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The social networking market - France

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

Social networks are websites where users can build up a network of friends and acquaintances, using tools and interfaces to communicate and interact. Social networks - or social media - encompass quite different realities: "classic" social networks such as Facebook, instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, video streaming applications such as YouTube and Twitch , and certain blogs are all considered social media.

Most of the companies in this sector are based in the United States, particularly in California, but their activities are expanding worldwide across the web. Facebook, for example, has bought up a number of emerging players (notably Instagram and WhatsApp) in order to limit competition in a business characterized by fashion effects that can lead to rapid changes in consumption. As a result, companies in the sector continue to invest a significant proportion of their revenues in R&D and feature development, with the aim of maintaining interest among their customers and users.

The sector has enjoyed uninterrupted growth since 2008, and continues to expand with the arrival of new players and new functionalities. The sales of the leader(Facebook) reached over US$117 billion in 2022, with a CAGR of 28.16% since 2014, thanks to online advertising (this study also contains an estimate of the sector's market size in France in 2022).

The sector is characterized by GAFAM takeovers of the vast majority of social networking platforms. These social networks play a central role in global connectivity between individuals and in spreading the soft power of these brands ( Instragam and WattsApp for Facebook, Linkedin for Microsoft, Youtube for Google and Twitch for Amazon)

Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter in 2022 for $44 billion highlights the crucial role played by social media in today's economy. It also underscores the imperative for certain companies to rethink their business model in order to remain viable, by implementing a paid subscription model, for example.

The arrival of TikTok brought about an evolution in users' consumption habits, prompting them to switch from predominantly horizontal content, averaging around ten minutes in length, to very short, entertaining content in vertical format. This trend was quickly adopted by all other social networks.

Faced with the emergence of Chinese giant TikTok and the need to develop more sustainable business models, social networks have had to adjust. Nevertheless, the sector continues to be driven by a steady growth in the number of new users with access to the Internet, and therefore to social networks.

1.2 The global social networking market

Over the years, the number of users has grown steadily, reaching *.*** billion in ****, with an average annual growth rate of *.*%. Over an **-year period, this cumulative growth amounts to ***%. By ****, almost **.*% of the population will be using social networks, compared with less than **% in ****.

Number of social network users World, ****-****, ...

1.3 The French social networking market: 3 billion euros in France by 2022

Estimated market through digital advertising on social networks :[***]

As the business model of social networks is based on online advertising (***), we can estimate their sales in France through the digital advertising market.

The digital advertising market is estimated at €*.* billion in ****, up **.*% on ****, based on Search, Social, Display and other levers ...


2.1 Profile of social network users

The Digital Report **** - We Are Social France study reports on the use of social networks by the French.

Profile and behavior of Internet users aged ** to ** on social networks:

Active on a social network or messaging service last month: **.*% Average number of accounts per user: *.* Frequency of use: * h ** per ...

2.2 Analysis of users by type of social network

France's favorite networks:

We note that the social networks preferred by the French are the major American networks. Note the high use of Snapchat in France (***)

Ranking of social networks most used by the French France, ****, in % Source: ****

Analysis of user behavior by social network: [***]

We note that the networks are ...

2.3 Focus on social networking among young people

It's important to analyze the use of social networks by young people, as they are the main users and often the trendsetters.

The graph below shows several key facts about the use of social networks by young people:

We note the breakthrough of Instagram since ****, which is now the social network ...

2.4 How companies use social networks

The use of social networks by businesses has been growing over the last ten years: according to Insee, in ****, **% of companies were present on social networks, compared with **% in ****.

There are disparities by sector, with **% of companies in the information and communication sector using a social network, followed by accommodation and ...

2.5 France's favorite social networks

The graph below is based on OpinionWay's survey of French people's favorite brands in February ****. For each network, the percentage corresponds to the proportion of respondents who answered "yes".

YouTube is France's favorite social network, with **. *% of respondents saying they liked it. TikTok is the least popular social network, with only ...


3.1 A business model based on digital advertising ...

By using user data, social networks can be powerful online marketing and advertising tools for brands (***).

Mobile devices (***) account for the vast majority of online advertising revenues on social networks, and by ****, they will account for **% of revenues, i.e. €*.* billion of the €*.* billion in social revenues.

Social network advertising revenues ...

3.2 ... and network effects to capture a maximum number of users

A network effect (***) is the effect described in economics and business when the addition of an extra user of a good or service has an impact on the value of that product to others. When a network effect is present, the value of a product or service increases according to the ...

3.3 The role of influencers in the social networking ecosystem

Influencers are individuals who, because of their strong influence on one or more social networks, are suitable media for advertising and marketing (***). Brands call on them to promote their products, either directly in **% of cases, or through specialized influencer marketing or communications agencies in the rest. [***]

Instagram is widely preferred by ...

3.4 Elon Musk's Twitter takeover and name change: A Western Wechat?

Elon Musk bought Twitter on April **, ****, for $** billion. His takeover was prompted by several motivations, notably around freedom of expression and the ultra-progressive ideology permeating Twitter... In his view, it is important for the future of civilization to have an online public space where a wide variety of opinions can be ...


4.1 Typology of the main social networks

Below, we report on the main social networks used in France - classifying them by major type. A great many social networks have been created around the world since the advent of the Internet, some of which have died out. Fads and fashions can be very common in this market.

Classic" ...

4.2 Behind free for consumers, a growing monetization trend

Access to social networks is free for almost all of them. The platform's primary aim is to attract users and develop the network effect that is its strength. It's only once the network has reached a phase of relative "maturity" that monetization begins. However, not all platforms use the same method ...

4.3 A market driven by innovation

Non-verbal communication is on the rise, and is helping to revitalize the market: The text format continues to be used by a large majority of users. Nevertheless, this classic communication increasingly coexists with a form of non-verbal such as stories, as well as audio communication, widely used on WhatsApp. Audio also ...


5.1 Major regulatory changes

Changes prompted by the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal

On March **, ****, The New York Times and The Guardian revealed that, in ****, the Cambridge Analytica company had harvested data from tens of millions of Facebook users in the United States in order to offer them targeted advertising that could influence their vote in favor ...


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Reviews (2)

Reviews (2)

The social networking market - France

Publicado en 23/06/2022 by Fays Pin

Les parties visible (l’accès restreint de l’étude avant de payer) me donnait un bon avant goût de l’étude final mais j’avais quand même une crainte de pas obtenir les informations que je cherchais. J’ai finalement acheté cette étude, que j’ai trouvé structurée et concise, les informations sont pertinentes et correctement confrontées pour en faire ressortir de bonnes conclusions. Merci pour ce service.

Businesscoot Response:

Merci beaucoup Faysal pour votre avis :) Nous sommes ravis que, malgré ce premier abord, vous ayez été satisfait de notre travail.

The social networking market - France

Publicado en 28/07/2021 by Valentin Tostivint

The large choice of market research helped me a lot for my business project. I was able to find very specific information on the sector of activity that interests me.

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Hello Valentin, Thank you for your feedback on our study, we are very happy to contribute to the success of your project. :)

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