As of 2020, the Italian office furniture market exhibits a positive trajectory, having rebounded from prior declines and is capitalizing on new building projects and evolving workspaces that cater to trends like coworking and smartworking. The segment showcasing the largest growth in turnover is office and public space furniture with an 8.7% increase, affirming the sector's strong performance. Despite international appeal for Italian-made furniture, IKEA leads in turnover, closely followed by national companies such as Edil Tre Costruzioni and Natuzzi. The distribution landscape is heavily influenced by organized distribution channels, including the growing e-commerce sector. Premium single-brand distribution remains a minor yet expanding avenue with significant mark-ups and revenue per square meter, whereas mass furniture benefits from large-scale, standardized single-brand stores with higher logistical efficiency and competitive costs. CPI data from Istat indicates a rise of 1.2 points for the "other furniture" category, encompassing office furniture. Lastly, a review of the top 400 home and office furniture companies by Monitor Italia underscores the competitive nature of this market, though specific revenue figures from these companies were not provided in the text.

Italian Office Furniture Market Trends and Dynamics

In recent years, the Italian office furniture market has witnessed a renaissance, with growth picking up pace. This resurgence can be attributed to a few key factors, including the boom in construction of modern office spaces and business districts, which calls for the outfitting of these new environments. This is further complemented by a shift towards modern organizational models, such as coworking spaces and smart working, which demand furniture that is both innovative and adaptable to rapid transformations in working culture. The Milan Furniture Fair, a pivotal event in the world of design, has been instrumental in showcasing these changes. Its Workplace 3.0 exhibition epitomizes the evolving nature of office environments, highlighting furniture that embraces flexibility, multifunctionality, and digital integration through technologies like the Internet of Things. These pieces are not only designed for office use but also envision compatibility with residential spaces, which aligns with the ongoing trend of teleworking and the increasing prevalence of freelance lifestyles. The office and public space furniture segment is notably the most dynamic within the broader furniture market, boasting a remarkable increase in turnover which underscores the sector's strong momentum.

The appeal of 'Made in Italy' remains strong both domestically and internationally, even though Ikea leads the market in terms of turnover, with other key players like Edil Tre Costruzioni (Mondo Convenienza), Saviola, Inca Properties (Friul Intagli), and Natuzzi trailing behind. In analyzing the distribution channels through which Italian consumers purchase office furniture, it's clear that organized distribution forms the backbone of the market. It's important to note that alongside traditional channels, online sales have seen significant growth over the past few years. When dividing the market into premium and mass segments, each category presents distinct characteristics. The premium single-brand distribution is a smaller channel, contributing to around 14% of the total turnover, with relatively high management costs due to the prime locations and the need for high-quality sales service. On the opposite end, mass office furniture commands a more significant share through owned retail outlets, making up about 31% of sales thanks to its standardized formats and locations in high-traffic areas with competitive costs.

Key Competitors in the Italian Office Furniture Market: A Closer Look at the Leading Brands

The Italian office furniture market boasts a vibrant mix of established players, both local and international, each bringing distinct design philosophies and innovative solutions that cater to evolving workspace needs. These companies range from those offering mass-market solutions to those in the premium segment, each carving out a unique position in this competitive industry.

  • Ikea – Synonymous with affordable flat-pack furniture, Ikea leads the market in turnover. The Swedish giant offers a wide range of office furniture that promises a combination of function, quality, design, and value. Ikea continues to appeal to a wide customer base, with offerings that suit both the casual home office and more structured corporate environments.
  • Edil Tre Costruzioni (Mondo Convenienza) – This company represents Italy's penchant for striking a balance between cost-efficiency and style. Under the brand Mondo Convenienza, they have established themselves as a key player in providing a variety of office furnishings that do not break the bank, making them a popular choice for businesses looking to fit out their spaces on a budget without compromising on design.
  • Saviola – An eco-friendly choice for consumers, Saviola stands out for their commitment to sustainability. They offer office furniture that is not only stylish and functional but also environmentally responsible, using recycled wood as a core material in their products.
  • Inca Properties (Friul Intagli) – Specializing in components for office furniture, Inca Properties operates under the brand Friul Intagli. They are known for their cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and customization options that allow for high degrees of flexibility in meeting various office design requirements.
  • Natuzzi – Primarily known for their luxurious leather upholstery, Natuzzi has expanded its repertoire to include office furniture. Their pieces tend to elevate the aesthetic of any corporate space they inhabit, offering clients an upmarket and refined option for their executive suites and lounge areas.

The office furniture market in Italy is therefore a tapestry of diverse offerings, with players like Ikea and Mondo Convenienza catering to the mass market, while brands like Natuzzi provide more premium options. Saviola, with their focus on sustainability, ensures that eco-conscious decisions are on the table for corporations, while Friul Intagli delivers bespoke solutions for unique spaces. The confluence of these companies creates a dynamic and responsive market that is well-equipped to handle the demands of the modern workspace, be it for conventional settings, coworking spaces, or the hybrid offices

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1 Market Overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

The office furniture market in Italy includes all players involved in Italian workspace design, including manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Office furniture is designed specifically for use in commercial and corporate spaces, such as meeting rooms, individual workstations, cafeterias and lounges. It can be segmented by product type (seating, workstations, tables, storage, and accessories) or by material (wood, plastic, metal, fabric, and leather).

The global office furniture market has been growing steadily for some years. However, when the pandemic hit the world, many employers reduced the expansion of their workspaces and laid off employees. As a result, demand for office furniture declined from a segment that accounted for 13.4 percent of the global furniture market. However, demand for the product is expected to increase in the coming years due to improving economic conditions. With a CAGR of 3.1% during 2021-2027, the office furniture market is expected to reach a value of $96.64 billion by 2027.

Italy is globally recognized as a leader in the furniture industry. Currently, demand for office furniture is on the rise, thanks to positive occupancy rates and the emergence of new office space across the country. Some of the best opportunities for the Italian office furniture market come from exports, which account for nearly 58 percent of total production. Italy's main export markets are France and Germany.

Other factors play a role in the development of the Italian office furniture market. On the one hand, increased demand for ergonomic office furniture is driving gains in the sector, with many entities redesigning their workspaces. On the other hand, the online office furniture sales segment is booming, thanks to the irruption of e-commerce platforms across the country.

The main player in the Italian office furniture market is the Molteni Group, founded in 1934 near Milan, in the so-called furniture district. In just a few years, it has gained a worldwide reputation, not least for the high quality of its products.

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  • Estimated evolution of the office furniture market
  • Value of imports and exports of office furniture
  • Size of the furniture market
  • Sales of office furniture by material
  • Share of materials in office furniture sales
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Mondo Convenienza: a new agreement with trade unions - 11/03/2024
  1. Date of the agreement between Mondo Convenienza and the National Association of Integrated Services (ANSI): January 17.
  2. Effective date of the agreement: March 1.
  3. Application of the contract from the CCNL Logistics, Freight and Shipping to contractors working for Mondo Convenienza.

Company data:

  1. Presence of more than two million Mondo Convenienza customers.
  2. Mondo Convenienza's turnover: over one billion euros.
  3. Mondo Convenienza also operates in Spain.
  4. Market share of Mondo Convenienza in the retail sector in Italy: 46%.
  5. Total market share of Mondo Convenienza: above 13%.
  6. Increase in sales compared to the pre-pandemic period, due in part to increased presence in remote sales channels.

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IKEA Italia
La Mercanti
Iris Mobili (Mondo Convenienza)
3B Italia
Maisons du Monde Italia

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