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The recruitment market - France

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1.1. Presentation and definition of the market

The recruitment support market, in which recruitment agencies operate, is only a sub-segment of the overall recruitment market, whose main players in France are still the companies' internal human resources departments. This study focuses in particular on the recruitment agency market.

A recruitment agency is a company whose purpose is to assist and support its clients (private companies, public sector, associations, etc.) in the recruitment (mainly on fixed-term or permanent contracts) of new employees, managers or directors. In this respect, clients delegate to the recruitment firm all or part of the recruitment process: publication of the offer, identification of candidates, selection, negotiation, signing of contracts, induction and training of the new employee.

In France, these operations primarily concern middle management profiles. The scope of recruitment in the strict sense of the term excludeshiring operations aimed at filling positions under temporary employment contracts (temporary staff, temporary employment agencies).

Unlike in Anglo-Saxon countries, the French recruitment market is not very outsourced. Human resources departments manage the majority of their recruitments, via recruitment campaigns, the career page of their institutional sites, advertising sites, professional social networks and internal promotion.

1.2 A growing global recruitment and human resources market

the graph below shows the strong growth of the global recruitment and human resources market. It can be seen that between **** and ****, the market grew by **%. The only year the market experienced a decline was in ****, during the Covid-** pandemic. In that year, the market experienced a *.*% decline.

Global Recruitment and ...

1.3 The French market is growing but polarized

the graph below shows the turnover of the labor placement agency business since ****. It can be seen that the market follows a constant evolution (***), but experiences a decrease in **** with the Covid-** crisis.

Turnover of labor placement agencies France, **** - ****, in millions of euros Source: ****

The recruitment consulting market is experiencing ...

1.4 A market impacted by covid-19

Executive hires less challenging

The year **** saw the number of executive hires decrease by **% compared to ****. In this context, **% of companies felt that their recruitment processes were easier in **** compared to **** (***). However, recruitment difficulties are back on the rise in **** according to an APEC survey.

Percentage of companies that consider that ...


2.1. The dynamics of executive recruitment in France

The graph below shows the evolution of the unemployment rate in metropolitan France.

Unemployment rate France, **** - ****, in % Source: ****

However, executives are much less affected by unemployment than other professional categories. For example, they were only *.*% in **** compared to *% for the entire working population. [***]

Indeed, the recruitment of executives is very ...

2.2 Recruitment processes in companies

In ****, the main recruitment channels used by business leaders are above all the personal network (***). Only **% of business leaders say they have used a private intermediary, such as a recruitment agency or a temporary work agency.

Main recruitment channels used by business owners France, ****, as a % of total

However, many business ...


3.1. The employment-related activities sector in France

As far as recruitment agencies are concerned, the activity can be listed under two codes of the NAF nomenclature:

**.**Z "Activity of labor placement agencies" **.**Z "Business and other management consultancy

Activity of labor placement agencies (***)

The NAF **.**Z category includes, according to the details communicated by the INSEE[***] :

search, ...

3.2. The main players in the recruitment market

Typology of players

The recruitment support market, in which recruitment agencies are particularly active, is only a sub-segment of the overall recruitment market, the main players in which are still the internal human resources departments of companies in France.

Recruitment agencies dominate the recruitment support market, which they share with four ...

3.3 New candidate profiles are reshaping the market structure

The emergence of new candidate profiles and new skills is encouraging the emergence and growth of more specialized players.

The example of Teaminside, a firm specialized in digital jobs

Teaminside is a firm created in **** and specialized in digital jobs for companies not looking to recruit on permanent contracts. The firm ...


4.1. The functioning of recruitment agencies

The challenge for a recruitment firm, when providing services to a client, is to respond as quickly as possible to the client's request in order to meet the negotiated deadline, but also to be able to allocate its resources to other services The recruitment process used by the firms is generally ...

4.2. Towards the diversification of the offer

Two different approaches are primarily used to deliver recruitment support services:

The use of advertisements

The use of advertisements presupposes an exchange between the firm and the client to define the job description and to write a job offer. The advertisement is then published on employment sites (***). It can sometimes be ...

4.3. Pricing methods used

In general, recruitment agencies receive a percentage of the annual salary of the recruit. This percentage usually varies between ** and **%. It can reach up to **% if the recruitment is done by a prestigious consulting firm. This cost represents the entire recruitment process, from the client's needs to the final candidate.

In ...


5.1. Consequences of the Borloo law (2005)

Theevolution of the regulatory framework is crucial to understand the dynamics of the recruitment firms' activities.

Following the Borloo law in ****, their sector of activity has been opened up to competition from ETTs (***)

Temporary employment agencies can then carry out recruitment on permanent and fixed-term contracts, thus opening up the placement ...

5.2 Recruitment subject to equity laws

For any recruitment action, the selection of a candidate must be based solely on criteria related to the specific needs of the job in question or the professional qualities of the person. From the reading of the CV to the recruitment decision, the selection choices must be objective, factual and respect ...


6.1. Segmentation


Major international players, mainly foreign, well established in France

PageGroup Hays Robert Half International Robert Walters Hudson Global

Smaller players with an innovative approach

Euromedica(***) Auvial Mosaïk RH Orientation Durable

Among the competitors in the recruitment support market, we find


Korn Ferry, Egon Zehnder International, Spencer Stuart

Smaller players ...

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The recruitment market - France

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