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1.1 Definition and scope of study

A air cleaner is a device to reduce the impact of domestic and industrial pollution by air filtering and consequently eliminating pollutants and unpleasant odours .

There are five main types of air purifiers in France:

  • Air purifiers by filtration the most common;

  • Air purifiers by ionizer ;

  • Air purifiers by combustion ;

  • Air purifiers by photo-catalysis ;

  • Air purifiers by plasma.

In the industry air purifiers are mainly used to filter and remove toxic residues in hospitals or airplanes. In their use more domestic Air purifiers are also present in offices and homes to improve the hygiene and quality of life of employees and residents.

The market for air cleaners should grow at a very dynamic rate of 11% per year until 2022 . It is driven by Asian demand and more particularly Chinese demand. Today, the market is developing very rapidly in France (36% growth between 2016 and 2017), despite fairly high prices with industrialists and city dwellers ready to equip themselves to fight against the proven harmful effects of pollution on the human body. Even if there is still a niche market still underdeveloped and consequent the domestic and industrial air treatment market is growing exponentially in France and is driven by a number of leading brands such as SEB , Rowenta , Dyson or Philips.

The market evolution is favoured by major R&D investment, including innovations related to the Covid-19 pandemic or the use of new raw materials such as algae .

1.2 World market for air purifiers driven by Chinese and Asian demand

    Revenue of the air purifier market World, ****-*****, in billions of dollars Source : Allied Market Research  

The growth of the air purifier market is very significant, with growth expected to reach **% per year over the period ****-****, bringing its value to $** billion by the end of this period.

The world market ...

1.3 The French market for air purifiers is on the rise

  Value and volume of the air treatment market France, ****-****, in millions of euros and tens of thousands Source : LSA Conso  

Between **** and ****, the air treatment market grew by **% in value and **% in volume to reach a size of ** million euros with **,*** units sold.

In addition to the very substantial increase ...

1.4 France, net importer of air purifiers

Air purifiers are listed by the Directorate-General for Customs and Indirect Duty under CN* ******** 'Apparatus for filtering or purifying air (***)'.

Foreign trade in air filtration or air purification equipment France, ****-****, in millions of euros and in % Source: ****

France imports slightly more air filtration or air purification equipment than it ...

1.5 Demand boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic

In contrast to many markets, the air purifier market has come out of the Covid-** pandemic in a big way. There are two main reasons for this. First, some purifiers have the ability to filter the air so finely that viruses are eliminated. On the other hand, and most importantly, during ...


2.1 The different customer segments

In the absence of figures for the French market, it is possible to extrapolate the worldwide distribution of market turnover.

    Breakdown of the air purifier market by application World, ****, by % Source : Grand View Research  

The main customer segment for air purifiers worldwide is the commercial sector (***). This segment includes offices, ...

2.2 Construction drives the demand for air purifiers

Construction of non-residential sites 

Non-residential building construction France, January ****-January ****, in millions of square meters Source: ****

The construction of non-residential sites is a key and determining factor for the demand for air purifiers, since the construction of new buildings has a positive impact on the demand for air purifiers in France. ...

2.3 The importance of B2B demand outside construction

Construction is not the only B*B customer segment in the air purifier industry. On the one hand, not all constructions involve the installation of such devices and, on the other hand, premises are not the only places where these devices can be deployed.

Transport is also a major segment of ...

2.4 Demand driven by air pollution and asthmatic and allergic reactions

Construction is not the only B*B customer segment in the air purifier industry. On the one hand, not all constructions involve the installation of such devices and, on the other hand, premises are not the only places where these devices can be deployed.

Transportation is also a major segment of ...


3.1 The market value chain

Source: ****

Nederman Group has published a mapping of its value chain. Two main conclusions can be drawn from this graph published by the Swedish air filtration expert. On the one hand, a "cradle-to-cradle" value chain concept that emphasises the desire not to waste material, but to reuse and redesign the materials ...

3.2 Heterogeneous value propositions

The market is divided between innovative start-ups and SMEs and large multinational companies. While the former are mainly focused on a customer segment, often B*B, the latter have sufficient financial strength to be present in both B*B and B*C.

In France, more than twenty brands of air purifiers ...

3.3 Market leaders

Newell Brands, Groupe SEB and Domair International were the top three brands of air treatment products in ****. Newell's Bionaire, followed by Groupe SEB's Rowenta and then Domair, were the leading brands of cooling fans, which was also their positioning in global cooling as well as in air treatment products. Air treatment products ...


4.1 Product typology

Several air purification technologies are available, namely [***]:


The principle of filtration is to capture the pollutants present in the air to be treated via a series of filters. HEPA (***) filters are the most qualitative since they are able to recover smaller pollutants.

HEPA technology accounts for approximately **% of global market ...

4.2 Advantages and disadvantages of each type of air purifier

Filtration air purifiers [***] :

Advantages : the most widespread and widely used technique; an elaborate system that lets nothing slip through; all the pollution remains in the filters; there are specific filters (***). Disadvantages: air circulation can cause some noise pollution; the filters must be changed regularly; these are relatively energy-intensive devices; viruses aren't ...

4.3 Air purifier prices per range

The table above shows the current prices for air purifiers representative of each product line at Boulanger .

    Average price for an air treatment device France, ****-****, in euros Source : LSA Conso  

There is an inflation of average prices in the air handling equipment market. Between **** and ****, for example, they have ...

4.4 A market driven by numerous innovations

To exist in this very dynamic and competitive market, companies are looking for new segments and products. One of the current limitations of the market is the immobility of air purifiers. Faced with this situation, the Korean LG is working on a new prototype integrating an air purifier with a surgical ...


5.1 Current regulations

Air purifiers are currently subject to a worldwide regulation, ISO*****, which replaces an old European standard (***). This standard came into force in **** [***].

About the filters:

Filter efficiency is evaluated on PM*, PM*.* and PM** particles, i.e. on the same parameters used by the WHO and environmental agencies worldwide; More importantly, ...


6.1 Positioning of the players

6.2 Trafic des sites internet des entreprises de purificateurs d'air en France

Trafic web des principaux sites d'entreprises de purificateurs d'air en France France, ****-****, en milliers de visites Source: ****

  • Newell Brands
  • Groupe Seb
  • Dyson
  • Teqoya
  • DeLonghi
  • Philips
  • Unilever
  • Aykow

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