The Farm Animal Feed Market


1.1 Introduction to a market dependent on foreign trade

The farm animal feed market in France refers to the whole of the production and distribution of feed for farm animals . This economy is at the interface of agricultural production, the agri-food industry and livestock farming.

The products from this industry are based on the use of two raw materials: cereals and oilcake (from the crushing of oil-producing seeds). Are thus produced

  • "compound feeds" (mixtures of raw materials)
  • additives (incorporations that improve food)

As European production is insufficient, however, most products are imported, particularly from Brazil.

The french market shows weak growth and is largely depending on the situation of the livestock on the national territory. However, there has been a slight decline in pig or poultry production, weakening the farm animal feed sector. French production thus finds in exports a level of

The French market must also face the following challenges ethical, ecological and nutritional concerns growing within the company, participating in a global mistrust of beef, poultry and pork production


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