the Business School Market


1.1 Definition and general presentation of the market

A business school is a higher education institution with a specialization in      business and management. In France, in most cases, they are private institutes that come under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Business schools in France offer different study programs:

  • For post-baccalaureate students: Bachelor's degree (post-bac/undergraduate) of 3 years.
  • For postgraduate students: Specialized Master's degree, etc.
  • For post-preparatory class students: Master in Science of Management of 3 years.
  • For students who already have a master's degree, managers and other professionals: MBA, Ph.D., Specialized Master, Certificates, etc.

The global market for business schools is in strong growth, in particular in Asia where the number of students is growing exponentially and the reputation of its programs is increasingly recognized. The number of business schools is continually growing around the world, as does the number of programs in management, finance, and accounting.

The French market is highly concentrated and highly competitive. However, it is still dynamic and mainly characterized by a reorganization of the offer. Large entities, close to the largest cities, tend to move closer together when, on the other hand, multiple small independent structures are created. However, few can claim a significant international influence.

French business schools have to face increasing international competition, but also the development of educational platforms carried out by renowned professors and at a lower cost. Especially since the prices of programs and training are constantly increasing in part because of the reduction in subsidies granted by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, a phenomenon that may discourage some prospects.

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