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The market for sports supplements in France is estimated at over 120 million


The global market for sports nutrition supplements is growing significantly, with a projected average annual growth rate of 6% to 2024. According to a study by Research Dive, the market size was valued at US$13.9 billion and is expected to reach $35.35 billion by 2026.

This expansion is fuelled by an increase in the number of health-conscious people, and a rise in the number of people taking part in gym and fitness activities.

Manufacturers and retailers identify three key customer segments: professional bodybuilders/athletes, regular athletes and "lifestyle" consumers.

Influencers and social media marketing have played an important role in driving demand, with popular fitness industry figures partnering with or creating their own supplement brands.

The sector is also characterized by a wide range of offerings, from whey proteins and BCAAs to creatine and mass gainers, catering to diverse athletic needs.

The sector is thriving, with affluent consumers willing to pay top dollar for the quality and benefits these products bring.

Trends and key figures in the sports nutrition supplements market.

Demand for dietary supplements among athletes has been characterized by several key trends, with a general increase in the propensity of athletes to incorporate these products into their routines. Notably, around 40-45% of athletes are reported to consume sports supplements. This trend appears to increase with age, with athletes aged 30 to 40 representing the largest segment, with over 60% regularly incorporating supplements into their diet.

Several factors have been identified to explain the consumption of dietary supplements in sport. One of the main motivations, cited by a third of athletes, is to combat fatigue and push their limits during exercise. In addition, around 20% of athletes take supplements to make up for specific nutrient deficiencies.

Less than 10% of athletes use supplements specifically to build strength or power. The quest for strength or power may be more important in certain groups such as weightlifters or rugby players.

A large proportion of athletes, over 20%, are influenced by sports advice found in magazines or online. This highlights the important role of self-medication among athletes, with less than 35% following the advice of a healthcare professional when choosing dietary supplements.

The structure of the sports supplements market comprises three main categories, namely bodybuilders and professional athletes, regular non-professional athletes and lifestyle consumers, with the emphasis on the latter two groups.

Among the drivers of demand for dietary supplements, theincrease in the number of athletes and the number of fitness centers stand out. Between 2015 and 2018, the number of athletes registered with federations jumped from around 15 to 20 million. The French population, which accounts for over 80% of urban dwellers, is adopting more sedentary lifestyles, which encourages the consumption of dietary supplements?

The sports nutrition supplements market is diversified, with numerous brands.

Key players in this fast-growing sector

  • MyProtein: Initially sponsored by influencer Tibo InShape, MyProtein has made a name for itself as one of the leading suppliers of protein and other training supplements.
  • InShape Nutrition: Founded by Tibo InShape after his partnership with MyProtein, InShape Nutrition has established itself as a strong competitor in the market. With its range of tailor-made supplements, it benefits from the popularity and influence of its founder.
  • AM Nutrition: All Musculation's own brand, AM Nutrition has carved out a niche for itself with products that prioritize purity and supply. It emphasizes the importance of muscle growth and recovery, targeting bodybuilders and serious athletes.
  • Nutrition and health, Isostar: As specialists in sports nutrition, they have long been recognized for providing athletes with high-performance products that promote endurance and effective recovery.
  • EA Pharma with Eafit: From the pharmaceutical industry, EA Pharma with Eafit combines scientific rigor with sports nutrition.
  • Prozis: A leading online retailer that not only sells various brands, but also produces its own range of dietary supplements.
  • Fitness Boutique: Synonymous with high-quality sports nutrition and fitness equipment, Fitness Boutique offers products from reputable brands, such as its own whey protein, for those looking for supplements that support intense training regimes.
  • Super Physique Nutrition: Founded by Rudy Coia, Super Physique Nutrition emphasizes the synergy between fitness expertise and product development. The brand is aimed at consumers who appreciate the advice of a well-known figure in the fitness world.
  • Les trois Chênes laboratory is a major French player
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Categories and uses of food supplements for athletes

Food supplements are concentrates of various substances (vitamins, minerals, plant extracts...) in edible or drinkable form, with a nutritional or physiological effect as defined by the European Parliament Directive 2002/46/EC. They are between food and medicine, supposed to complement the former while avoiding the consumption of the latter.

Sportsmen and women, whether athletes or occasional, often have a much more demanding lifestyle than non-sportsmen and women. Their daily needs, especially in minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, are greater than those of inactive people. Supplements allow them to :

  • Make up for their nutritional deficits
  • Improve their performance, before, during and after exercise

There are 3 main categories of food supplements for athletes:

  • Those that have an effect on health, they provide the body with nutrients that the body may lack due to unbalanced nutrition;
  • Those consumed during the effort, they serve to maintain or even improve performance for a certain period of time;
  • Those allowing a better recovery.

The market for sports food supplements is booming and is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 6% by 2024. The growth of the French market follows the global growth of dietary supplements for sports.

This study does not cover energy/energy drinks (see the study on the Energy Drinks Market) nor sports food products (cereal bars, gels, enriched meals, etc.).

1.2 An explosion in global growth

As detailed below, the global market is growing. Explanatory factors include a growing awareness of the importance of exercising (***).

In recent decades, sedentary lifestyles and increased access to food have led to a sharp increase in the number of obese people worldwide: **% of adults are overweight and **% of adults are obese ...

1.3 Consequences of COVID-19 on the dietary supplements market according to a market expert

This interview was conducted by a Businesscoot analyst with a sector expert validated by our teams

Please note: this interview concerns the dietary supplements market in general and not only dietary supplements for sports

What is your vision of the market?

The dietary supplements market is growing at a rate of ...

1.4 A growing French market

There is no exact data regarding the size of the sports nutrition supplements market, so we will estimate the size of this market using the same process as the global market.

How much do the French spend on sports nutrition supplements?

A study published by My Protein in November **** classified the ...

1.5 A trade balance in surplus

For this part we consider the customs code closest to the category "food supplements" which is ******** " Food preparations, n.e. s., containing by weight *.*% milk fat, *% sucrose or isoglucose, *% glucose or starch ". It should be noted that the scope of the customs code considered is the closest to our study object ...

2 Analysis of the demand

2.1 Profile of the average consumer

The average consumer of sports supplements is a young male from Generation Z or a millennial, born after ****. Typically from affluent families, or earning comfortably in the case of millenials, typical consumers are more likely to be members of a fitness club.[***]

It is important to note that the graphs below ...

2.2 Manufacturers identify 3 main areas of demand

The manufacturers and sellers of food supplements for sports distinguish * main categories in which they are particularly interested:

Bodybuilders and professional athletes: with the objective of improving their performance, they consume supplements to strengthen the effects of their training. Regular athletes: generally passionate but not professional, they do not push the ...

2.3 Main demand drivers

We can identify several factors that determine the consumption of dietary supplements, which also suggest a robust growth for the industry:

The increasing number of sportsmen

The rapid increase in the number of fitness centers and practitioners of this activity (***) allows for greater access to sports machines, generates an increased demand ...

2.4 Women consuming dietary supplements for sports: a trend that is still not well addressed by brands

The advertising of sports nutrition supplements is mainly directed towards men, with a strong emphasis on mass gain and bodybuilding.

However, as the graph below shows, almost as many women as men consume sports supplements on a regular basis.

Share of athletes consuming dietary supplements for sport, by gender France, ****, in ...

2.5 A demand for vegan food supplements in sports

While many sports nutrition supplements contain animal proteins (***), there is a growing demand for vegan supplements, using vegetable proteins to obtain results similar to "traditional" protein supplements.

Evolution of the use of vegetable proteins in protein powders Europe, ****-****, in % Source: ****

In fact, the graph below shows that soy, rice and ...

3 Market structure

3.1 General organization of the sector

Organization of the sector

The market corresponds to a classic market, in which the product passes by a manufacturer then a distributor before reaching the consumer. However, there is a growing trend towards direct sales, from manufacturers to consumers through online sales sites.

Two main categories share the market for the ...

3.2 A production system that meets precise quality standards

Large laboratories and companies have appropriated the production of food supplements for sports. Often derived from natural products (***), the strength of these supplements lies in their concentration in active ingredients.

In order to be ingested effectively, the role of the industrialist will be to isolate the molecule sought or to synthesize ...

3.3 Distribution


A **** report from the European Commission details the preferred sales channels in Europe. Although this study is dated and does not only concern France, it allows us to roughly evaluate the weight of each distribution channel mentioned in the table above. However, it should be borne in mind that the ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 An expanded offer to reach a larger audience

The sports nutrition market has a long and painful history, tainted by doping scandals, but has gradually reinvented itself. For some people, food supplements for sportsmen have almost become everyday products. Progressively, manufacturers and distributors are multiplying the number of products available on the market in order to reach a wider ...

4.2 New offers

A notable trend is the change in communication by distribution and manufacturing companies. Companies are increasingly highlighting the protein source of sports supplements (***).

At the same time, we are seeing the development of products for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle (***). The rise of the vegan movement coincides with ...

4.3 A multitude of products to meet many needs

One of the characteristics of dietary supplements for sports is the multitude of products available, not only by the number of brands on the market, but also by the type of products they offer. By the appearance and composition, the products are different from each other. Here is a list of ...

4.4 Price analysis

It is quite complex to give the average price of a sports food supplement, given the variety available on the market. From the analysis of some retailer sites (***), it is nevertheless possible to make a topology of prices:

These few price ranges show that prices tend to be relatively high, for ...

5 Regulation

5.1 Current regulations

Regulations set up at national and European level establish a list of authorized ingredients in the manufacture of food supplements, as well as the maximum dose not to exceed for vitamins and minerals.

However, unlike drugs on the market, the marketing of these food supplements for sports does not require specific ...

5.2 The role of ANSES

In France, the national health security agency is responsible for assessing the risks associated with the consumption of supplements and has the role of setting legal limits of concentration in food supplements. In order to fulfill this mission, ANSES has set up a nutrivigilance system that collects data from health professionals ...

6 Companies

6.1 Company segmentation

  • Nutrition et Santé (marque Isostar)
  • Diete Sport France (Overestim.s)
  • Laboratoire Les Trois Chênes
  • EA Pharma Olyos (Eafit, Granions, Punch Power)
  • Menarini group (Marque Isoxan)
  • Apurna (Lactalis)
  • Nutrimeo
  • Prozis
  • Glanbia
  • My Protein (The Hut Group)
  • Nutrimuscle
  • Nutripure
  • Power Nutrition
  • Nutrisport
  • Krissport
  • Coca-Cola European Partners CCEP Groupe Powerade
  • AM Nutrition - N4BRANDS Groupe
  • Atlet TCA
  • Biotech USA Group
  • Eric Favre (Les 3 Chênes)
  • Laboratoire Les Trois Chênes (Eric Fabre)
  • Meltonic
  • Myprotein
  • Nutergia
  • Overstims
  • Scitec Nutrition (BiotechUSA Group)
  • STC Nutrition (Laboratoire Ineldea)
  • Ta Energy

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Size of the global sports nutrition market
  • Consumption of dietary supplements by athletes
  • The aim of consuming dietary supplements for sport
  • Origin of the recommendation of the food supplement for the sport
  • Share of athletes using dietary supplements for sport, by age category
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Latest news

Overstim.s, specialist in sports nutrition, is anticipating an effect - 28/09/2023
  • Overstim.s is based in Plecop, north of Vannes (Morbihan)
  • The company was founded in 1982
  • A craze for endurance sports has been identified for 2023
  • Overstim.s plans to use the Olympic Games as an "engine" for product communication
  • Overstim.s has partnerships with big names in trail running, such as François D'Haene, four-time winner of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB)
  • Overstim.s has 300 references of energy drinks, bars, gels, cakes... all produced without colorants, flavors or preservatives
  • Overstim.s generates average sales of around 15 million euros
  • The SME employs around 40 people.
Ardrian and Bpifrance invest in Nutripure - 19/05/2022
  • Nutripure creation date: 2017
  • Annual growth: +90% since inception
  • Sales target 2022: 11 million euros
  • Current workforce: 18 employees
  • Sales target within 5 years: 30 million euros
Food supplements: growth cure for Les Trois Chênes - 01/12/2021

  • Products are distributed in 11,000 pharmacies in France and 70 other countries
  • The company generates sales of 39 million euros, a third of which abroad
  • 10 million euros invested in its production site and logistics warehouse
  • Since September, sales to pharmacies have accelerated by 20%, twice as fast as the market for dietary supplements
  • The company is aiming for sales of 60 million euros in three years.

Companies quoted in this study

This study contains a complete overview of the companies in the market, with the latest figures and news for each company. :

Nutrition et Santé (marque Isostar)
Diete Sport France (Overestim.s)
Laboratoire Les Trois Chênes
EA Pharma Olyos (Eafit, Granions, Punch Power)
Menarini group (Marque Isoxan)
Apurna (Lactalis)
My Protein (The Hut Group)

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