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French online advertising market estimated at between €4.5 and €5 billion

The global online advertising market has experienced robust growth, as advertisers shift more of their spending to digital platforms. By 2020, digital advertising is expected to account for 50% of the global advertising market, a notable increase when online advertising investment ($209 billion) overtook TV advertising ($178 billion) for the first time.

In France, this market is largely dominated by technology giants such as Google and Facebook, who together amassed 80% of the market share. Key trends include the rise of mobile advertising, programmatic buying - which accounted for 67% of the display market - and increased investment in video advertising, which exploded from 67 million euros to 847 million euros.

Despite this growth, the sector faces challenges linked to the growing use of ad blockers, with 11% of French Internet users employing such software.

Regulatory measures for greater transparency and the fight against advertising fraud have come into force with the implementation of decree no. 2017-159

French online advertising market: A landscape of growth and challenges

The French online advertising market is experiencing significant growth. Sales have reached around 4.5 to 5 billion euros. The market has more than doubled in size in just a few years. Search and social display are the main trends in the French market, almost exclusively dominated by Google for search and mainly used by social networks for display.

In just one year, investment in search engines rose by 11% to between 2 and 2.5 billion euros, while social display revenues grew by an impressive 63% to over one billion euros.

Other segments of the digital market also enjoyed strong growth. Affiliate marketing, comparison shopping and emailing collectively generated sales of around 700 to 800 million euros.

In Europe, online advertising via cell phones has seen growing demand, with Spain, France and the Netherlands leading the way in terms of growth in demand for mobile advertising. This shift towards mobile content is a major trend in the European market.

The French online advertising landscape is marked by a high degree of concentration. Giants like Google and Facebook hold 80% of the market. Programmatic advertising has become increasingly widespread, and holds 62% of the digital display advertising market.

Despite this thriving market, challenges have arisen, not least due to the use of ad-blocking software. Some 11% of French Internet users use ad-blocking software.

In terms of market regulation, recent measures, including decree no. 2017-159, aim to strengthen transparency and combat advertising fraud. This legal framework came into force at the beginning of 2018 and represents an important step towards regulating the digital advertising industry.

The pioneers and forerunners of online advertising.

A few key players have established themselves as trailblazers. These technology behemoths hold a significant share of the market, leveraging their vast stores of user data and sophisticated algorithms to deliver targeted advertising with unrivalled precision.

  • Alphabet-Google: Alphabet, Google's parent company, reigns supreme in the online advertising sector
  • Facebook: Known as the social media giant, Facebook's ecosystem includes Instagram and WhatsApp
  • Amazon: Initially an e-commerce platform, Amazon has rapidly expanded into the online advertising sector.

While the leaders continue to dominate the market, numerous challengers and specialist agencies are carving out their own niches, contributing to the industry's diversity and dynamism:

  • Yahoo! and Microsoft Advertising: Web pioneers, Yahoo! and Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) have continued to develop their advertising platforms
  • SoLocal: Historic operator of the digital spaceformerly "Les pages Jaunes"
  • Pinterest: differentiated itself by allowing users to pin and share images that interest them
  • The Moneytizer, Adverline, Tradelab, Adot, Smart Ad Server, Criteo: These companies are part of the dynamic ecosystem of advertising technology companies (AdTech).
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Summary and extracts

1 Market summary

1.1 Presentation and definition of the online advertising market

According to , online advertising, or digital advertising, or online advertising includes all advertising communication actions carried out on the Internet

There are two main types of actions

  • display advertising, which consists in inserting messages, banners, buttons, advertising communication videos for an advertiser on websites,
  • search advertising, which works with hyperlinks leading to an advertiser's website, offered to the Internet user when a request is made via a search engine

Online advertising purchases were made in different ways:

- through a classic contract specific to a communication operation, between advertiser and advertising network for example

- through auctions, say" real time bidding or RTB . This method has been in existence since 2000 But lately, it has been programmatic purchasing, a derivative that allows more complex mechanics to develop

The online advertising market has never performed as well in France as it does today, but it is now threatened by the popularity of advertising blockers since the use of blocking software has been constantly increasing since the creation of AdBlock Plus, for example

1.2 The growth of the global market

The graphic below illustrates the evolution of the amount of global spending on digital advertising from **** to **** with forecasts to ****

It should be noted that this figure has risen from ***.** billion dollars in **** to ***.* billion dollars in **** and is expected to be $***.** billion by ****.

In addition, according to a study conducted ...

1.3 The booming French market

The market in figures

According to the **** e-pub Observatory report, produced by the Syndicat des Régies Internet (***)

The graphic below illustrates the evolution of the value of the digital advertising market in France from **** to ****

In addition, the same source indicates that the main trends on the French market are ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Companies represent the main market demand

The online advertising market is mainly aimed at advertisers

The graphic the following shows the number of companies that used online paid advertising via search engines, social media and other websites in France in ****

On the whole, **,*** companies from a wide variety of categories used online paid advertising in ****

2.2 Advertisers make extensive use of social displays

Many companies use social networks to advertise their ads

The graphic below illustrates the distribution of social networks favoured by community managers in France to distribute advertising in ****

In ****, **% of community managers surveyed used Facebook to deliver advertising, followed by Instagram (***)

2.3 Demand for mobile advertising drives overall demand

It can be seen that the demand for online advertising in France and other European countries is nowadays very much oriented towards mobile content

The graphic below illustrates the ranking of countries where the number of mobile advertising requests has increased the most year-on-year in Europe in the second half of ...

2.4 Préoccupations des consommateurs à l'égard des données collectées sur internet

La publicité en ligne et le marketing digital en général utilisent le ciblage pour améliorer la performance et la rentabilité des campagnes. Ce ciblage, permettant de faire de la publicité personnalisée, repose notamment sur la collecte des données personnelles [***], en partie accélérée par ...

2.5 La demande B2B : la publicité digitale en tête des dépenses publicitaires des annonceurs

Les dépenses des annonceurs en publicité digitale ont dépassé les dépenses publicitaires traditionnelles depuis ****. Les autres médias (***) concentrent encore la majeure partie des dépenses publicitaires, avec **,*% des dépenses totales.

Répartition des dépenses publicitaires : traditionnelles vs numériques France, ****, en % Source: ****

*Ici les ...

3 Market structure

3.1 A highly concentrated market in France

The online advertising market is highly concentrated in France . Google, Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Amazon, are the undisputed leaders and trust the market

According to the **** report of the e-pub Observatory, produced by the Syndicat des Régies Internet (***) with PwC and Udecam, whose data are taken from The ...

3.2 The different types of online advertising

Within online advertising, there are various ways to implement it. We can mention in particular:

The search via search engines (***) The display programmatic or non-programmatic via banner ads, video ads, social media, classified ads Marketing Definitions indicates that" the programmatic purchase for digital display spaces is most often done by auction ...

3.3 Extremely variable prices

The price of online advertising varies considerably according to the type of product (***).

The Fabrique du net indicates that for an advertising banner, the economic cost is:

The CPM (***), each time the banner is displayed on a screen, a printout is counted Sales prices explain that in France, the average cost ...

4 Analysis of the offer

4.1 The video display in full expansion

The graphic below indicates the evolution of investment in online video advertising in France between **** and **** in millions of euros. Thus, this figure has risen from ** million in **** to *** million in ****

4.2 The threat of anti-advertising software

More and more consumers are complaining about the amount of advertising they encounter online and some systems have been developed to "block" some forms of online advertising

The online advertising market is therefore threatened by the use of blocking software, which is constantly increasing

The graphic below illustrates the proportion of ...

5 Rules and regulations

5.1 A recent and still weak regulation

In terms of regulation, online advertising is often praised for its advantage in accurately targeting consumers, which means that privacy legislation has a direct impact on the targeting methods of advertising agencies and advertisers

The Tribune explains that the empowerment of digital advertising professionals is the main challenge, in order to ...

6 Positioning of the actors

6.1 Segmentation

Market leaders :

Alphabet-Google Facebook Amazon

Market challengers:

Yahoo! Microsoft Advertising SoLocal Pinterest The Moneytizer Adverline Tradelab Adot Smart Criteo Local Media Mistral Media Andrea Media

  • Meta (anciennement Facebook)
  • Solocal
  • Pinterest
  • Adverline
  • Tradelab Jellyfish (Fimalac Groupe)
  • Criteo
  • Local Media (Admoove)
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Youtube
  • Google
  • Carrefour Groupe
  • Kwanko
  • Rakuten
  • Microsoft

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Taille de marché mondial de la publicité en ligne
  • Taille de marché national de la publicité en ligne
  • Parts de marché des différents segments dans le marché de la publicité en ligne
  • Taux de croissance par segment
  • How often the French buy online
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Latest news

80 Carrefour hypermarkets operated under franchise or leasing agreements - 14/11/2023
  • On October 20, Carrefour announced its intention to switch 37 stores (comprising 15 hypermarkets and 21 supermarkets) to lease management.
  • Since 2018, 80 hypermarkets have left integrated status, representing around a third of all hypermarkets.
  • Around 75% of supermarkets (784 out of 1038) are currently leased or franchised.
Warner, a new way of remunerating musicians on its way to Deezer. - 13/11/2023
  • Deezer is implementing a new "artist-centric" remuneration model for France.
  • A second major player, Warner Music Group, is joining the movement.
  • Since October 1, streams in France by artists from Ed Sheeran's label have been counted according to this new method.
  • According to this new method, a listen counts double when it concerns artists exceeding 1,000 monthly streams with at least 500 unique listeners.
  • The Deezer platform also limits monetization to a maximum of 1,000 streams per user per month.
  • Deezer has undertaken an extensive clean-up of its 200 million-track catalog to eliminate non-musical content.
  • With the addition of Warner, two of the three majors have joined the model promoted by Deezer.
  • According to Deezer's CEO, over 50% of streams are already accounted for using this new method.
  • Changes to Spotify's remuneration model are expected in the first quarter of 2024.
Deezer returns to subscriber growth - 27/10/2023
  • Subscriber base of 9.9 million (+4.9% year-on-year)
  • Focus on markets where the company is well positioned, such as France, Germany, Mexico and Brazil
  • The French market saw a 7.3% year-on-year increase in the number of subscribers.
  • The rate of growth is lower than that of Swedish leader Spotify, which a few days ago announced a 16% year-on-year increase in the number of subscribers, to a total of 226 million.
  • Believe, the French specialist in digital distribution and services for musicians and labels, this week reported organic sales growth of +7.5% (+15.4% excluding currency impact) in the third quarter.
Carrefour to lease out 37 stores - 21/10/2023
  • Carrefour plans to lease out 37 new stores in 2022, 16 hypermarkets and 21 supermarkets.
  • Around 4,000 employees affected
  • The company launched an outsourcing program in 2018.
  • The number announced is in line with previous years: 41 stores (including 16 hyper) in 2023, 43 stores (including 16 hyper) in 2022, and 47 stores (including 10 hyper) in 2021.
  • Since Alexandre Bompard took over as CEO, 305 stores, including 80 hypermarkets, have been outsourced, affecting more than 23,000 employees.
Meta launches its first augmented reality headset! - 28/09/2023
  • The new Quest 3 virtual reality headset will be available from October 10.
  • The Quest 3 offers "mixed" reality, i.e. augmented reality, while its predecessor Quest 2, released in 2020, offers basic virtual reality.
  • Apple's Vision Pro headset, which also offers augmented reality, will be seven times more expensive than the Quest 3.
  • The Quest 3 will cost $500 for 128 gigabytes of storage (550 euros in France), while the Quest 2 is priced at $300 for 128 GB.
  • Meta has already sold some twenty million headsets, despite losses running into tens of billions of dollars for its Reality Labs division
  • Microsoft's cloud gaming platform will be available on the Quest from December.
  • Purchases of games and apps on the Quest Store have exceeded $2 billion.
Deezer and Universal rethink music streaming remuneration model - 07/09/2023
  • Deezer, in collaboration with Universal Music Group, plans to launch an artist-centric streaming model, first in France in Q4 2023, followed by other markets in 2024.
  • Deezer's catalog has grown from 90 to 200 million items of content over the past two years
  • In the new model, Deezer will award a "double bonus" to artists who exceed 1,000 monthly streams with at least 500 unique listeners.

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Meta (anciennement Facebook)
Tradelab Jellyfish (Fimalac Groupe)
Local Media (Admoove)

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