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Update 12/11/2019


1.1 Market definition and structure

Turnaround capital, an activity operated by turnaround funds, is, according to the website , « a variant of private equity, referring to the capital contribution to companies in financial difficulty . "Turnaround investors aim to enable weakened companies (loss d´un significant market, balance sheet imbalance, strategic repositioning, etc.) to recover by providing capital and sometimes human resources. The objective of this financial and managerial support is to bring the company out of a difficult situation in the long term. A turnaround fund will therefore invest to finance the company's needs in order to restore its economic health while creating value, while other sources of financing (banks, etc.) are lacking

Thus, the treatment of a company in difficulty may only require a cash contribution in a purely financial approach or the resolution of more structural operational problems, by intervening in the company with the management team to help it solve the company's structural problems, for example. The reversal fund must therefore provide the company with the appropriate resources and expertise while protecting it from any external, financial or operational turbulence. Turnaround funds often work in legal proceedings, with a certain financial and legal technicality, but also an excellent knowledge of the industrial fabric. The objective is financial profitability in the long term and not in the short term

In return for the support provided, the turnaround fund becomes the majority shareholder and can then define its strategy and undertake its restructuring.

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