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1.1 Definition and presentation

The bulb and lamp market is a sub-segment of the broader lighting market and consists of:

  • Bulbs: A lighting device, consisting of a transparent or translucent, gas-tight enclosure containing a luminous body.
  • Lamps: Any lighting device used to distribute, fit or transform light from bulbs.

There are several types of bulbs, the main ones being incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LEDs.

The Italian lighting sector in turn is divided into indoor or outdoor products, decorative or technical. In Italy, lighting is a leading segment of the national economy and accounts for a considerable portion of exports. The value of production in fact shows positive signs in recent years, but will have to deal with a rapid transformation of the needs of consumers increasingly attentive to the environment and cost efficiency, and a constantly changing regulation. Therefore, the offer of Italian companies will have to be able to anticipate and manage these transformations and adapt both production and marketing towards an increasing focus on smart lighting and LEDs.

1.2 Global Market

The global market for lamps and bulbs has grown significantly in recent years. Certain developing regions such as Asia, the Middle East, and Africa are leading the market due to their increasing urbanization. Trends such as LEDs or IoT are also contributing to the dynamic demand.

The market was estimated at ...

1.3 The Italian market

The Italian lighting market is estimated at *.* billion euros and **** employees.

Already in ****, the Italian lighting industry recorded a decline of *.*% in total turnover. This was caused mainly by the decline in domestic demand (***) and the general flattening of consumption.

Domestic Market Value and Total Turnover, Lighting Italy, ****-****, millions of ...

1.4 Exports and Imports

From what emerges from the data reported by ASSIL in the report "Sector Data ****", published in December ****, it can be seen that, during the years ****-****, Italy had a positive trade balance, as far as the lightining sector is concerned with exports exceeding imports by about *** million.

Imports and Exports Italy, ...

1.5 Impact of Covid

According to a survey conducted by ASSIL, the national association of federated lighting manufacturers, on a group of companies with a total turnover of *.* billion euros, **** employees and **% of the Italian lighting market, **.*% of companies have suffered a reduction in turnover of between **% and **% in ****.

Among the reasons for this reduction, ...


2.1 Demand Driven by 4 Sectors

Lamps and bulbs are used by industry, communities, and the general public [***]. The two industries that consume the most light bulbs are the automotive sector for vehicle headlights and the construction sector for building equipment. Both industries have been doing relatively well since ****, but were hit hard by the pandemic crisis. Local ...

2.2 The Automotive Sector

The consumption of lamps and bulbs is important in the automotive industry and is used in particular for the production of headlights and other lighting systems. Vehicle manufacturing is therefore an important outlet for the sector, especially in Europe, where it is highly developed. Three types of bulbs are most commonly ...

2.3 The construction sector

The construction industry is experiencing a time of relative stability. This is evidenced by the turnover of the last * years of an industry that has remained almost stable.

Evolution of Turnover Construction of Buildings Italy, ****-****, billion euros ISTAT

Tertiary real estate

We have said that the tertiary sector, both in ...

2.4 Public lighting

In Italy there is a streetlight for public lighting every * inhabitants, in total there are about ** million lighting points, and it is estimated that are currently brought to LED about *.*. million of the total streetlights, of which ***,*** are to be considered intelligent lighting points with timed variation of luminance or lighting ...

2.5 Lamps: A Constantly Growing Demand

Demand for lamps, on the other hand, has been steadily increasing for years. This is also evidenced by the increase in the production value of bedside and desk lamps and electric interior lamps. This mainly refers to the consumer segment of the general public. In fact, household consumption of lamps and ...


3.1 Fragmented, protean supply and declining production

The number of companies operating in the manufacture of lighting equipment increased sharply between **** and ****, after a period of decline caused by the strong pressure on prices exerted by competition from countries with cheap labor (***). The number of employees has also followed the same trend in recent years.

Number of Companies ...

3.2 The key role of the relationship between private and public for the future of the sector

Given the sheer volume of funding needed for infrastructure renewal, smart cities must consider innovative funding strategies in order to become a reality. From initiatives to improve public health and expanding access to Wi-Fi and promoting affordable housing, municipalities are forging innovative partnerships to improve the quality of life for their ...

3.3 Distribution chain in the Led market

Below we find representation of the distribution chain that characterizes the LED market.

The main components of LED products, LED diodes, are highly technical products. Manufacturers often have to deal with assembly companies that differ significantly in volume and dynamics from LED diode manufacturers. The defined working relationship between the diode ...

3.4 Alternative methods of sale: ecommerce

In the field of lighting products distribution, especially LED products distribution, some companies use custom e-commerce or specific marketplaces to offer potential buyers another way to purchase. Business-to-consumer (***) e-commerce is one of the few sectors in Italy that has not been affected by the crisis and continues to see growth in ...


4.1 Type and comparison of products and prices offered

As for light bulbs, there are different types with different basic technologies used today in Italy

The incandescent light bulb: This light bulb invented in **** by Thomas Edison is the one that revolutionized the world, but its technology is now outdated. In fact, it is very energy-intensive and not very environmentally ...

4.2 New trends in supply

Booming LED market

The global LED market is growing. This is because LED technology tends to replace other types of lighting because of its low energy consumption. If we take into account that about **% of the country's energy consumption is for urban lighting, the item "Public lighting" is clearly one of ...


5.1 European Regulation and Ecological Transition

Many standards on the lighting market are not specific to the Italian market, but have been harmonized at the European level. These are the Low Voltage Directive and the EMC Directive that have laid the foundations for the rules that lamps must comply with in Europe

First of all, the CE ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Artemide Group
  • Helios quartz
  • Magneti Marelli (Groupe CK Holdings)
  • Zonca International

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Reviews (5)

Reviews (5)

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Very good study, complete with figures that helped me in my research

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Hello Sebastien, Thank you for your feedback and we are delighted that this study has given you a good overview of the market.

The interior design market - France

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Merci Malcolm pour votre retour et la confiance accordée :)

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