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1.1 Definition and scope of study

E-learning, or digital learning, is a learning method based on online learning resources and content. E-learning is used in personal and/or professional training contexts.

There are three main categories of e-learning:

  • MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) are generally free open access courses, at the end of which the public can obtain certification.
  • SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses) are similar to MOOCs but have a fee, indeed their access is limited to specific users, such as university students. They can also be used to obtain certification.
  • COOCs (Corporate Open Online Courses) are used by companies to train employees and collaborators.

E-learning is linked to the vocational training and education sectors. The methodology democratizes access to training, because it allows flexibility in education, and access to all users with an Internet connection, regardless of their location.


1.2 Sustained growth in the global market

According to Stratistics MRC, the global e-learning market represents ***.** billion dollars in **** and should reach ***.** billion by **** with a CAGR of *,* % over the forecast period. [***]

Source: ****
United States
The United States is the world leader in terms of integrated e-learning in education. According to Online Learning Survey More than **% of American ...

1.3 A late French market despite good prospects

In France, the e-learning market represented *** million euros in ****, representing *% of the world market. [***] The prospects for development are impressive, according to Sally-Ann Moore, Managing Director of Learning Technologies France, the French market has an impressive annual growth rate of approximately **% . [ HR Focus ... Yet only **% of companies were training their employees ...


2.1 Determinants of demand

Benefits for students/employees/managers
The advantage of these new learning methods is that they allow students to pursue university or vocational training in parallel with another professional or study activity . Hybrid or fully online learning allows for flexibility to the learner, and adapts to his or her needs, without the ...

2.2 Trends among new online training courses

By ****, online training institutions will have new technologies available to enhance the attractiveness of their educational offerings. Several tools are available to the trained future to make learning easy and enjoyable.
Long known in the video game industry, the principle of gamification includes all point systems, objectives, challenges, bonuses, and ...


3.1 The different market players

The first institutions to have offered fully online training offers are american universities , in particular via MOOCs, for Massive Open Online Course. These courses are accessible directly on the websites of the schools/universities, or directly in private access to their students when it comes to personalized content
In ...

3.2 Content production

A major trend in the e-learning market is the internalization of content production, which has gradually become a requirement for training organizations
External production training organizations (***) create courses that they sell to companies, universities or individual users. Internal production Companies or universities buy or develop software that allows the creation of ...

3.3 Distribution of online training and materials used

B*C Distribution  Companies that provide e-learning training to their customers give them access to dedicated platforms, applications or interfaces, usually with personalized identifiers and passwords. B*B distribution e-learning training companies provide their client companies with access to their e-learning platforms, in the form of a fixed-term license, or deliver ...


4.1 Proposed training courses

According to Will race the first open access online training platform, the most popular online courses worldwide in **** are:
Machine Learning (***) Learning to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master difficult subjects (***) The Science of Well-Being (***) Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies (***) Algorithms, Part I (***) English for Career Development (***) Financial Markets (***) Introduction ...

4.2 Price ranges for online training courses

The price of e-learning courses can vary enormously, from free video to a tailor-made course ordered by a large company.
In the educational environment when schools, colleges and lycées that integrate e-learning activities into their programmes, this does not generate any additional costs for parents.
Academic environment
Concerning the e-learning ...

4.3 Trends in online training offerings

A few years ago, personalized e-learning in vocational training was reserved for large and medium-sized companies due to the high cost at the time of purchase. But the creation of start-ups and companies creating customized content and/or selling software easy to use and affordable in terms of price changes the ...

4.4 The strong growth of serious games can also be based on digital content

According to the the Ministry of National Education the serious game is a "training, communication and simulation tool that is a useful extension of video games for professionals" .
In ****, this market exceeded *** million euros in France, more than double its value four years earlier, according to Cabinet Market Research
According to ...



The law of March ****
Distance vocational training, and therefore e-learning, is included in the labour code since March *, **** (***).
A certificate must be issued by the training organisation at the end of the programme. Most online training courses provide the following benefits a certification others provide a degree .
E-learning is subject to ...


6.1 Segmentation

  • Coursera
  • Fédération Universitaire de l’Enseignement à Distance (FIED)
  • Demos
  • Docendi
  • Dale Carnegie
  • Callimedia
  • KOAN Partners
  • Edu-Performance
  • Netopen
  • CSP
  • Cegos
  • Krauthammer
  • Comundi

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