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The building insulation market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

Insulation is a set of techniques with a dual purpose:

  • Acousticallyprotect the interior of the home from outside influences;
  • Toconserve heat and improve the interior's thermal energy balance;

The market can be divided into two markets: insulation materials and insulation work.

The market is structured between suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers of insulating materials, specifiers, distributors and, finally, installers who work with end customers. The market is driven by new housing starts, but also by renovation. It's a dynamic market worldwide, with an average annual growth rate of 6. 5% between 2022 and 2030.

In France, the insulation market is at the heart of current concerns, as it is a pillar of the energy transition. Every year, the building sector emits over 123 million tonnes of CO2. It is therefore one of the major challenges of the coming years. In 2023, nearly 5 million homes will still be in a situation of fuel poverty.

In 2021, 45 million cubic meters of insulation were installed, a figure up on 2019 and set to continue growing in the years to come.

In recent years, government policy has offered consumers a wide range of financial incentives, including tax deductions and zero-rate eco-loans (see Regulations section). The building insulation market has been boosted by these government efforts, and in particular by the use of bio-sourced materials in a dual response to environmental challenges.

Players in this market include manufacturers of insulating materials, such as market leaders Knauf and Rockwool, as well as installers who carry out innovative insulation work in buildings and homes, such as Isocomble and Isorenov.

1.2 A growing global market

Market size

According to Grand View Research, the global insulation market is estimated at ** billion in ****, and is forecast to grow at an annual rate of *.*% between **** and ****. Lhe insulation market is expected to grow steadily to reach $*** billion by ****.

Insulation market sales World, ****-**** Source: ****

This growth is notably driving ...

1.3 A growing national market overall

Growing national market

The thermal insulation market appears to be growing, increasing by **% from **** to ****. However, the market declined in ****, marked by the Covid-** crisis and the first confinements. In ****, professionals witnessed a significant rebound, driven by initiatives such as MaPrimeRénov', which helps finance renovation work for homes built more ...


2.1 Household demand for renovation

A government challenge

The building sector is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases in France after industry, accounting for **% of CO* emissions. By ****, nearly * million of France's ** million homes will still be poorly insulated , and *.* million households will be struggling to pay their heating bills.

Renovating buildings to make them ...

2.2 The tertiary building stock: an opportunity for the sector

The tertiary sector accounts for a quarter of France's real estate assets and a third of all buildings' energy consumption. like the residential sector, it is relatively old, and in particular requires renovation to reduce energy bills. It is therefore the target of a renovation plan by the French Ministry of ...

2.3 Falling housing starts threaten demand

Insulation installation takes place * months after building starts, so it's possible to anticipate demand for insulation by observing the evolution of building starts. [***]

Insee gives an idea of trends by looking at changes in the number of housing starts since ****. For both single-family and multi-family housing, the number of starts has ...

2.4 Demand dependent on government targets

Buildings account for **% of Frenchenergy consumption , and the sector emits over *** million tonnes of CO* every year, representing almost **% of national emissions. [***] Consequently, the public authorities have made insulation a priority in their policy to reduce energy consumption.

The objectives are ambitious:

****: a **% reduction in the energy consumption of the ...

2.5 Growth in demand for biobased insulation materials

There are many types of bio-sourced insulation: hemp wool is the flagship material for eco-construction, while wood, cotton and flax wool, as well as cellulose wadding, are also known for their performance combined with their natural origin. Although biobased insulation products have a much smaller market share than the competing families ...

2.6 Demand driven by inflation and climate change

Faced with soaring energy prices and the easing of the tariff shield, many homeowners may be inclined to opt for an energy-efficient renovation of their home, as the following graph shows:

"Would you say that rising electricity tariffs could encourage you to undertake energy renovation work on your home?" France, ...


3.1 The insulating materials for construction/renovation sector

The building insulation sector brings together a large number of players. These players segment the market as follows:

The manufacturing market is dominated by the major international companies such as Saint-Gobain and Knauf. These market giants naturally offer all segments of insulation materials for the construction industry.

alongside these giants, franchises ...

3.2 Insulation by type of building, insulation item and material

Even distribution between new-build and renovation projects

The market is balanced, and this balance varies little from year to year. The Actu environnement website revealed in **** that new construction accounted for **.*% of insulation surfaces installed, compared with **.*% for building renovation. In ****, TBC Innovation updated this figure, with Batiweb reporting an increase ...

3.3 Market sizes

Insee lists total indicators for companies registered under Naf code **.**A (***). The key data are reported in the table below.

Source: ****

3.4 Distribution and number of players in the region

The insulation sector appears to be growing, both in terms of the number of establishments and the number of employees. Both the number of establishments and the number of employees have been rising steadily since ****. In ****, there were *,*** establishments with **,*** employees, and in ****, there will be almost *,*** establishments with **,*** employees, representing ...


4.1 Types of insulation

Insulation materials are made up of different materials, each with different insulation qualities. Insulating materials used in construction form a large family of diversified products. These products can be classified into * main groups:

Mineral wool insulation : glass wool, rock wool and cellular glass; Vacuum insulation : this is a new generation of ...

4.2 Different insulation techniques

There are several options for carrying out insulation work:

Source: ****

4.3 The average price of an installation

The price of interior insulation averages €** per square meter , according to Prix Pose. The site has identified average prices by insulation item and performance level. These are detailed in the chart below.

Average costs of insulation items by performance France, ****, in € per home Source: ****

The site also lists prices according to ...

4.4 The new connected heating market

The aim of connected heating is to simplify the use of heating appliances. From your smartphone, you can now set the temperature of your home, as well as switch heating systems on and off. There are also options for setting air and water temperatures, and for activating the anti-freeze system.

Rothelec, ...


5.1 Insulation regulations for new buildings

Thedecree of March **, **** , amending the decree of May *, ****, sets new energy performance thresholds to be met for each element of a construction: each region now has its own level of thermal resistance, so the insulation standard is specific to each.

The table below shows the minimum thermal resistance of insulation systems, ...

5.2 Strong government incentives for the residential sector

The regulatory environment is constantly changing, but remains highly favorable to the residential sector. The French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition has launched the "Coup de pouce économies d'énergies"This scheme enables households to benefit from a *,*** or *,*** euro bonus designed to reduce their carbon footprint. It is available ...

5.3 BBC standards, products and labels, thermal and environmental regulations

Standards and the BBC label

There are a number of standards that help consumers to ensure that products meet their expectations, such as CE marking, andthe French NF mark, which guarantees the safety of materials. Other non-governmental certifications also exist to guide consumers in their choice. The CSTBat certification issued by ...


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Reviews (2)

Reviews (2)

The building insulation market - France

Publicado en 10/12/2021 by Alain Gisselbrecht - Groupe IRD

A precise document that includes the basic elements of this market. A good introduction to analyze this market.

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Alain, Thank you for your positive feedback. We are delighted to see that this study was useful to you.

The building insulation market - France

Publicado en 25/02/2021 by Omar Hafeez - Hafeez Consultant Ltd

Very interesting and complete market study on the insulation sector.

Businesscoot Response:

Hello Omar, Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that the study was up to your expectations.

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