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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Presentation and definition of the building insulation market

Insulation brings together all the techniques that share the dual aim of:

  • to acousticallyprotect the interior of the home from outside influences;
  • toconserve heat and improve the interior's thermal energy balance;

The market can be divided into two markets: insulation materials and insulation work.

The market is structured between suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers of insulating materials, specifiers, distributors and, finally, installers who work with end customers. The market is driven by new housing starts, but also by renovation. It's a dynamic market on a global scale, with an expected average annual growth rate of 6. 5% from 2022 to 2030.

Players in this market include manufacturers of insulating materials, such as Knauf and Rockwool, market leaders, as well as installers who carry out innovative insulation work in buildings and homes, such as Isocomble and Isorenov.

In Spain, the market is set for strong growth through to the 2030s. The Spanish government is planning to rehabilitate 1,200,000 homes in a housing stock where only 6% meet insulation standards by 2020.

1.2 Global markets for insulation and insulating materials are growing strongly

Market size

According to Grand View Research, the global insulation market is estimated at ** billion in ****, and is expected to grow at an annual rate of *.*% between **** and ****.The insulation market is thus expected to grow steadily, reaching $*** billion by ****.

Insulation market sales World, ****-**** Source: ****

This growth is due in ...

1.3 The Spanish market

Given the dilapidated state of Spain's housing stock, with only *% meeting insulation standards, there are no precise figures for this market in Spain. It is, however, booming, thanks in particular to the "Next generation" plan developed by the European Union, which provides substantial European funds to enable the Spanish government to ...

1.4 Imports and exports of raw materials

As the insulation business is carried out by local fitters, to analyze Spanish foreign trade we need to consider trade in raw materials. Here, we are interested in two product classifications produced by the United Nations:

"HS ****": Cellulose and its chemical derivatives. "HS ****: Slag wool, rock wool and similar mineral ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 The state of the Spanish real estate market

In ****, Spain's housing stock comprised **,***,*** homes and offices. Of these, buildings with more than ** apartments account for **.**% of the total Spanish housing stock. Buildings with * to * apartments account for **.**% of the total, and two-unit buildings for *.**%. Finally, office buildings are in the minority, with a share of *.**%.

Breakdown of housing types ...

2.2 Government objectives

Spain is an ambitious country when it comes to environmental concerns and sustainable development issues. To improve its carbon footprint and reduce energy losses, Spain introduced the Real Decreto of **/****, confirming a medium-term strategy in these areas through the "Plan Nacional integrado de Energía y clima".

Targets for the thermal ...

2.3 Household demand

The Covid-** pandemic in **** had already boosted Spanish demand for insulation. RTVE reports that by ****, the sector had grown by **% in Spain. This growth is explained by the fact that, by staying at home during the confinement, Spaniards were able to observe the consequences of good or bad insulation in their ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Value chain

The building insulation sector brings together a large number of players. These players segment the market as follows:

While the manufacturing market is dominated by large international companies such as Saint-Gobain and Knauf, the market is segmented by the *** insulation installers in Spain.

3.2 Insulation by type of building, insulation item and material

The different insulation families

There are three main types of insulation: natural, mineral and synthetic. Natural or "bio-sourced" insulation is of plant or animal origin, so its main advantage is that it has no negative impact on the environment. However, while they contain fewer chemical ingredients than other insulation families, they ...

3.3 Sector development and geographical breakdown.

An analysis of CNAE code **.*, which covers "electrical, piping and other installations in building works", gives us an idea of the value of the sector, even though it includes activities other than those linked solely to building renovation.

The CNAE **.* code produced by the Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas covers the ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Insulation types and prices

Insulation materials are made up of different materials, each with different insulation qualities. Insulating materials used in construction form a large family of diversified products. These products can be classified into * main groups:

Mineral wool insulation : glass wool, rock wool and cellular glass; Vacuum insulation : this is a new generation of ...

4.2 Different insulation techniques

There are several options for carrying out insulation work:

Source: ****

4.3 Average installation price

The average installation price in Spain ranges from €* to €*** per square meter. This average price is estimated by CronoShare on the basis of the quotes continually received on the platform. However, prices differ according to the installation technique used:

Average price range according to insulation technique used Spain, ****, €/square meter Source: ...

4.4 Thermal insulation in conjunction with home automation.

Home automation is a digitalized way of managing your home, which helps you save energy in particular. Linked to insulation, it enables heating or air conditioning to be switched on or off according to room temperature. In Spain, demand for this type of offer is very high. In addition to insulation, ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Insulation requirements

The technical requirements for insulation are explained in the "Documento Básico DB-HE Ahorro de Energía del Código Técnico de la Edificación (***)", in the section "DB-HE* Condiciones para el control de la demanda energética". They were created by the body known as CTE or Código ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Segmentation

List of charts

  • Insulation market sales
  • Size of the insulation materials market
  • Insulation materials market share by geographic region
  • Estimated sales for the building renovation sector in Spain.
  • Estimated sales for the building renovation sector in Spain.
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