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The French market for stationary toilets and sanitary ceramics is worth around €260 million.

from 2020 onwards, the global toilet market has grown significantly, with projections estimating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% to 2030. This growth dynamic is attributed to increased hygiene awareness worldwide, advances in sanitation practices and substantial innovations in the industry. Smart toilets are gaining in popularity, with connectivity options such as Bluetooth and health monitoring capabilities through waste analysis.

Market expansion is driven by thereal estate boom in Asia. China has become the leading producer and consumer of toilet seats.

The French market for ceramic toilets and toilet seats is showing signs of stagnation, with sales stable in volume but falling in value, reflecting a highly concentrated market dominated by international players.

The public restroom segment in France is facing challenges due to hygiene concerns. In the non-residential sector, the construction of commercial premises, including hotels and restaurants, offers continuing opportunities for the toilet industry. Regulations, such as those guaranteeing facilities for employees and accessibility standards for the disabled, govern the sector and influence market dynamics.

Trends in the French washroom market : Between tradition and technological innovation

The market reveals several key trends. Ceramic toilets, a domestic standard for both private and public spaces, continue to hold a significant share of the market. Ceramic toilet parts, of which WCs account for 43% of sales (between 2.5 and 3 million units), are estimated to remain an essential part of the country's toilet industry. The appeal of these porcelain fixtures is undeniably linked to their widespread use in residential properties, commercial establishments and public places.

Emerging technologies are shaping new preferences and expectations. The advent of smart toilets, equipped with features such as Bluetooth connectivity and stool analysis for medical monitoring, reflects a growing interest in health and hygiene. These advanced products are currently a smaller segment, but are expected to grow strongly in developed countries.

The evolution of the market is also evident in design preferences, which are moving towards a more personalized aesthetic, with companies such as Trilogy, which offers a wide range of products.e, with companies such as Trone distinguishing themselves by their willingness to create toilets that serve as decorative elements. Wall-hung toilets are also gaining in popularity.

The sector as a whole has been affected by trends in new housing construction and renovation. There has been a noticeable stagnation in housing starts, which has indirectly influenced the market for fixed toilets. Despite this, there has been an upward trend in sales of older homes and apartments (around 15-20 million home sales), creating an environment conducive to toilet maintenance and renovation.

In the toilet market ecosystem, certain French regions, such as the Grand-Est, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Occitanie, are emerging as hubs for the manufacture of ceramic sanitaryware.

Looking at imports and exports, the French market is undergoing significant changes. Imports have risen by around 25%, while exports have fallen by over 15%, showing a marked preference for foreign products. France's main trading partners include Germany, in first place.

Manufacturers of traditional ceramic toilets

  • Villeroy & Boch has a long history of manufacturing quality ceramic products, including toilets.
  • Duravit - Another industry heavyweight, Duravit offers innovative designs. Its product range includes a variety of toilets, often combining aesthetic and functional design.
  • Geberit - Hailing from Switzerland, Geberit is known for its sanitary products, particularly toilets made from high-quality ceramics. Beyond conventional products, the company also offers more advanced solutions such as concealed cisterns.
  • Ideal Standard, with its wide range of bathroom solutions, makes a significant contribution to the toilet market. Its products are renowned for their quality and reliability.
  • Kohler - An American company with a worldwide presence, Kohler has been manufacturing plumbing products for over a century. Its toilets are among the many products for which it is known, and it continues to innovate in terms of design and functionality.

Innovators in the toilet market

  • Toto - Toto is synonymous with high-tech toilets and has been a leader in revolutionizing the toilet experience. Offering features such as heated seats, automatic lids and eco-friendly functions.
  • Saniclean focuses on washable toilets, a growing niche market
  • Olfa specializes in specific components such as toilet flaps. Its footprint may be smaller than that of full-range manufacturers, but its expertise in this field enables it to dominate this segment.

Suppliers of public, commercial and urban toilets

  • Sanitec manufactures a range of sanitary products, including those for public and commercial use. It plays a key role in the supply of durable and often vandal-resistant toilets, urinals and other sanitary equipment.
  • MPS Toilettes Automatiques specializes in automated public toilets, offering solutions that are both hygienic and easy to maintain, an essential aspect for public facilities.
  • Francioli offers municipalities and other public facilities a range of sanitary solutions, including stainless steel equipment, wastewater evacuation systems and wastewater treatment systems
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Presentation and definition of the toilet market

The market for toilets characterizes supply and demand of toilets, generally produced in ceramic (porcelain or other ceramics) for individuals, companies, public spaces, or in stainless steel A more resistant material suitable for toilets on public roads in France

The global market is expected to experience a 6% growth between 2019 and 2030 thanks to the global awareness of the importance of hygiene and the democratization of sanitation but also to the many industry innovations . Companies like Toto are developing lavatory but others companies are also investing in smart toilets The new system can be connected to Bluetooth, or capable of analyzing stool for a real medical follow-up

In France, the market is very concentrated and international companies operating in France (Geberit, Villeroy, etc.) restructuring due to strong competition from low-wage countries . We can.. distinguish between manufacturers of personal washrooms and manufacturers of public, commercial and public washrooms

Individuals generally obtain their supplies from GSB or via the building companies who undertake construction or renovation work on their behalf. Public and corporate washrooms are more specific markets for which specialized companies take care of installation and production devices

Trends in France are moving towards personalised toilets and a more highlighting their decorative potential with start-ups like Trone. Hanging toilets are also becoming more and more popular.

The washroom market is also linked to several important adjacent activities such as the he sale of toilet care products, the he sale of toilet paper and the he rental of mobile or fixed toilets, which will not be addressed in this study,

1.2 The growing global market for toilet seats

The global toilet seat market in figures

The toilet seat market is expected to reach $*.* billion in **** with a CAGR of *% per year.  

Evolution of the global toilet seat market World, ****-****, in billions of US dollars Source: ****

This growth is expected to be driven by the booming residential real estate ...

1.3 The toilet market is maturing in France

The market for ceramic toilets and toilet seats is stagnating

According to The Monitor *.* billion, the bathroom sector grew by *.*% in **** to reach This was driven in particular by the dynamism of ceramic products (***) and more particularly ceramic toilet bowls and ceramic toilet tops. Washing toilets are particularly popular as they ...

1.4 Foreign trade in sanitary products

Foreign trade in ceramic sanitary ware is registered under the following code

****: Ceramic sinks, washbasins, washstands, bathtubs, bidets, lavatory bowls, cisterns, urinals and similar fixtures for sanitary purposes

Foreign trade in ceramic sanitary ware, which includes WCs, has experienced a significant deterioration since ****. Exports have indeed decreased by **.*% while imports ...

1.5 The impact of Covid-19 on production

Covid-** has had a significant impact on the manufacture of ceramic plumbing fixtures. In March ****, the players' sales were **.*% lower than in March ****. The fall reached **% in April **** before activity resumed in May to reach levels comparable to **** in June

Turnover index for the manufacture of ceramic sanitary appliances France, ****-****, ...

2 Demand Analysis

2.1 Stagnation in new housing construction hampers market dynamism

The toilet sector in France is closely dependent on the development of residential and office construction, since each new construction involves the fitting out of toilets. The graph below highlights the increase of more than **.*% in the number of collective and individual housing starts between **** and ****. However, since ****, housing starts appear ...

2.2 The toilets, a room that justifies expenses for the French

Toilets are a part of the house for a majority of French people and decoration and maintenance are therefore important. Although it comes last in terms of the importance of decoration, **% of French people still attach great importance to its aesthetics.

How important is it to you to decorate the following ...

2.3 Non-residential construction also carries the sector

The surface area of non-residential premises started increased by **.*% between January **** and January **** (***)

Construction of non-residential premises France, January ****-January ****, in billions of square metres Source: ****

Commercial premises, hotels and restaurants

Commercial premises, hotels, restaurants, etc. represent outlets for the production of toilets. Indeed, they constitute an essential element of comfort ...

2.4 French distrust of public toilets

Hygiene in public toilets is a major concern for the French, with **% thinking that they represent a health risk and **% having recently stopped using them due to lack of cleanliness.

Places presenting the most hygiene risks according to the French France, ****, percentage Source: ****

**% of French people even think that it ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Fixed toilet value chain

The steps in the value chain are as follows

The manufacturing Among the manufacturers, there are producers of ceramic sanitary ware for private individuals, who often produce all the ceramic sanitary ware parts of the bathroom (***) or collective toilets for large companies, places of passage, etc. The distribution which is divided ...

3.2 The production of fixed ceramic toilets

Les premiers acteurs du marché sont les entreprises qui produisent des WC mais aussi toutes les pièces sanitaires en céramique comme les baignoires et les éviers et sont recensés sous le code Naf **.**z (***). Les « pure players » qui ne proposent que des toilettes ou des abattants comme Olfa sont ...

3.3 Producers of public, commercial or public toilets

As explained Les Echos these - sometimes very small - actors must dealing with cities and communities to finance itself via subsidies or even be the subject of experimentation to judge the effectiveness of products. The latter seem increasingly inclined to seek innovative solutions, in particular by calling on start-ups such ...

3.4 The distribution of fixed toilets

Classic toilets are sold in France by furniture and sanitary specialists such as Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Lapeyre with an increase in online sales and distributors such as Amazon and Alibaba that do not offer facility services

In the DIY sector, the most popular brands are Leroy Merlin, Castorama and BricoDépôt, ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 An offer with a variety of systems

Selon Ooreka, il existe trois modèles de toilettes classiques en France : le WC avec réservoir, le plus répandu ; le WC monobloc où le réservoir et la cuvette sont communs ; le WC avec réservoir séparé en hauteur où le réservoir est lié à la cuvette par ...

4.2 Intelligent, washable toilets

Washing toilets, which quickly conquered Japan, are the latest innovation in the toilet sector. The world leader in this market is the Japanese company Toto, which has exported its Washlet model to France, initially offering it to prestigious places such as hotels and palaces. This approach made it possible to promote ...

5 Regulation

5.1 Current regulations

In terms of regulation, we can distinguish two main axes

The obligation for companies to provide their employees with toilet facilities; Standards for washrooms for people with disabilities

In the first case, the number of toilets installed is depending on the maximum number of employees simultaneously present on the company's premises ...

6 Positioning of the players

6.1. Companies specialising in high-end products are divided between traditional and innovative players

  • Villeroy & Boch
  • Duravit
  • Geberit
  • Ideal Standard
  • Toto
  • Saniclean
  • Olfa
  • Sanitec
  • MPS Toilettes
  • Francioli
  • Sagelec
  • Enygea Groupe (WC LOC, PSV)
  • Lovely toilettes
  • Laufen (Roca Groupe)
  • SFA Sanibroyeur
  • Idealclima
  • Porcher (Ideal Standard)

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Évolution du marché mondial des sièges de toilette
  • Chiffre d'affaires de la céramique sanitaire
  • Number of sales of old houses and apartments
  • Dépenses courantes en gros travaux d'entretien/amélioration
  • Housing starts
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