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Summary and extracts

1 Market Overview

1.1 Definition and presentation

The recruitment market encompasses all services offered by companies specializing in recruitment and selection, often outsourced by larger companies. Recruiting the best candidate requires a reasoned plan that includes innovative screening and assessment techniques; successful recruitment has been shown to have a positive impact on a company's economic and financial performance in both the short and long term. HR & Recruitment services should enable the recruitment of resources to meet company demands and business goals while increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. The procedure of a recruiting firm is usually separated into three phases: planning, search/screening and selection. A recruiter is a professional who connects people with jobs. Recruiters in these organizations are known as "headhunters," and they often review resumes and interview candidates before choosing the best ones for the client.

By 2021, the global HR & Recruitment services industry is expected to be worth $737 billion. The market has grown at a CAGR of 1.9 percent from 2016 to 2021. With the increasing adoption of online services, the market is expected to grow at a steady rate from 2021 to 2026.

In Italy, the market is very fragmented and many companies do not outsource the service. There are several recruiting companies in the market, divided between small and medium-sized enterprises and large international companies. After the crisis brought by Covid-19, there was a reduction in demand for recruiting companies as many companies decided to internalize the service to reduce costs. Regarding the digitization of services, HR & Recruitment Services companies in Italy are still few in number; in total there are an estimated 50 companies offering digitized and online services. Many companies are already using platforms such as LinkedIn to find qualified human resources and improve their employer branding.

The most recent market developments involve social recruiting; it is no longer just a recruitment strategy, but rather a necessity for companies in the digital age of social media sharing. The use of social networks to locate, engage and make connections with potential candidates with the goal of bringing them into the company's network and then recruiting them is referred to as social recruiting. The number of companies and professionals using social media, primarily LinkedIn, but also Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, has increased exponentially in recent years.

1.2 A growing global recruitment and human resources market

The graph below shows the strong growth of the global recruitment and human resources market. It can be seen that between **** and ****, the market grew by ** percent. The only year the market declined was in ****, during the Covid-** pandemic. In that year, the market decreased by *.* percent.

Size of the global ...

1.3 The national recruitment market

National numbers:

The recruitment market in Italy can be found in the Istat national statistical system under the following heading: the Ateco Code ****: Business consulting and other administrative and management consulting.

The turnover in the last decade of this market was thus:

Turnover recruiting firms Italy, ****-****, in billion euros Source: ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 National employment

Data for the first quarter of **** were recently published in Il Sole ** Ore and are very encouraging. In fact, the current Italian employment rate is **.* percent, the highest figure since ****. The first quarter of **** records *.* percentage points higher than the same period in ****. These figures are very encouraging for the market. ...

2.2 Recruitment clientele: unemployed and inactive


As mentioned in the previous part (***) inactives are that category of people who are of working age but for various reasons are not working. These reasons are:

Inactive **-** years old by gender and reason for not looking for work Italy, ****, in % Source: ****

From the graph, one can see the ...

2.3 The demand for job search

The data in this part are based on an Excelsior report published in ****, with data base from the Bank of Italy, the Ministry of Labor, Anpal and Unioncamere.

Job search in **** has plummeted dramatically. In fact, entries of new staff into enterprises in the **** period dropped dramatically compared to annual ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Employers: what they look for in a candidate

The process of hiring a new member of a company goes through the application process, a process that includes several steps. The first: the submission of the resume and its analysis by employers.

According to Infogram, ** percent of employers are looking for a resume that demonstrates the candidate's skills of.

Depending ...

3.2 Communication tools between companies and candidates

The role of resume and interviewing is still very important in the recruitment market, but there are new communication tools that are increasingly being used in this world. This is justified by the quality of the resumes offered by candidates. In fact, recruiters are increasingly noticing less qualitative information:

**% of ...

3.3 The rate of trainings carried out by the company

An important source of attractiveness for companies is the rate of internal or external training offered by companies.

The data reported in this part are carried out with the use of the European EESC system, and the use of the Labor Market Observatory, so the analysis will be done with a ...

4 Supply analysis

4.1 The operation of recruitment agencies

The challenge for a recruitment agency, when providing services to a client, will be to respond as quickly as possible to the client's request in order to meet the negotiated deadline, but also to be able to assign its resources to other services. The recruitment process used by recruitment agencies generally ...

4.2 Post Covid trend: virtual recruitment

With the pandemic, virtual recruitment has increased worldwide and in Italy.

To understand the evolution of this increasingly established phenomenon, a study was conducted by Dynata on online recruitment during the **** pandemic. According to the report, ** percent of Italian companies are using virtual recruiting. In Europe and North America, more than ...

4.3 The prices charged

Companies use a recruiting agency or company when they feel they do not have time to be able to do the recruiting process themselves.

A recruitment agency charges high prices to secure and secure the best candidates and thus be able to offer the company contacting them the best deal.

Generally, ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Recruitment: third pillar of the NRP

The NRP is the National Recovery and Resilience Plan released in **** to invest the European funds invested following the Covid-** pandemic.

To put the entire NRP in place, massive recruitment has been underway for almost two years now. This is in response to the "PA Recruitment Decree" converted into law on ...

List of charts

  • Size of the global recruitment and human resources market
  • Key challenges for recruitment agencies
  • Recruitment agency priorities
  • Hiring percentages as a result of virtual recruitment
  • Most important factors for a financial sector employer
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Latest news

Temporary work: fratricidal war over permanent contracts - 02/08/2023
  • The Contrat à durée indéterminée aux fins d'employabilité (CDIE) was included in 2018 on an experimental basis in the Avenir professionnel law.
  • In April 2023, the Contrat Durée Indéterminée Intérimaire (CDII) recorded fewer than 51,000 full-time equivalents (FTEs), or 6.6% of temporary employment, compared with more than 55,000 in 2022.
  • At the end of May, 792,600 people were working as temps in France.
  • The temping market in France is worth 30 billion euros a year.
  • Adecco, Randstad and Manpower hold 12 billion euros of this market.
Adecco: Denis Machuel's plan to regain global leadership in temporary staffing - 21/12/2022
  • Regain global leadership lost to Randstad
  • Simplification of brands (from 60 to 25)
  • Structural savings plan of 150 million euros by 2024
  • Integration of Akka Technologies, an acquisition finalized in 2022 to strengthen Modis, the Swiss group's other engineering specialist.
Adecco launched a CV-free recruitment platform for young people at VivaTech. - 15/06/2022
  • The "Premier job par Adecco et Qapa" platform is based on a different logic: job offers are based on the choices of candidates, who select jobs according to their aptitudes and aspirations.
  • 25-30% of temporary vacancies remain unfilled.
  • The digital temping market has grown 8-fold in two years, and over 8 million candidates are already registered with Qapa.

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