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The heating market - France

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1.1 Presentation and definition of the market

The heating market covers all devices aimed at producing and transmitting heat for thermal comfort or industrial purposes.

There are different types of heating energy:

  • wood-fired;
  • gas-fired; 
  • fuel oil;
  • pellets;
  • electricity.

The types of heating used vary according to the geographical area, but also according to the end-user. Thus, heating consumption in the tertiary sector is clearly different from that of households. Within French households, habits are varied. Although price often remains an essential criterion, there is a growing emphasis on ecological issues.

Many players are involved in the market: manufacturers of heating systems, distributors, but also installers. They offer a wide variety of products: heat pumps, gas boilers, oil boilers, pellet boilers, wood pellet stoves, electric radiators. In addition, a renewable heating offer is emerging to meet a demand that is increasingly concerned about the environment.

The French market for the manufacture of radiators is stable overall, while the value of radiator installation work is increasing. In general, the heating market is on the rise and the heating offer is diversifying to make room for new products that are more environmentally friendly and more ergonomic.

In 2022, in a context of energy crisis and inflation (7%), the heating market in France is undergoing a fundamental change.

1.2 The European market

In EU households, heating and hot water alone accounted for **% of total final energy consumption. In industry, **.*% of energy consumption was used for premises heating and industrial processes, compared to only **.*% for lighting and electrical processes such as machine motors, and *.*% for cooling. According to Eurostat figures, in ****, **% of heating and ...

1.3 The French market

Revenues (***) of the **.**B activity France, ****-****, in billions of euros Source: ****

This graph represents the turnover of thermal and air conditioning equipment installation work. These are activities grouped under NAF code **.**B. This category includes the installation in buildings or other construction projects of the following:

heating systems (***) boilers, cooling ...

1.4 The renewable heat market

Turnover of the different renewable heat sectors France, ****/****, in millions of euors Source: ****

According to the Panorama de la chaleur renouvelable et de récupération published by Ademe in ****, the wood sector market represents *.* billion euros in revenue. The aerothermal heat pump sector had a turnover of *.* billion euros in ...

1.5 The impact of COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on energy consumption

The effects of the health crisis:

On a national scale, the health crisis of **** would have caused a decrease in energy consumption by ** to **%, due to the reduction of economic activity and particularly to the closure of shops and businesses.[***] In fact, heating is the largest part of electricity expenses.

The ...


2.1 Household heating consumption

Distribution of consumption by households in their dwelling France, ****-****, % Source: ****

In ****, heating expenses represented **% of household energy expenses, down * points from **** and ** points from ****.

Main heating in the primary residence stock by energy type France, ****, in Electricity and gas are the two main energy sources used to heat homes in ...

2.2 Heating consumption in the tertiary sector

In ****, the total heating consumption of the sector was **.* TWh, down from **** (***) and from other years, due to the cessation of business activity during the health crisis of ****. Nevertheless, there is a slight structural decrease in total heating consumption by companies in the tertiary sector and a willingness from companies to ...

2.3 The French and heating

In ****, energy and heating consumption is a concern for nine out of ten French people.[***]

The implementation of gestures to save energy and heating

Main actions to reduce heating consumption France, ****, as a % Source: ****

Even though practices are changing and French people are making more and more effort in their daily ...


3.1 French production

In this part, we are looking at the data provided by INSEE and ACOSS for the NAF code **.**Z entitled "Manufacture of radiators and boilers for central heating". According to the details provided by INSEE, this activity code includes the following sub-categories

manufacture of central heating boilers for hot water, pressurized ...

3.2 Trade in heating supplies and installation

Wholesale trade in supplies

We consider here the data provided by INSEE for the activity code: **.**B Wholesale trade of plumbing and heating supplies. [***]

Number of establishments registered under activity **.**B France, ****-**** Source: ****

This graph represents the number of establishments registered under activity **.**B. This is the wholesale trade (***) of ...

3.3 Market players

The main market players are manufacturers, those in charge of the distribution and the installers. 

The manufacturers

* players stand out in terms of market share: the Muller Group, De'Longhi SpA and Atlantic are in the lead with around **% of heater sales respectively. The sales of Newell Brands Inc. and the ...

3.4 The French heating industry: equipment

Electric heating

Segmentation of sales of electric heating equipment France, ****, % of sales volume Source: ****

*.* million electric heating devices were sold in ****. At the end of ****, the majority (***) of electric heating equipment sold were radiant panels. Convectors accounted for **% of sales in **** and towel dryers **% [***].

Fuel oil and gas

Heating delivery ...


4.1 A classification of the different heating systems

There are two main categories of heating systems: "centralized" and "decentralized" systems.[***]

Source: ****

The "centralized" systems are made up of three components:

the generator that produces the heat ; the distribution system that transports this energy from the generator to its place of use (***) the emitter, which delivers this heat to the ...

4.2 Price overview

Price of heating generators

There are many heating generators that use different sources of supply, whose prices have been estimated by Quelleé, an online energy saving advice service:

The air-to-air heat pump, which extracts thermal energy from the outside air and rejects them into the house or apartment thanks ...

4.3 A connected heating system

To connect an existing heating system, there are several equipments:[***]

The connected thermostat which allows to manage the temperature of the house via an application. The connected radiator which, thanks to sensors and a Wifi connection, sends information to the thermostat so that it can adjust the temperature as accurately as ...


5.1 Regulations

Thermal regulations for buildings

The **** thermal regulation (***) for new buildings imposes a low energy building requirement for single-family homes, multi-family housing and tertiary buildings. Collective housings were not concerned until December **, ****. New single-family homes have with RT**** an obligation to install a minimum of renewable energy, generally satisfied by the installation ...

5.2 Economic incentives

Economic incentives for collective, tertiary and industrial buildings

The Heat Fund is a financial support scheme for the development of renewable heat production for collective housing, communities and businesses. Between **** and ****, *,*** installations have been supported by the Heat Fund for *.** billion euros on investment operations, on a base amount of work ...


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Reviews (2)

Reviews (2)

The heat pump market - France

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Très explicite.

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The heat pump market - France

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Etude parfaite pour une vue d'ensemble du marché avec un très bon rapport qualité-prix.

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