The condom market


1.1 Market definition

The condom is a means of mechanical contraception as well as a means of protection against sexually transmitted infections and HIV . It is available in male and female condoms. It is manufactured either in latex which is the sap of the rubber tree, or in polyurethane obtained from petroleum derivatives

Through the development and complexity of condom supply, the sector can also be related to a sub-segment of the condom market sexual pleasure and well-being as well as vibrating rings, sex-toys or lubricants.

The global condom market is in full growth and is expected to remain so in the coming years. But this dynamism is to be put into perspective according to the regions . The Chinese market, for example, has strong growth potential compared to the European and American markets.

The French market for sexual well-being is mature and highly concentrated since it is organised around three major players. Condoms are mainly distributed in pharmacies and in large and medium-sized stores They are also available in vending machines, online and free of charge in family planning or HIV centres and various associations. They are mainly addressed to a young and urban male customers . The use of female condoms is indeed rarer for women than for men, the latter favouring the use of the pill or intrauterine devices for their contraception.

The condom market is where the following take place numerous communication campaigns Both promoting a specific brand of product, but also on the initiative of public authorities and associations raising awareness among the population on the importance of "protecting" themselves during sexual relations

The sector's growth drivers are found in the making an offer more complex designed to stimulate the sexual experience, in addition to fulfilling its health and hygiene role. L' innovation plays a key role, as does the development of an ever-increasing supply upscale . For example, there are ribbed condoms, micro beaded, with heating effects, or giving the feeling of not being worn... etc.. A offers more responsible and sustainable products is also emerging, developed from non-polluting, biodegradable, fair trade or vegan products.

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