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The pet food market - France

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1.1 Introduction and definition of the pet food market

The pet food market includes food for dogs, cats, birds, fish, small reptiles and mammals, excluding farm animals. The pet food market is a segment of the pet market, which also includes the category of pet accessories and pet care and hygiene products.

The pet food market is mainly composed of the dog and cat segments. There are several types of food:

  • dry goods (kibbles)
  • wet food (swill)
  • snacks (e.g. treats)

The pet market is growing in France, and it has been this way for the past 10 years. The segment of products for cats is ahead of that for dogs. The so-called "new pets", such as fish and bird segments are now in slight decline. Small dogs and cats are the most popular, as they are perfectly suited to urban lifestyles and the relatively small spaces available in city dwellings.

The market is driven by a continuous renewal of the type and series of products  and an increased demand for healthier and natural food. Owners are increasingly aware of the ecological and welfare issues of their pets.

The market is also showing some dynamism in the high-end and premium segments. Many dry and wet foods or "snacks" promise to treat a wide variety of health problems with recipes that are increasingly innovative and complex, and most often proposed by leading brands.  

Growth in the French market was also driven by the rise of online sales, although pet food distribution is largely organized around the specialty stores which do not hesitate to open new points of sale, unlike the mass retail sector and gardening centres, which are showing declining results.

1.2 A growing global market

The global market

Within the global pet products and services market, valued at $*** billion in ****, the global pet food market accounted for, over the same year, $** billion [***].

The region North America is the main global area of the sector with **.*% of the market in **** [***].

Revenues of the main companies in the ...

1.3 A growing French market

    Sales of cat and dog food in supermarkets France, ****-****, in billions of euros Source : LSA, LSA  

The French cat and dog food market therefore grew by *.*% in ****, driven by premiumisation and the online sales segment. All channels, the petfood market stood at €*.* billion in ****, including €*** million for e-commerce [***].

1.4 Dynamic foreign trade with a large surplus

France exported €*.*** billion and imported €*.*** billion worth of pet food in ****.

French imports have been growing steadily since **** and exports have been increasing since ****, but imports have been growing faster than exports, as evidenced by the deterioration in the coverage rate (***). Nevertheless, France still maintains a large trade surplus in ****.

Foreign ...

1.5 The impact of Covid-19 on the sector

Covid-** has had a positive impact on the pet food market. There was a peak in March **** when manufacturers' sales were **.*% higher than in March ****. This then remained well above the previous year even though the gap narrowed as the French became more accustomed to confinement.

The March spike can be ...


2.1 The French, big fans of pets

The French are big fans of pets: **.*% of households had a pet in **** and **% had at least one dog or cat [***]. At the European level, Russians are the ones who have the most pets (***).

Country ranking by dog population Europe, ****, in millions of dogs Source: ****

Country ranking by cat population Europe, ...

2.2 French people's favourite animals

The most popular animals among French households are cats and dogs. Indeed, **.*% of French households own a cat and **.*% own a dog. Fish owners come in third and represent only *.*% of households in France in ****.

Distribution of animals in household, by type of pet France, ****, in % Source: ****

While cats and dogs ...

2.3 Spending on dogs and cats dominates the market

The animals requiring the most spending are, unsurprisingly, dogs and cats: in fact, it is estimated that in **** they accounted for **% of the turnover of the pet shop sector. For dogs and cats, **% of owners spend more than €*** per month on food. 

Average expenditure of dog and cat owners on cat/dog ...

2.4 Premiumisation and humanisation of food needs

The new demand trends are driven by a common phenomenon: owners are placing more and more importance on their pets. For example, **% of dog and cat owners in **** consider their pet to be a member of the family. This figure rises to **% for dog owners and is only **% for cat ...


3.1 A market dominated by a few major players

The dog and cat food market is dominated by two giants, Nestlé Purina Petcare and Mars Petcare which together account for **.*% of the market. The third main actor are supermarket brands. 

Market share in value of dog and cat food France, ****, in % Source: ****

Each of these two giants has its own ...

3.2 Sector value chain

  Here is an overview of the pet food value chain in France:

In **** the pet food sector in France represented, *,*** direct jobs and *,*** indirect jobs [***].

Employment in the pet food sector, by type France, ****, in % Source: ****

3.3 Circuits de distribution

Répartition des circuits de distribution de petfood France, ****, en % Source: ****

Le circuit de distribution dominant reste les grandes surfaces alimentaires avec **% des ventes. Toutefois, la plus forte croissance est attribuée à l'e-commerce en progression de **% sur deux ans.


4.1 An offer driven by the popularity of dry foods and new wet formats

In the dog and cat segment, there are different types of food, as mentioned in the introduction:

Dry food: The main growth drivers were croquettes. Dry food captured the main share of growth in ****, with *.*% in volume and *.*% in value, driven mainly by cat consumption Wet food: pâté in particular, ...

4.2 The rise of the premium segment

Prices in the pet food sector have been increasing in recent years. This is due, in part, to an increase in production costs (***) and the growing popularity of premium and high-end offers. For example, the harmonized CPI for pet products was ***.* in **** in **** base [***].

    Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices for ...

4.3 The success of organic and natural products

Natural and organic products are on the rise in the pet food market. Increasingly concerned with the well-being and health of their pets, owners are also aware of the ecological impact of animal feed. The number and type of organic and natural food offers are exploding and are accompanying the development ...


5.1 European legislation on the marketing of pet food

Directive ****/**/EC

The European Directive ****/**/EC defines feed as "products of vegetable or animal origin in their natural state, fresh or preserved, and derivatives of their industrial processing, as well as organic or inorganic substances, whether or not containing additives, which are intended for oral feeding to animals. "

This Directive also ...

5.2 The European Federation of the Pet Food Industry (FEDIAF)

This federation, present at the European level, has also established a set of standards for its members. These are grouped into two main texts:

Code of Good Labelling Practice, available at here Code of Good Practice on Product Safety, available at here

The Federation has also assembled an exhaustive list of ...


6.1 Segmentation

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