the fast food market

Update 03/10/2019


1.1 Presentation and market definition

The fast recovery type is defined by the INSEE like" the supply at the counter of food and beverages to be consumed on the premises or to be taken away, presented in disposable packaging . »

This sector therefore includes the restaurants fast food restaurants offering mainly take-out meals the sale of meals in the food trucks , the stalls and the tea shops . However, it does not include retail sales through vending machines.

Speed of service, simplicity of dishes, low cost offer and ability to manage high demand are thus characteristic of fast food restaurants. In this respect, fast food includes both restaurants fast food but also the range of products fast casual - which values the quality and diversity of the offer, such as Cojean- or the segment fast good which offers a specialized, customizable offer in a pleasant setting, such as Big Fernand. The main customers are individuals and professionals alike

Compared to the world market, which generates more than 570 billion dollars in 2018 the France is considered as a demanding country, recognized for its gastronomy and a priori not very oriented towards fast food solutions. However, the latter is increasingly successful in the region and was realizing more than 50 billion euros in turnover in 2018 .



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