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The public lighting market - France

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1.1 Presentation of the public lighting market

The public lighting market brings together various players and companies whose aim is to provide lighting for roads and public spaces, whether for the comfort or safety of users. Several activities are related to this market: supply of lighting equipment, supply of energy, construction of appropriate infrastructures.

There are four types of companies operating in the market:

  • Public decision-makers who, through tenders, determine the market demand (municipalities and communities).
  • Infrastructure construction and service providers (e.g., Spie)
  • Lighting equipment suppliers (e.g. Comatelec Schreder)
  • Energy suppliers (e.g. EDF)

The French public lighting market is mainly drived by the network maintenance. This is followed by spending on the renewal of installations and then on energy consumption.

The French street lighting market is faced with two main challenges: economical and ecological. Energy costs are becoming increasingly expensive for local authorities, and they have to deal with criticism of greenhouse gas emissions and light pollution.

Many actors are now focusing on the renewal of the existing lighting stock thanks to increasingly innovative intelligent lighting solutions: low energy lamps, LEDs, connected lighting, lighting plans, etc. All these initiatives are part of the "smart cities" trend, which suggests that the French street lighting market will increase in value in the short and medium term.

Local authorities have recorded a net loss in their local finances this could have an impact on future public spending, including street lighting. Despite this, the health crisis has largely contributed to reinforcing certain emerging trends, such as the renewal of the lighting stock in favor of LEDs and the extinction of lights during off-peak hours of the night.

1.2 Street lighting around the world

Worldwide, there are approximately *** million street lighting fixtures, with **% in Asia, **% in Europe and North America, and **% in South America. The global lighting density, in terms of urban population for each light point, averages about **, ranging from * in European countries to more than ** in Asia-Pacific. [***]

Number of light points by country World, ...

1.3 A French market with good growth prospects

According to data collected by the AFE, public lighting in France will represent an average turnover of *.* billion euros in ****. This figure includes approximately * billion euros spent on maintenance, approximately *** to *** million euros invested in the renewal of the existing infrastructures and over *** million euros attributable to energy consumption.

Breakdown of ...

1.4 The impact of the health crisis on local government budgets

The street lighting market depends on local government spending. With the Covid-** health crisis, local finances have been greatly impacted. The government estimates that all local authorities have suffered a drop in tax revenues of *.* billion euros, a drop in tariff resources of *.* billion euros, to which must be added all ...


2.1 Aging lighting stock requiring renewal

An aging lighting stock

Source: ****

In ****, of the * million light points, **% of the lighting stock was composed of sodium vapor lamps, **% in mercury vapor lamps and about **% of other lamps (***). [***]

Despite this, the fleet remains aging. Between **** and ****, nearly **% of public lighting fixtures should have been replaced due to European regulations ...

2.2 The opinion of the French: an indirect lever

Public lighting: a central role for French citizens Role of public lighting France, ****, in Source: Ipsos For the French, public lighting has a significant role, particularly in terms of safety: **% of respondents consider that public lighting is important to enhance safety conditions in the evening and at night, and **% of respondents ...

2.3 Growing environmental concerns

Nuisance and light pollution

Over-lighting leads to nuisance and light pollution. For small communities in particular, public lighting is the primary source of nuisance due to obsolete equipment. Atmospheric pollution is also noted, such as the presence of light halos. There are also physical nuisances for living beings (***) as well as ...

2.4 Demand fluctuates slightly

The annual amount of the market, about * billion euros per year, is equal to the annual flow of spending by the communities, i.e. the annual flow of tenders. Since cities renew their tenders regularly (***), the amount of each tender makes it possible to estimate the market by contract revenue, i.e., ...


3.1 Local authorities, central players

The central role of local authorities

The departments are responsible for the lighting of departmental roads and, where applicable, of public works, sites and buildings in their possession. As regards the portions of departmental roads crossing a town, it is the mayor of the commune who is responsible for deciding on ...

3.2 Investment in the market by private players through new management methods

Public procurement is the traditional form of investment in public lighting: it consists of all contracts awarded by public bodies to meet their needs. These contracts may or may not be subject to the public procurement code.

For the management of their public lighting, local authorities can choose to entrust it ...

3.3 The entry of new players disrupts the market

French manufacturers of lamps, luminaires and candelabras, some ** companies employing *,*** people, are just recovering from several dark years. During the period ****-****, street lighting specialists, which represent about a third of the profession, saw their sales go down by about **% before stabilizing at €*.* billion in ****.[***]

Among, the offerers on the public ...

3.4 Recycling: a mandatory step

According to AFE, the collection rate in communities (***) in ****, was **% for used lamps and *% for used lighting fixtures. The collection rate target at the end of **** is **% for used lamps and **% for used lighting.

Waste management obligations

In accordance with the circular on the exemplarity of the State and the recommendations ...

3.5 The evolution of the value chain

Traditionally, the value chain of the public lighting market can be broken down into five links:

The production of equipment, a link in which historical equipment such as Eclatec, Schréder or Philips stand out, but also the new lighting start-ups. Design and engineering, which is often integrated with the rest ...


4.1 General presentation of the different products required for the installation of public lighting infrastructures

There are several types of products that are included in the public lighting infrastructure these depend on the equipment and devices used:

Main types of light sources (***):

Fluorescent tubes High pressure mercury lamps High pressure sodium lamps High pressure metal halide lamps Induction lamps LED lamps

Main types of equipment, in ...

4.2 The arrival of LEDs

LEDS penetration in the street lighting market World, ****, % Source: ****

In France, the penetration rate of LEDS in street lighting is around **%. by comparison, Japan is at **% according to AD Little.

A functional LED luminaire costs between *** and *,*** euros, this additional cost compared to other technologies leads communities to a global analysis ...

4.3 The emergence of smart cities

The National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (***) 

In this context, intelligent public lighting was initially aimed at reducing energy consumption, which is costly. Today, the development of new technologies transforms street lamps and other light points into real "multifunctional interactive systems" (***) that collect, aggregate and analyze data in a ...


5.1 Regulations

European regulations 

The European ErP directive of **** defined in three stages (***) and according to the types of lamps, minimum values of energy efficiency:

Since ****, the energy efficiency of metal halide lamps must thus reach from ** to over ** lm/W depending on the power ; In addition, they must retain at **,*** hours of ...


6.1 Segmentation

National manufacturers of public lighting equipment:

Comatelec Schreder Eclatec Valmont France Ragni

National specialists in the implementation of public lighting solutions:

EDF Spie Engie Ineo Bouygues Energie et Services Citéos Citelum BH Technologies

Innovative players :

Lucibel Sunna Design Kawantech Glowee

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Reviews (1)

The public lighting market - France

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