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1.1 Definition and scope of the market

Plumbing includes all activities used to circulate fluids. The plumber's job is to work on buildings, to intervene on constructions new in order to set up the pipes and as part of the renovation or maintenance, for example, a bathroom. The market is a construction sub-segment.

The sector is dominated by small businesses, which have experienced some difficulties before 2016, but has since benefited from a slight upturn in activity which is expected to continue throughout 2019, aided in particular by the fight against illegal employment and the renovation aids the government, which should promote heating replacement by individuals.

The study will cover the plumbing while evoking at times the heating and air conditioning both of which are often performed by plumbers.


1.2 A national market that has been recovering since 2016

The plumbing market in **** reached a turnover of *.* billion euros according to the association UNCP-FFB (***). According to the data of the FFB, this represents *.*% of construction activity . [***]

The plumber's job includes several activities which may overlap:

The work on the water and gas piping The installation of sanitary, boilers... Emergency maintenance ...

1.3 Summary of sector drivers


2.1 The unstable construction sector

The plumbing sector is a sub-segment of construction. It is, therefore, appropriate to look at the available data on construction in France, the demand, and its evolution.

On the construction market the FFB (***) notes a moderate growth in business. In **** approximately ***,*** housing units were started which is a down *.*% compared to ...

2.2 The number of new housing units decreases in 2018

New housing construction

Plumbing is an activity particularly important during the construction of new homes since the plumber has to make the connections of piping, installation of sanitary facilities, and even installation of central heating systems. The aim is therefore to give an overview of this initial demand and its evolution ...

2.3 Maintenance-renovation should help the sector grow

Maintenance-renovation is the other segment in which plumbers are present. In this case, they can intervene for the restoration of a bathroom or the reorganization of the piping system as part of more general work - sometimes in partnership with other craftsmen.

It seems that the primary concern of homeowners is ...

2.4 The do-it-yourself: a potential threat to plumbing

The construction sector is particularly affected by the do-it-yourself which consists of the realization of the work by individuals without calling on a professional in the sector Leroy Merlin offers tutorials for plumbing work, for example.

According to the survey CSA only **% of people are currently carrying out the work at ...


3.1 A sector composed almost entirely of VSEs

The plumbing industry is made up primarily of small businesses, usually consisting of one craftsman who has a few professionals working with him. As of January *, ****, the profession had nearly **,*** companies registered under NAF code **.**A, associated with the activity of 'water and gas installation work in all premises'. [***]

Source: ****

The ...

3.2 Plumbing companies are geographically concentrated

The ACOSS database makes it possible to determine the location of enterprises associated with NAF codes **.**A and **.**B, which cover the activities of water and gas installation on all premises and the installation of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Number of plumbing companies by region France, ****, units Source: ****

The Île-de-France ...

3.3 Competition from posted or illegal labour

The construction sector is particularly affected by illegal competition, undeclared work, and fraud to posted workers. In ****, adjustments of the ACOSS in the construction sector reported ***.* million to the tax authorities. [***]

On the one hand, companies can use the undeclared work "This is undeclared or concealed work, which consists of not ...

3.4 The hardware trade

The activities of wholesale hardware dealers have increased by *.*% in **** according to iNSEE According to Xerfi, the increase is more nuanced in **** and **** estimates, with respective increases of *.*% and * % for these two years. [***] In ****, the turnover of companies registered under this sector was *.* billion euros .

The wholesale hardware dealers in the ...


4.1 Plumbers' services and their average price

The site Building craftsman offers an overview of the different services that a plumber can perform, as well as their average prices. Plumbers charge an hourly rate, travel expenses and a fixed price for the service performed.

Source: ****

4.2 New technologies for plumbing

More efficient equipment

More and more, plumbers are using new technologies to simplify their work. It is now possible to use small cameras that pass through the pipes in order to detect malfunctions in the pipes (***). [***]

To make unclogging the pipes easier, they can also use high-pressure drain openers. These unblock ...


5.1 Regulations concerning plumbers

There are several important rules for plumbers:

All fire sprinkler systems must be checked every six months by an APSAD-approved installer or auditor. These systems must also be protected from freezing during the winter. [***]

L' order of ** September **** sets out certain rules concerning the maintenance of boilers (***). If their power is ...

5.2 Starting a plumbing business

Coexpert summarizes the requirements for starting a plumbing business.

The person wanting to become an independent plumber must have a CAP or BEP plumbing certificate. Have a minimum of * years experience as an employee or temporary worker. Not be prohibited from directing, managing or administering a business. Proof of * years' professional ...

5.3 Regulation of quotations in France

Before purchasing a product or service, the French consumer, whether an individual or a company, must be informed of the price, the essential characteristics and the delivery time. The estimate is mandatory if the work to be done costs more than *,*** euros. An estimate must contain, among other things

The name ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Engie Axima
  • Bouygues Construction
  • SPIE
  • Anvolia
  • Fouchard
  • UTB
  • Gallier
  • Entreprise Clément
  • Entreprise Marin
  • Habitatpresto
  • Izi by EDF

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