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The French market for hotel fixtures and fittings is estimated at nearly 2 billion euros.

The interior architecture market has experienced robust growth worldwide, particularly in the hotel, restaurant and retail sectors. Post-2020 data, while not explicitly detailed in the text, can be extrapolated from the growth trends provided. Average annual growth was 6.75%, indicating a healthy and expanding industry.

The French sector alone has annual sales estimated at nearly €2 billion, with some 1,500 companies engaged in around 40,000 interior design operations a year. The market is still artisanal in nature, especially in France, but is undergoing a digital transformation with the advent of virtual reality and connected objects enriching service offerings.

Hygiene, accessibility and safety regulations are essential considerations in this sector. Prices for interior design services vary according to the quality and specific needs of the project, significantly so for retail outlets, restaurants and hotels.

The French Interior Design Market: Traditional Craftsmanship and Digital Innovation

The supply chain includes both standardized and made-to-measure furniture production, with downstream production being fragmented. Other market differentiators include labels and certifications that guarantee origin, quality and adherence to cultural design philosophies such as Feng Shui, aimed at the luxury segment and international customers.

The French interior design market, which encompasses hotels, restaurants and retail outlets, is driven by the evolving desires of its corporate clients and the ever-changing expectations of end consumers.

One of the main characteristics of the French market is its highly artisanal nature. With a wave of digitization, the market is also evolving, with augmented reality and 3D modeling enhancing the breadth and depth of offerings available to customers. In addition, the integration of connected objects into interior design suggests a growing link between technology and traditional craftsmanship, broadening the scope of what interior designers can offer.

France's hotel industry is unevenly distributed. With some 18,000 to 20,000 hotels and over 660,000 rooms, the potential for interior design operations in this niche is vast.

The interior design profession must constantly adapt, not only to trends, but also to health, safety and accessibility regulations. These regulations have become more stringent, requiring professional design services adapted to the nuances of legal standards.

The French interior design market also relies on the furniture manufacturing segment, with professional furniture manufacturing accounting for a significant share of business. This positions the market on a dual track where standard products are used alongside bespoke furniture. Downstream, the home furnishings market is booming.

Profiles of the main players who have made a name for themselves in the vast field of interior design.

These companies shape spaces - from corporate offices to luxury hotels - with a blend of vision and technical prowess.

  • Gensler: As an international architecture, design and planning firm, Gensler is renowned for its collaborative, holistic approach. It is a behemoth in the design world, renowned for delivering stunning, sustainable spaces that reshape urban landscapes and redefine the standards of comfort and efficiency within them.
  • HOK: Another global leader, HOK's portfolio reveals the strength of diversity. The company's expertise spans diverse markets and the globe, offering design, architecture, engineering and planning services that are as environmentally friendly as they are innovative.
  • Gold Mantis: Originating in China, Gold Mantis has established itself as a benchmark in interior finishing, landscape and architectural decoration. It brings to the table a deep understanding of oriental aesthetics combined with modern design principles.
  • HBA (Hirsch Bedner Associates): Specializing in the hotel design sector, HBA prides itself on pushing the boundaries of luxury. Its philosophy of creating a unique story for each project translates into bespoke environments that speak volumes about style and comfort.
  • Perkins+Will: A firm that carries the flag for research-based design, Perkins+Will's practice includes an impressive body of work focused on sustainability and innovation. Their commitment to creating healthy, enjoyable spaces is evident in their projects, which often incorporate the latest green building technologies.
  • Jacobs: Serving a wide range of industries, Jacobs uses an integrated approach to provide architectural and design services. Renowned for its commitment to technical excellence and innovation, Jacobs influences the development of infrastructure and urban spaces on a grand scale.
  • Stantec: This Canadian giant offers a range of design and consulting services covering many facets of the industry. Stantec is committed to designing with the community in mind, creating spaces that speak to and enhance their context.
  • IA Interior Architects: Known for its intelligent use of space, IA Interior Architects creates environments tailored to the client's identity and business objectives. In-depth knowledge of the client's culture results in design outcomes that truly resonate with end-users.

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Summary and extracts

1 Market summary

1.1 Scope and market definition

Interior design is by definition the "arrangement of volumes and decorative elements in relation to each other". The designer in charge of the layout must use his know-how in furniture design, organization, and site supervision. The designer must, therefore, call on a wide range of professions: Design office technician, project manager, site manager, manufacturing workshop operator... It is possible to internalize all these professions or to use service providers. In practice, the designer is therefore responsible for the interior layout of a building. According to L’Ameublement Français, the categories of spaces concerned are as follows:

  • recreational spaces (cinema, theatre...) ;
  • commercial spaces (point of sale, exhibition...) ;
  • spaces of care and health (medical office, hospital...) ;
  • collective spaces (station, airport...) ;
  • office space ;
  • hotel, restaurant, café and discotheque areas.

For the purposes of the study, we will focus only on the hotel, restaurant and sales point market.

This diagram represents the main activities covered by the fittings business:

This polymorphous profession must deal with the latest trends in a growing market driven by the needs of corporate customers and the expectations of end consumers.


List of charts presented in this market study

  • Marché mondial de l'ameublement
  • Le marché de l'ameublement en France
  • Répartition des créations d'hôtels en 2016 par typologie du territoire
  • Hotels by range
  • Number of hotels
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Latest news

Ligne Roset, champion of furniture made in France - 16/10/2023

  • Covid marks the great comeback of the sofa
  • Specializing in sofas and seating in general (60% to 65% of its sales), the Roset Group is one of the unexpected beneficiaries of the pandemic.
  • Its order book has grown by a staggering 50% between 2020 and 2021.
  • sales of sofas in France rose by 12.5% to 2.64 billion euros over the period 2019-22.
  • exports account for two-thirds of sales of 120 million euros
  • The US market, where the Group has had a subsidiary since 1982, is doing well
  • Fourth and fifth generation de Roset at the helm
  • six international subsidiaries
  • operating income between 12% and 15%.
  • Acquisition of the Saint-Jean-le-Vieux furniture factory in the mid-1970s
  • the company now operates around sixty of its 750 own stores, including 300 exclusive ones.
Ligne Roset aims to perpetuate its know-how - 05/07/2023
  • Furniture sales growth in 2021: 2% (source: Institut de la Maison - IPEA)
  • Increased delivery times due to labor shortage.
  • Set up two dedicated training courses, in upholstery and sewing, to cope with staff shortages.
  • Founding date of Ligne Roset: 1860
  • International reputation of Ligne Roset, with products such as the Togo sofa
Decoration: boating specialist Malvaux invites itself to cruise - 06/04/2023
  • Malvaux was founded in 1928.
  • - Nautical engineering accounts for a quarter of the company's sales, i.e. 125 million euros.
  • - Ganter France, recently acquired by Malvaux, generates sales of 6 million euros and will be renamed Malvaux Naval.
  • - Origin and Sylvaco join the group
  • - The Malvaux Manufactures subsidiary caters to the marine, camping-caravanning and railway sectors.
  • - Malvaux Interior and James 1840 specialize in fittings for luxury hotels and private yachts.
  • - International sales account for only 5% of total sales
  • - The Malvaux Group employs 500 people.
  • - five industrial sites, four wood depots and a showroom in Paris.
How the Roset Group manages continuous demand - 29/06/2022
  • The company increased production by 20-22% in 2021, while demand grew by 60%.
  • The family-run business, which exports almost 80% of its products, has to contend with lengthening lead times and a shortage of staff
  • Extends its upholsterer training school to include furniture sewing
  • Roset unveiled its new collection to full-scale distributors from all over the world
  • in 2022, the company became a living heritage company
  • The group, which employs a total of around 850 people worldwide, estimates a shortage of between 30 and 40 production staff

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Porcelanosa France
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Lallier Agencement
Malvaux Groupe

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