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1.1 Definition and scope of study

The term "call centers" refers to those organizations that perform, as part of a company or independently, specialized interaction services through various channels such as telephone, fax, email and internet. Two categories of call centers can be distinguished: 

·      In-house: when the service is carried out by a department within the company 

·      Outsourcing: when the assistance work is carried out externally

The services provided are distinguished in their turn in:

·      Inbound, i.e. provided when the call is received, such as the "customer care" service

·      Outbound when the call center makes the calls to the outside world, such as telemarketing or promotional services

The global call center market is estimated to reach $496 billion by 2027 growing at a 5% CARG. 

The Italian market in recent years, especially thanks to the pandemic, has grown significantly estimating that this could be worth 3 billion euros by the year 2027. Today in Italy there are 2000 companies operating in the call center sector and 23.000 workers.

There are several trends that will drive this market in the future such as, for example, automation and the use of different management systems that are increasingly close to the concept of smart working and cloud. Digital transformation is reinforcing a type of communication that is everywhere, anytime and seamless.  Moreover, more and more call centers are no longer focusing on low prices, but on the customer experience, trying to make the service more and more specific and specialized from customer to customer. In addition, the trend is to have a closer integration between man and robot as we can already see with the automatic features of chatboxes and intelligent applications.






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The call centre market - France

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The call centre market - France

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