnishings and space planning, the French office furniture market is in good shape, having recovered from the loss of sales due to Covid-**.

Trend in the size of the French office and store furniture manufacturing market France, ****, in ...

1.4 Foreign trade

To study foreign trade figures, the following two customs codes were considered: ******, "Metal office furniture (***)".

Breakdown of office furnishings by material France, ****, in Source: ****

given that wood and metal account for around **% of office furniture, we can estimate the total volume of imports/exports based on office furniture exclusively made of ...

1.5 The impact of covid-19 on the office furniture market

The impact of covid-** on office furniture manufacturers

Office and store furniture manufacturing sales index France, ****-****, Base *** in **** Source: ****

nAF code: **.**Z "Manufacture of office and store furniture"

The chart above highlights sales indices over two different periods: the first from February **** to February ****,which covers confinements and curfews and ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Non-residential construction on the wane

Cumulative surface area of non-residential premises France, ****, in tens of km* Source: ****

By their very nature, the construction of non-residential premises feeds the office furniture market, as they need to be furnished and fitted out. The first few months of the covid-** crisis greatly affected the sector, hence the sharp decline ...

2.2 The changing face of older office real estate

Demand for furniture also depends on the number of existing real estate transactions. Furniture is in fact a capital good with a much lower purchase frequency than other consumer goods, especially for professionals whose objective is to maximize the lif espan of their furniture due to its cost. However, when a ...

2.3 Demand trends

In general, demand for capital goods can be supported by new trends that reflect a search for well-being and comfort. The attention paid by companies to their furniture therefore has a positive effect on the furniture market by supporting demand for renewal, and thus contributes to sustaining domestic production. In particular, ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Overview of the value chain

Source: ****

3.2 Office furniture manufacturing

change in the number of office and store furniture manufacturing companies France, ****-**** Source: ****

change in number of employees in office and store furniture manufacturers France, ****-****, in units Source: ****

The office furniture sector is in a phase of concentration: between **** and ****, the number of companies working in this sector fell ...

3.3 Office furniture stores

Source: ****

In France, in ****, the number of office furniture wholesalers was estimated at *** (***). The Île-de-France region held a dominant position, with **.**% of office furniture wholesalers present in the region in ****, and these companies employed *,*** people, i.e. **.**% of the total number of employees .

3.4 Distribution channels

Sales breakdown

Direct sales were the main distribution channel in ****. Indirect sales are not far behind, taking *nd place with **% of market share, according to Ameublement français. Finally come sales via partners with *.*% of PDM.

Breakdown of sales by distribution channel France, ****, % Source: ****

The internet is also set to play ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Best-selling products

Office furniture sales are dominated by seating, desks, tables and storage units, which accounted for almost **% of total billings in ****.

Breakdown of office furniture sales by product France, ****, % of sales Source: ****

Between **** and ****, all growth rates for these categories are negative due to the Covid-** crisis: from -**.*% for display furniture ...

4.2 Price comparison

Classic products

The trend is to move upmarket. Producers are emphasizing design, and height-adjustable desks are on the rise, as are ergonomic and executive chairs. France has its elite producers in Caray, France Bureau and Silvera.

The distinction between top-of-the-range and bottom-of-the-range is particularly significant in terms of price, as shown ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulatory framework

When selling new furniture, it is compulsory to label a certain number of characteristics :

Price and list of items offered for this price, such as whether or not delivery is included, main materials, manufacturing process, finish, etc. Overall dimensions, environmental contribution, Biocidal properties, If the furniture is made of leather, there ...

5.2 NAF nomenclature

The manufacture of home textiles is referenced by Insee under code **.**Z entitled "Manufacture of office and store furniture".

It includes all of the following items:

manufacture of seating for offices and workshops, hotels, restaurants and public premises ; manufacture of seating for theaters; manufacture of special furniture for stores: counters, display ...

List of charts

  • Global office furniture market
  • Breakdown of office furniture sales by customer type
  • The French office furniture market
  • Trends in the size of the French office and store furniture manufacturing market
  • Cumulative surface area of non-residential premises over 12 months
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Latest news

Steelcase remanufactures its office chairs - 04/04/2024
  • Year of launch of "remanufacturing" offer: end 2023.
  • Employment at the plant: 350 employees (including temporary staff).
  • Annual production: 600,000 office chairs.
  • Sales in 2023: 150 million euros.
Office furniture: Harmony Group expands to Alès - 29/12/2023
  • Harmony Group is an SME specializing in the design and manufacture of furniture for office spaces.
  • Harmony Group employs around one hundred people.
  • The company was founded in 1989 by Simon Reydon and is now run by Patrice Reydon, one of his sons.
  • It achieved sales of 17 million euros in 2023.
Furniture: But takes over Morin | But takes over Morin - 26/10/2023
  • March 2023 - Announcement of the takeover of the Morin group by But.
  • 37 stores from the Morin group join the But group.
  • But plans to lease these stores out over time.
A new chairman for Conforama - 27/09/2023
  • Number of Conforama stores in France: 170
  • Conforama sales in 2022: €1.75 billion excluding taxes
  • Sales growth in 2022: 1.7%
Office supplies: Top Office in Adveo's basket - 25/08/2023
  • Top Office had sales of 70 million euros by 2022, with 250 employees.
  • Adveo, which has taken over Top Office, has sales of 180 million euros and 300 employees in Europe (including 240 in France).
  • Top Office is distributed through 33 stores (20 owned and 13 affiliated) with an average surface area of 1,000 m2.
  • Adveo has a total of 25,000 SKUs and over 50,000 m2 of logistics space at four sites (three in France and one in Belgium).
  • The Alkor cooperative took over 50 of Office Dépôt France's 60 stores in financial difficulty two years ago.
  • Jérôme Lorie is the first Top Office affiliate, with four stores in Brittany.
  • Top Office was created in 1996, and is still owned by Patrick Mulliez (the founder of Kiabi) and his family.
  • Adveo has been owned by US investment fund Sandton Capital Partners since 2019.
  • The office equipment sector has been consolidating for three years now.
Top Office acquired by Adveo Group (Calipage, Plein Ciel, Buro+) - 31/07/2023
  • Top Office was founded in 1996 by Patrick Mulliez and André Guilbert.
  • The Adveo Group acquired Top Office, including its 33 stores in France and websites.
  • The Adveo Group employs over 300 people in Europe.
  • Last year, the Adveo Group generated sales of 180 million euros in France.

Companies quoted in this study

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Ikea France
Nowy Styl France (Group Nowy Styl)
Haworth France
Clen Solutions
BUT International
Conforama France
Adveo Top Office
Flit Desk

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