the public lighting market

Update 06/11/2019


1.1 Presentation of the street lighting market

The public lighting market brings together different actors and companies whose aim is to provide a lighting of roads and public spaces whether for the comfort or for the user safety . Several activities relate to this market: supply of lighting equipment, energy supply, construction of appropriate infrastructure.

There are four types of market players

  • Public decision-makers which, through calls for tenders, determine market demand (municipalities and communities).
  • Service providers infrastructure construction and implementation (e. g. Spie)
  • Equipment suppliers lighting (e. g. Comatelec Schreder)
  • Energy suppliers (e. g.: EDF)

The French public lighting market represents most of the spending on network maintenance . The expenses allocated to the renewal of the facilities and then those attributable to the consumption of energy

The French public lighting market faces two main challenges: economic and ecological. The energy costs are increasingly burdensome for communities to support financially and criticism due to greenhouse gas emissions and light nuisances.


Many actors now rely on the renewal of the existing fleet thanks to increasingly innovative solutions from intelligent lighting Low-energy lamp, LED, connected lighting, lighting plans, etc. These are all initiatives that are in line with the trend of "smart cities" which suggest that the French public lighting market will increase in value in the short and medium term.



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