The Recruitment Market

Update 12/11/2019


1.1. Presentation

A recruitment firm is a company whose purpose is to support its clients (private companies, public sector, associations, etc.) in the recruitment (mainly on fixed-term or permanent contracts, sometimes on internships and apprenticeships) of new employees, executives or directors. As such, clients will delegate to the recruitment firm all or part of the recruitment process: publication of the offer, identification of candidates, selection, negotiation, signature of contracts, reception and training of the new employee. In France, these operations primarily concern the profiles of middle managers [ APEC , 2017]. The scope of recruitment itself excludes hiring operations to fill positions on temporary (temporary) employment contracts

The recruitment support market, on which recruitment agencies operate, is only a sub-segment of the global recruitment market, whose main players remain to this day in France the internal human resources departments of companies. Thus, contrary to what prevails in Anglo-Saxon countries, the French recruitment market is not outsourced only up to 30% [Xerfi, August 2018]. The human resources departments therefore manage 70% of their own recruitment, via recruitment campaigns, the career page of their institutional sites, ad sites, professional social networks and internal promotion.



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