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1.1 Definition and Scope of the Study

An air purifier is a device that reduces the impact of domestic and industrial pollution by filtering the air and consequently eliminating pollutants and unpleasant odors. Within the scope of this study, however, we are going to focus only on domestic and commercial applications of these devices rather than on the industrial ones. 

There are five main air purification technologies on the Italian market, based on the pollutant treated:

  • Mechanical filters (e.g. HEPA);
  • Electronic filters (electrostatic ionizers or precipitators);
  • Gas phase filters (e.g. activated carbon);
  • UVGI or Germicidal UV irradiation;
  • PCO or photocatalytic oxidation;
  • Ozonizers;

In public settings, such as hospital or aircrafts, air purifiers are mainly used to filter and remove toxic residues. In domestic environments, on the other hand, air purifiers are present in offices and homes to improve the hygiene and quality of life of employees and residents.

It is estimated that the global market for air purifiers will grow at a rate of more than 10% in the coming years. In particular, this growth is due to increased pollution rates and increased awareness of the harmful effects of air pollution on health. 

The United States has been the main market for air purifiers, while Asia Pacific is the region experiencing the highest growth, currently accounting for 41.1% of the market. In the Asia-Pacific region, the rapid industrialization, urbanization and rising disposable income are supporting this growth. 

Today the market is also developing positively in Italy, despite rather high prices. Although still a niche market, the market is growing rapidly and this growth is driven by some leading brands such as Dyson, Philips, Samsung and Xiaomi.

The lockdown measures implemented by the government in various Italian regions to contain the spread of COVID-19 have led to an increase in sales of household appliances, including air purifiers. In addition, there is a growing demand for air purifiers from healthcare facilities and buildings as consumers are exploring ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

1.2 World market for air purifiers driven by Chinese and Asian demand

Revenue of the air purifier market

World, ****-*****, in billions of dollars

Source: ****

The growth of the air purifier market is very significant, with growth expected to reach **% per year over the period ****-****, bringing its value to $** billion by the end of this period.

The world market is largely driven ...

1.3 The Italian Market for Air Purifiers

According to a WHO (***) study, **% of people are affected by diseases related to indoor air pollution and **% of all diseases are related to poor air quality.

A person takes an average of **,*** breaths per day and spends **% of his/her time in closed indoor environments [***].

These data might give an idea ...

1.4 Imports and Exports

As surprising as it may sound, Italy can be considered a net exporter of air purifiers as it experienced foreign trade coverage rates well above ***% during the whole period between **** and ****, as it is visible from the following graph.

Imports, Exports and coverage rate are expressed taking into consideration the category ...

1.5 COVID-19 Impact

The obsession with cleanliness is understandable in a time of emergency such as the one we are experiencing. Coronavirus is a respiratory virus that is spread primarily through close contact with an infected person. So, air quality in the home has become particularly important, but we should not think of the ...


2.1 Demand Drivers

Experts suggest that the purchase of an air purifier can be essential in case of real and objective reasons [***], such as:

Allergies to dust, pet hair and pollen; Asthma; Living with smokers; Bad odors produced by animals and their bedding; Living in a region highly affected by air pollution.

The demand ...

2.2 Smart Working as a Determinant of Demand

A survey, conducted by YouGov for VELUX, carried out **,*** online interviews between March and April **** in ** countries in North America and some European countries including Italy, to see how much time is spent indoors during the day.

Eighty-two percent of respondents said they spend less than ** hours indoors each day and ...

2.3 The most polluted regions in Italy

Having established that air pollution is an important determinant of demand for air purifiers, it makes sense to have a closer look at air pollution in Italy in order to identify the most polluted regions of the country. Inevitably these regions will indeed be likely to present a higher demand for ...

2.4 Geographic Distribution of Asthma Hospitalizations

We have assessed the importance of the prevalence of asthma for the demand of air purifiers due to the fact that many experts and doctors suggest the domestic use of these devices to cope with the disease for the most severe cases. It is therefore useful to have a look at ...


3.1 Market Structure and Applications

Construction is not the only B*B customer segment in the air purifier industry. On the one hand, not all constructions involve the installation of such devices and, on the other hand, premises are not the only places where these devices can be deployed. Public procurement is also decisive for the ...

3.2 Value Chain

The Nederman Group has published a mapping of its value chain. Two main conclusions can be drawn from this graph published by the Swedish air filtration expert. On the one hand, a "cradle-to-cradle" value chain concept that emphasizes the desire not to waste material, but to reuse and redesign the materials ...

3.3 The Main Players

Considering the fact that air purifiers are still considered a niche market in Italy, the main players of this sector can be identified in large electronic devices producing companies which have the trust of consumers and the right reputation for introducing new devices such as air purifiers. 

The only pure player ...


4.1 Air Purifiers Technologies on the Market

Several air purification technologies are available, namely [***]:

Filtration: The principle of filtration is to capture the pollutants present in the air to be treated via a series of filters. HEPA (***) filters are the most qualitative since they are able to recover smaller pollutants. HEPA technology accounts for approximately **% of global market ...

4.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Technology

Source: ****

4.3 Comparison Table of Main Players Offer

As mentioned in section *, the main player on the Italian market for Air Purifiers are: Flair, Dyson, Xiaomi, Samsung and Levoit. In this section, the best-seller air purifiers of each company will be compared and analyzed.

Filair, the Italian producer of air purifiers, analyzed the different models of its competitors to ...

4.4 Pricing

Air purifiers cost anywhere between ** and **** euros, as an order of magnitude.

Following the same reasoning as before, we are going to compare the prices of the most popular devices made by the largest brands active on the Italian market of air purifiers.

 Source: ****

Many portable models of air purifiers ...

4.5 My Air Pure: the Italian startup for air purification

My Air Pure is a startup from Calco, in the heart of Brianza, that was born in ****, in the middle of the health emergency. It designs My Air Pure (***), a device dedicated precisely to sanitizing and purifying the air.

The new element introduced by this device is the combined action, on ...


5.1 The Professional use of ozone: Regulations and compliance with BPR

A report written by the ISS-INAIL working group on the professional use of ozone also in reference to COVID-**, reiterates that "From a regulatory point of view, currently in Italy ozone can be marketed and used exclusively as a sanitizer; for the possible use as a disinfectant i.e. as a ...

5.2 I Have to Buy a Sanitizing and Disinfection Service: What do I have to assess?

If the operation is done using machinery, we need to ask ourselves what they need to disinfect.

If they have to disinfect a sanitary environment, it is necessary to assess whether:

The machine produces ozone or steam and is CE marked with notified body. The machine uses a product and is ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Filair
  • Dyson Italia
  • Xiaomi Italia
  • Samsung Italia
  • Levoit
  • Rensair
  • My Air Pure
  • Honeywell
  • Philips (Groupe)
  • LG Electronics

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