the dating site market


1.1 Definition and presentation

A dating site is an online site designed to allow people to meet new individuals, generally with the aim of establishing a personal connection or a romantic and non romantic relationship.

Today there are a number of variants of online dating websites, depending on the customs and traditions of the territory in which they develop. In fact, the functioning and purpose of dating sites varies enormously at a geographical level (e.g. USA vs. China). On the other hand the mechanism of meeting sites generally seems to remain constant, based on the necessity to register and create a profile, where to add personal and private information, which will often act as a medium for starting a meeting. Most services offer digital messaging, while others provide additional services such as webcasting, online chat, telephone chat (VOIP) and message boards.

The use of online dating or meeting services has grown exponentially in recent years worldwide, affecting also the Italian territory. The demographic and social changes that are impacting the nation (e.g. aging population, increasing number of singles) are partly responsible for the change in the habits of Italians and consequently reflected in the increased demand for dating sites.

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