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1.1 Definition and presentation

The meat market refers to the markets for:

  • red meat (which includes beef, veal and pork) ;
  • white meat (which includes poultry meat).

The global meat market is doing well overall, as the market is expected to grow by 7% between 2021 and 2025. World production is also estimated at 337.2 million tons of carcass equivalent.

The French meat market also seems to be following the trend of the global market as it tends to grow year after year. There are many players in the meat market, including breeders such as Soodial, meat manufacturers such as the LDC group and distributors such as Carrefour.

The French are important consumers of meat. Indeed, nearly 5.7 million tons of meat are consumed each year. Meat occupies an important place in the eating habits of the French and is even described as being a "culturally important marker of the French diet".

However, for the last thirty years, meat consumption in France has tended to decreaseThere has been a change in consumption habits and in the type of meat consumed, due in particular to health scandals (mad cow disease, bird flu, meat of hidden origin and nature), to the awareness of the French to the impact on health ofat the same time, the French seem to turn more and more of their meat purchases towards organic or red label meat, considered by consumers as a guarantee of quality.

1.2 The world meat market

The global meat market was estimated to be worth USD ***.* billion in **** and is expected to grow at a CAGR of +*% over the period ****-****.

Global Meat Market Size World, ****-*****, in billion dollars Source: ****

Global meat production is estimated at ***.* MTEC.

World meat production by region World, ****, in million tons ...

1.3 Overall presentation of the French meat market

To make the graph below, we used the Insee data for NAF code **.* - "Processing and preserving of meat and preparation of meat products". Unfortunately, the total turnover of this code stopped in ****, but to find the size, we therefore multiplied the **** turnover by the average annual turnover indices.

For example, ...

1.4 France's foreign trade: A trade deficit

in this part, we used four Uncomtrade codes to be able to make these graphs, so we have the codes:

****, beef, fresh, frozen ****, pork, fresh, chilled or frozen ****, sheep or goat meat, fresh, chilled or frozen ****, poultry meat and poultry offal, fresh, chilled or frozen

French meat exports to foreign ...

1.5 The impact of covid-19 on the meat market

The volume of meat purchased increases with the pandemic...

The health crisis, which occurred in ****, has changed the consumption habits of the French, both in terms of quantities and the means of distribution used. In a so-called "normal" year (***), the volumes of meats purchased experienced a more limited increase as the ...


2.1 French meat consumption

meat consumption

evolution and individual consumption of meat France, ****-****, in kgEC and in % Source: ****

Breakdown of French individual meat consumption France, ****/****/****, in % Source: ****

the average meat consumer basket

In the report published by FranceAgriMer in ****, French meat consumption was estimated at **.* billion euros in ****, up sharply from ****, when it was ...

2.2 Poultry meat consumption

Types of chickens

Distribution of the type of chicken quality France, ****, in % Source: ****

it can be seen that three quarters of the chicken consumed in France is of standard quality and that we only have a quarter of high-end chicken that is consumed. This can be partly explained by the fact ...

2.3 Beef consumption

Focus on beef consumption

evolution of beef consumption France, ****-****, in thousands of tons Source: ****

as with pork, the volume of beef was initially down between **** and ****, but in **** it started to rise again, with for example +**.* thousand tons of frozen ground beef purchased compared to the previous year.

Profile of ...

2.4 Pork consumption

Focus on the evolution of pork demand

Evolution of pork consumption

It is noted that between **** and ****, all types of pork meats had decreased in terms of volume purchased (***), which was already highlighted in Section *.*.

The profile of pork consumers

Distribution of fresh pork consumers by age France, ****, in % Source: ****

When ...

2.5 Organic meat, a new trend?

Organic poultry meat

In ****, **% of French people said they eat meat and among them **% eat organic meat, according to anIFOP.

Distribution of the number of consumers of organic meat France, ****, in % Source: ****

This desire to consume organic meat according to the respondents is the result of several factors.

Breakdown of reasons ...

2.6 Other trends

The development of prepared meals correlates with the decrease in time spent cooking

One of the main growth vectors for the meat market in France is that of prepared/compounded meals, which is linked to the higher growth and value added rates of the meat market in France.

This can be ...


3.1 Structure of the meat market

An overview of the market

RHD : Catering industry

GMS: Large and medium-sized supermarkets

The meat market in France is driven by more than *,*** companies employing ***,*** people in ****.

This market is mainly occupied by large companies (***).

Distribution of turnover and added value of companies in the meat market France, ****, in % Source: ****

The ...

3.2 The meat industry in France

The National Livestock Confederation details some characteristics of meat production in France.

It is organized according to two herds:

The "dairy herd", it represents **% of the total herd and is composed of animals originating from and destined for milk production. **% of the animals are selected for the renewal of the herd. ...

3.3 The meat industry in France

In ****, there were *,*** companies in metropolitan France, including Corsica, with a total workforce of **,*** employees.

Distribution of the number of meat processing and preservation companiesFrance, ****, in number of units

Source: ****

The above map is based on Accos data for NAF codes **.**Z - "Processing and preserving of butcher's meat"-, **.**Z ...

3.4 Meat distribution in France

Meat distribution channels

Distribution of meat distribution channels (***) in terms of quantities purchased France, ****, as a % Source: ****

it can be seen that hypermarkets and supermarkets dominate the distribution channels since they represent **.*% of the meat distribution shares in terms of quantities purchased.

Pork meat

According to FranceAgriMer, the marketing of fresh ...


4.1 The main meat price indices in France

Average annual price index for meat consumption France, ****-****, base *** in **** Source: ****

To make this graph, we used the Coicop code **.*.* - "Meat" -. We notice that prices have increased over the period ****-****, since in **** the index was *** while in **** it was estimated at ***.**, a price increase of *.**%. The average ...

4.2 The main price indices of the poultry meat market in France

Source: ****

There is a clear price difference between organic, free-range and standard chickens. These price differences are even greater when compared on the basis of retail prices. This can be explained by several factors. For organic poultry, the price of organic raw materials (***) is more expensive than standard raw materials. Poultry ...

4.3 The main price indices of the pork market in France

The change in the average price of fresh butchered pork from **** to **** is reported in the graph below.

Average price of pork in fresh butchery France, ****-****, in €/kg Source: ****

we note that the price in fresh butchery has changed little since ****. Nevertheless, we note a slight increase in ****. This meat ...

4.4 The main price indices of the beef market in France

Average price of beef by distribution channel France, ****, in Euros Source: ****

it can be seen that the prices of markets and specialized stores are between ** and **% higher than the prices offered in hypermarkets.

Table of wholesale prices, in € excluding tax per kg, on **/**/****MIN de Rungis: meat cuts

Product Average price Variation ...


5.1 The main regulatory standards governing the meat market in France

Non-exhaustive list.

The " Hygiene Package " This is a set of European hygiene standards to ensure a minimum level of sanitary safety on a European scale and is imposed on all actors in the food chain. They include mainly the following regulations Regulation (***) No ***/****, Regulation (***) n°***/****, Regulation (***) n°***/****, Regulation (***) n°***/****, Regulation (***) n°***/****, Regulation ...

5.2 Some specifications concerning the regulation of the meat market

The Egalim law

The Egalim law aims to restore the balance of commercial relations between producers and large-scale distribution, but also to make healthy and sustainable food accessible to all consumers. This law has been enacted since October ****.

The impact

An article in Le Monde on June *, **** details the impact of ...


6.1 The main companies of the meat market in France

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