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The HVAC market - France

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1.1 Presentation and definition of the HVAC market

The HVAC technology includes all the facilities that ensure heating, ventilation and air conditioning of a building, whether tertiary or industrial.

Several activities are grouped together in the HVAC market:

  • Gas and oil boilers ;
  • Heat pumps ;
  • Air conditioning ;
  • Ventilation and air treatment ;
  • Solar equipment ;
  • Water radiators ;
  • Filtration ;
  • Wood boilers.

Thanks to the development of technology and the increasing demand for energy saving products, the global HVAC market is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 5,9% during the period 2020-2026. The French market is also promising as it increased from 2015 to 2020 with a CAGR of around 3%.

In fact, HVAC is an activity with a strong sustainable development and energy saving component, since its objective is to develop solutions to regulate the temperature of professional premises or homes. Because of its importance, HVAC is closely linked to renewable energies (solar, biomass, condensation boilers, biogas, etc.).

Hence, the HVAC industry is therefore highly dependent on the health of the construction market and on regulatory advances in environmental protection.

1.2 Global HVAC market

The turnover of the global HVAC market was valued at *** billion USD in **** and is expected to grow at a CAGR (***) of *,*% during the period ****-****, thus reaching the value of ***,* billion USD. The largest consumers of HVAC systems are Asia Pacific, which accounts for **% of the market and the United ...

1.3 HVAC in France: a sector linked to the construction industry and changes in regulations

According to the professional federation Uniclima, the HVAC market in France represented *.* billion euros in ****, of which *.* billion euros were exported. Hence, the French HVAC market represented *.* billion euros in ****.

If we estimate that the evolution of the turnover index of the sector "installation works of thermal equipment and air conditioning" ...

1.4 Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Given the variety of services included in the HVAC sector, the impact of the pandemic varied according to the activity. In general, the HVAC sector was able to limit the impact of the crisis thanks to the growth of certain sectors, even though some segments were heavily affected, for instance due ...


2.1 Overview of the sector and the different business segments

The construction sector as a whole

The HVAC sector is linked to the construction sector. It is therefore necessary to take an interest in the available data on construction in France, the demand and its evolution.

The FFB (***).

The table below shows us how the construction market was negatively affected by ...

2.2 Renewable energies are gaining ground

Among the heating or energy possibilities, it seems that renewable energies are becoming more and more important in consumption.

Total primary consumption of renewable energy for heat production France, ****-****, in thousands of kilotonnes of oil equivalent Source: ****

In ****, the total primary consumption of renewable energy in France amounted to approximately ...

2.3 Regulations are driving demand for less polluting products

Supported by "the eco-loan", a zero-interest loan granted by the State to finance renovations related to the energy performance of housing, insulation or heating equipment using renewable energies is increasing. The following graph shows a gradual reduction in sales of traditional gas and oil boilers of around **% between **** and ****. At the ...


3.1 A market characterized by a certain atomicity of companies

Distribution of companies in the sector by size France, ****, in % Source: ****

The HVAC segment is mostly composed of small companies of * to * employees (***) . Smaller structures are mainly aimed at private customers for installation, maintenance and repair services.

Large companies are the ones in charge of work for the public sector and ...

3.2 Strong competition linked to the proximity of the market

According to, there is a wide variety of channels that can be used to capture customers:

Telephone prospecting The attraction of the website: referencing, content ... Targeted email prospecting Creation of content on climate engineering Relationship with technical centres

Source: ****

According to Forceplus, the distribution of HVAC systems is quite ...

3.3 Main actors of the HVAC sector

The HVAC market is dominated by major energy services companies: Engie, Dalkia and SPIE. Engie is by far the leader in this market but the group plans to sell its energy services subsidiary, Bright, so Dalkia is expected to take the first place of the podium. [***]

The biggest competitors of these ...


4.1 Various types of installations

Heating and air conditioning

Because of the many areas included in HVAC, there is a wide variety of offers and solutions. As far as heating is concerned, the solution to be adopted depends mainly on the volume of the building to be heated. Depending on the requirements, heating can be gas ...

4.2 Evolution of prices

In order to have an overview of the evolution of prices in the HVAC sector, we can observe the evolution of the Price Index - base *** in **** (***) given by Insee. 

In the graph below we can observe a continuous growth of the price index, which went from *** in **** to ***.* in ****, an ...


5.1 Strong government incentives for the residential sector

The regulatory context is changing regularly but remains very promising for the residential sector.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity has launched the " Energy saving boost " (***) which allows households to benefit from a *,*** or *,*** euro bonus to reduce the carbon footprint. It is available on the basis of income.

In ...

5.2 Non-residential regulations support activity in the sector

The decree on the renovation of tertiary buildings which appeared in the Official Journal (***) on * May **** aimed to improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. The objective is to achieve a **% reduction in energy consumption between **** and ****. Intermediate objectives have been set for each **-year period.

Reduction of **% of energy consumption ...


6.1 Segmentation

Generalist" companies whose activities include HVAC:

Dalkia Engie Spie CDL Elec Vinci Eiffage Bouygues Construction Daikin

Specialized" companies

Climater Air Climate Idex Snef Patricola MCI

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The HVAC market - France

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