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Summary and extracts

1 Market Overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

A condom, also known as a condom or condom, is a barrier device used during sexual intercourse to reduce the likelihood of pregnancy and the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV/AIDS. There are two main types of condoms: male and female. The male condom is a thin sheath, usually made of latex, polyurethane or polyisoprene, is very effective when used properly. The female condom is a larger sheath with a flexible ring on both ends; it works by creating a barrier between sperm and the uterus.

The size of the global condom market was $11.59 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.72% from 2024 to 2030. This represents an increase of 79.5% over the period.Increased awareness about condom use, measures to reduce the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and the availability of different types of products to meet consumer needs are factors that will drive market growth during the forecast period.

The condom market in Europe is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.45 percent from 2024 to 2029, and the size of the European market is expected to increase from $4.10 billion in 2024 to $6.74 in 2029. Marking a growth of 64.4%. Ss ranked second in the global market in 2023 surpassing North America and is growing promisingly due to increasing demand from the LGBT community.

The value of the Italian condom market shows ample room for growth in the future, especially because the population is still poorly educated in sex education.the market is highly concentrated, with Durex having the largest market share.

1.2 Global market analysis

The size of the global condom market was estimated at $**.** billion in **** and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (***), and the availability of different types of products to meet consumer needs are factors that will drive market growth during the forecast period.

Global condom market value World, ...

1.3 The European market

The condom market in Europe is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (***) of **.** percent from **** to ****, and the size of the European market is expected to increase from $*.** billion in **** to $*.** billion in ****. Marking a growth of **.*%.

European Condom Market Value Europe, ****-****, in US$ billion MarketDataForecast

Europe ...

1.4 The Italian market

The value of the Italian condom market shows a compound annual growth rate of **.** percent from **** to ****. In ****, the market was worth ***.* million euros, while in **** it is expected to reach *** million euros. This represents an increase of **.*% over seven years.

This estimate is derived from the value of the European ...

1.5 Imports and Exports

Between **** and ****, Italy's condom exports showed a seesaw trend, starting at $*.** million in ****, peaking at $*.** million in ****, and dropping to $*.** million in ****. This represents an overall increase of **.* percent. Imports remained relatively stable, starting at $**.* million in **** and ending at $**.* million in ****, marking an increase of **.* percent.

The coverage rate, which ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Overview of demand

From **** to ****, Italian per capita consumption of condoms in current euros increased by **.* percent. In ****, the average expenditure was *.** euros, rising to *.** euros in **** and reaching *.** euros in ****.

The analysis is an estimate based on the value of the Italian market divided by the national population.

Italian per capita consumption of ...

2.2 Demand drivers

The main drivers of demand for condoms are:

Public Health Campaigns: Awareness campaigns by governments and nongovernmental organizations (***) promote condom use as an effective method of prevention. FreeDistribution Programs: Free distribution initiatives in schools, clinics and disadvantaged communities increase access to condoms. New Materials and Design: Introduction of alternative materials such ...

2.3 Trends in demand for condoms

Online searches for condoms in Italy showed a decreasing trend between June **** and June ****. The index started at **.* in June ****, peaked at **.* in July ****, and then gradually declined. In June ****, the index dropped to **.*, representing an overall decrease of **.* percent.

The numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on ...

2.4 New Demand Trends

These trends reflect an evolving market driven by increased health awareness, technological innovations, and changes in consumer preferences.

Increasing Sexual Health Awareness

Sex Education: Sex education campaigns are increasing, leading to greater awareness of the importance of condom use to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (***) and unwanted pregnancies. Access to Condoms: Governments ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Market structure and dynamics

In ****, Durex held the majority of the Italian condom market with a **.**% share. Akuel and Control accounted for *.**% and *.**%, respectively. The other manufacturers, however, covered a significant portion of the market at **.**%, indicating considerable competition among the smaller brands. The 'analysis was done by taking the companies' turnovers and then comparing ...

3.2 Value Chain

*. Research and Development (***)

Product Innovation: Development of new materials (***). Clinical and Regulatory Testing: Conducting tests to ensure safety and efficacy, compliance with health and safety regulations.

*. Procurement of Raw Materials

Procurement of Latexor Alternative Materials: Procurement of natural latex or synthetic materials from certified suppliers. Additional Ingredients: Purchase of lubricants, ...

3.3 The main companies

The main players in the market are:

Durex: It is a historic and renowned brand in the condom industry, known for its long tradition and continuous innovation. Founded in ****, the company has built a solid reputation through meticulous attention to the quality and safety of its products. The name "Durex" is ...

3.4 Traffic analysis and online advertising of major players

Organic traffic refers to visitors who come to a website through non-paid search engine results. This type of traffic is obtained through good search engine optimization (***), which includes the use of relevant keywords, quality content, backlinks, and other factors that improve the site's ranking in search results. Organic traffic is often ...

4 Supply analysis

4.1 Type of products

In Italy there is a wide variety of condoms offered on the market. They differ especially in materials and characteristics, the main ones being:

the female condom

The female condom was launched around ****; female condom marketers focused their communication on the fact that this condom is not made of latex and ...

4.2 Market prices

From **** to ****, the consumer price index showed fluctuation. Starting from **.* in ****, the index remained relatively stable until ****, with a slight increase to ***.*. From ****, however, a significant decline began, falling from ***.* to **.* in **** and then to **.* in ****. Overall, the index decreased by *.* percent compared to ****.

Consumer price index of [***] pregnancy tests and ...

4.3 New supply trends

Overview of new trends in condom supply, based on recent market developments and innovations:

Non-Latex: A significant trend is the growing demand for condoms made from non-latex materials, such as polyurethane and polyisoprene. This change is mainly driven by the need to provide safe solutions for people allergic to latex. Biodegradable ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulation

Internationally, condoms, as medical devices, must comply with ISO standards. This framework includes standards that relate to the quality of materials, products, processes and services published by the International Organization for Standardization. The following is a non-exhaustive overview of what this framework specifically includes:

ISO **** provides all the requirements and tests ...

5.2 Free contraception in Italy

In Italy, free contraception would be provided for by law. In fact, although there is no specific legislation, references to it can be found in Law *** of **** establishing family counseling centers and in *** of ****, known as the "abortion law." After mentioning among the objectives of the counseling centers the administration of ...

6 Positioning of actors

6.1 Segmentation

  • Durex
  • Control
  • Akuel
  • Trojan
  • RFSU
  • Skyn
  • Pasante
  • Karex
  • Cupid Limited
  • Okamoto

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Brands of condoms sold in pharmacies
  • Market shares of major condom manufacturers
  • Condom Distribution Channels
  • Global condom market value
  • Condom market shares
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