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From 2020 onwards, the European and French sports coaching markets observed a positive growth dynamic. In Europe, the fitness market had grown by 3% to sales of 28.2 billion euros. The German and British markets were the most important, both experiencing significant growth in the same year - 3.4% and 4.1% respectively. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitization of coaching offerings, with a growing emphasis on virtual sports coaching. This sub-segment includes various media such as videos, smartphone apps, live sessions on social media and digital platforms, with companies such as Freeletics and FizzUp leading the market.

Trends in the French virtual sports coaching market

In recent years, the French virtual sports coaching market has undergone a significant evolution, reflecting a collective shift towards greater emphasis on personal health and and personal well-being, facilitated by technological advances and the phenomenon of digitization. The country, which encompasses a dynamic sports sector worth around 78 billion euros with almost 448,000 jobs, demonstrates the substantial economic relevance of sporting activities, which include an integral coaching component.

The French fitness market continues to thrive, with growth estimated at around 3% to reach an estimated value of between 2.5 and 2.6 billion euros, reflecting the changing mindset of the population. The French are gradually embracing health and well-being through sporting activities, particularly at home or outdoors, with almost 58% of French people favoring "free" sporting practice outside the traditional club setting.

A significant segment of the French population - between 35% and 40% - participates in fitness activities, upholding the "sport-santé" ideology that prioritizes well-being and self-care. This emerging ideology is particularly prevalent among people in their thirties, at a time in their lives when the importance of maintaining "health capital" is becoming increasingly apparent. Reflecting this paradigm shift, the online sports coaching segment offers a variety of options tailored to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention measures, meeting different objectives and needs. This competitively priced segment is particularly attractive to the French, who spend an average of €250 to €270 a year on sports.

Yet affordability remains an issue, with almost 57% of the population considering sports practice to be expensive, prompting a move towards affordable virtual coaching solutions. A fragmented and competitive market, online sports coaching encompasses traditional gyms, sports equipment manufacturers, independent coaches on social networks and apps offering combined fitness and nutrition services.

As the digital space is enriched by a range of exercise apps and platforms, companies such as Freeletics and Strava are making their presence felt, auguring an imminent increase in the use of these digital tools for exercises ranging from performance tracking to personalized fitness regimes. Rates for online sessions can fluctuate, with an average price hovering around 45 to 50 euros per hour, depending on the sport, expertise and equipment required.

Virtual sports coaching is therefore on the cusp of significant innovation, underpinned by a confluence of digital penetration, a national penchant for virtual sports coaching, and a desire to improve people's quality of life.

Exploring the key companies in online sports coaching

The field of digital fitness is undergoing a significant evolution with the rise of virtual sports coaching, creating a dynamic market characterized by specicialized platforms and prominent personalities who have harnessed the power of social media to meet the fitness aspirations of millions.

  • TrainMe and ABC Sports Coaching: Revolutionizing personal training through networking platforms

TrainMe and ABC Sports Coaching have established themselves in the virtual coaching segment as platforms for connecting customers and professionals. These companies are at the forefront, leveraging sophisticated algorithms to facilitate sessions perfectly tailored to the individual needs and goals of users seeking both fitness and skill development in a variety of sports.

  • FizzUp: a holistic approach to fitness and well-being

FizzUp stands out for its comprehensive offering that combines the three elements of exercise programs, diet planning and mental well-being. The app not only guides users through personalized workout programs, but also integrates nutritional advice and meditation practices to ensure an overall health transformation.

  • Freeletics: Champion of AI-powered fitness

Freeletics has earned its place as the benchmark fitness app, thanks to advanced AI algorithms that create personalized training plans. The app promises a unique journey for each user, adapting to their progress and encouraging them to consistently commit to their personal fitness goals.

  • Basic Fit and Neoness: the synergy of physical and digital training

Basic Fit and Neoness, traditional fitness center chains, have expanded their offer to include digital coaching solutions. Complementing their indoor services, these establishments offer mobile apps that enable members to maintain their training regimen anywhere, anytime, enhancing the experience and value for the customer.

  • Independent coaches on social media: the new age of fitness influence

Leveraging the reach of platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, fitness influencers such as Sissy Mua and Tibo InShape are delivering accessible workout content to the masses. Not only do these virtual coaches offer engaging fitness programs, but they also earn money through referrals and online programs, making a significant impact on the online coaching landscape by meeting the demand for training options that are both quality and cost-effective.

  • Decathlon Coach and Superprof: Democratizing access to expert advice

Sports retailer Decathlon has launched its own coaching app, Decathlon Coach, which offers a range of training resources to help users stay motivated and track their performance.

Similarly, Superprof has positioned itself as a marketplace for various subjects, including sports coaching, where independent coaches can offer personalized live training sessions online.

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1 Market overview

1.1 Introduction

Coaching consists of personalised support aimed at helping the client achieve a goal . There are coaches in different fields such as personal and professional development or sport. In the latter case, the coach usually works in the following areas fitness room or home-based whether he is an employee or self-employed.

Thus, it can be said that virtual sports coaching is a sub-segment of the sports coaching market. This sub-segment encompasses several media: video, smartphone applications, live on social networks, digital networking platforms, etc

The European sports coaching market is booming with a growth of 3% in 2019 . Markets in this region of the world, as well as in North America and Oceania, are the most important because of relatively high per capita income and greater awareness of the the link between health and the practice of a sport activity . The French market is also on a positive dynamic with a growth of 1% in 2019.

The purpose of this study is to focus on the sub-segment of online coaching. A more general Businesscoot study on the coaching market is also available.

The COVID crisis, combined with the emergence of online coaching platforms, has contributed to the acceleration of the digitalisation of the coaching offer. Following the emergence of new coaching applications of performance measurement technologies and new forms of education to the practice of sports, the profession of sports coach is becoming more digital and is evolving towards more personalised offers.

The main players on the market are the networking platforms such as TrainMe or ABC Sports Coaching distance coaching applications such as FizzUp or Freeletics or sports halls such as Basic Fit or Neoness .


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  • Répartition du chiffre d'affaires du marché du fitness
  • Estimation de l'évolution du marché des plateformes de coaching sportif
  • Fitness market sales
  • Évolution des lieux où les usagers font leur sport
  • Attentes des Français en terme de développement technologique dans la pratique du sport
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