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The condom market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

A condom is a product often made of latex, used as a means of contraception and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to the male version, which is by far the most widely used, there is a female version of the condom.

The global condom market is growing rapidly and is expected to continue to do so in the years to come. However, this dynamism needs to be put into perspective depending on the region. The Chinese market, for example, has strong growth potential compared to the more mature European and American markets.

In Italy, the average age of first sexual intercourse is 16.4 years. Of those who have had sex, 92.9 percent report using protection to avoid pregnancy, but a smaller percentage (74.5 percent) use protection to avoid infection and sexually transmitted diseases.

The condom is the most popular contraceptive method, accounting for more than 42 percent of the Italian contraceptive market, followed by the contraceptive pill.

1.2 Global market analysis

The global condom market has been valued at US$*.* billion in ****, and is expected to reach a value of US$**.** billion by ****. The market under consideration has seen strong growth in recent years, experiencing an average annual growth of about * percent from **** to ****, only to have a sharp ** percent inflexion at ...

1.3 The Italian condom market

In Italy, as in the rest of the world. The condom industry, during the past two years, has recorded declining numbers, but still far more positive than the overall performance of the market itself. In ****, there was a ** percent drop from the average recorded in the three-year period before the pandemic. ...

1.4 Import and Export Analysis

Since the condom market is too specific to have import and export data, we will look at data concerning latex or similar rubbers used as the raw material for making condoms. As the following graphs show, the value of imports is far higher than imports. Each year, on average, exports are ...

1.5 Impact of Covid-19, consumption during and post pandemic.

Before the COVID-** pandemic and thus the social distancing and closure of social venues, the condom market was growing. After the collapse, as seen above, the market is expected to recover but certainly not at the level of the previous three years; this is due, according to research by, ...


2.1 Overview of demand

Condom use in Italy still remains uncommon to the entire population, especially among young people under the age of **. According to a study conducted by together with Durex on a sample of **,*** young people, it was found that less than half (***) use condoms, a number that is clearly down ...

2.2 Demand drivers

Sex education

Sex education plays a critically important role during an individual's physical, psychological, and cultural development especially during the high school years. Including this subject within the educational plan increases the knowledge of boys and girls and creates clarity regarding issues related to sexuality and health, also having a very ...

2.3 Geographical distribution of access to contraception supply and information

Below we are going to analyze, according to the **** AIDOS report, the final values of the Atlas index, related to access to contraception. The results are expressed in percentages i.e., as the score obtained with respect to the maximum achievable average between the data of 'access to contraceptive supply and ...

2.4 New demand trends

Following the general trend toward more responsible consumption, the condom market is also adapting, offering vegan, gluten-free, and eco-friendly variants on the market. The brands marketing these products focus their communication on the fact that polyurethane condoms are made from petroleum derivatives and that casein, a protein of animal origin that ...


3.1 Market structure and dynamics

There are male and female condom brands: while Durex, Manix, Intimy, Protex, Nepenthes, and My.Size specialize in male condoms, Ormelle and Mifarma produce female condoms.

Specifically, the male condom is made of latex from the sap of the rubber tree, either polyurethane obtained from petroleum derivatives. The female condom is ...

3.2 Distribution Channels

The main distribution channels for condoms are:

First, condoms are distributed in all models of pharmacies in Italy It is also possible to find them in GDO stores. Then there are vending machines placed both outside pharmacies and elsewhere; Condoms are not immune to e-commerce and are also available on several ...

3.3 A highly concentrated market

In Italy, the market is mainly dominated by * players, Reckitt (***) with a **% market share and Control with a **% share[***].

Market Share Italy, ****, % Credit Suisse

Durex, thanks in part to innovative marketing campaigns, enjoys strong brand awarness.This market dominance is also found through the analysis of Google search trends. As shown ...

3.4 New supply trends

Green sex

Increasingly popular is the use of "vegan condoms." Vegan condoms refer to the category of condoms made of natural latex, without being tested on animals in any way, and biodegradable. unlike regular condoms, which contain traces of casein (***) and other animal by-products, these contain no chemicals, the latex is ...


4.1 Type of products

In Italy there is a wide variety of condoms offered on the market. These differ, mainly, in size, thickness, and consistency. The most popular are:[***]

the female condom

The female condom was launched around ****; female condom sellers focused their communication on the fact that this condom is not made of latex ...

4.2 Prices

This is a table of the best-selling condoms on Amazon in the UK.


5.1 Regulation

Internationally, condoms, as medical devices, must comply with ISO standards. This framework includes standards that relate to the quality of materials, products, processes and services published by the International Organization for Standardization. The following is a non-exhaustive overview of what this framework specifically includes:

ISO **** provides all the requirements and tests ...

5.2 Free contraception in Italy

In Italy, free contraception would be provided for by law. In fact, although there is no specific legislation, references to it can be found in Law *** of **** establishing family counseling centers and in *** of ****, known as the "abortion law." After mentioning among the objectives of the counseling centers the administration of ...


6.1 Segmentation

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The condom market - Italy

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