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1.1 Definition and scope of the study

The condom is a mechanical means of contraception as well as a means of protection against sexually transmitted infections. It offers products for men and women and is made of latex.

The global condom market is growing rapidly and is expected to continue to do so in the coming years. However, this momentum varies by region, with developing countries leading the growth in demand. Several factors are contributing to this trend: governments are increasing initiatives and investments in condom provision, advertising is becoming more effective through social networks, and product offerings are innovative.

The UK market is expected to grow as product innovation develops STDs in the UK are on the rise, so there is huge potential to fill this void with more personalized and pleasure-oriented products, according to the BBC. In addition, female condoms are expected to be the first to enter the market.

The main player in the UK market is Durex.

Trends in the industry include more complex product offerings designed to enhance the sexual experience, in addition to fulfilling its health and hygiene role Innovation plays a key role The company is also developing an ever more upmarket range of products. For example, there are ribbed condoms, micro-pearls, with heating effects, or giving the sensation of not being worn, etc. In addition, Forbes focuses on the s rise to prominence in the luxury condom market.

1.2 A growing contraceptive method worldwide

The condom is, on a global scale, a contraceptive technique that belongs to the short-term contraceptive methods. It is present on all continents, but although very easy to use, it is not in the majority.

Worldwide, *** million women of childbearing age use contraception, according to the UN. This sample is relevant ...

1.3 The European market

In Europe, **.*% of women aged **-** report using any method of contraception, i.e. **.* million women in this age group across the continent.

Contraceptive methods used by women aged ** to ** Europe, ****, % Source: ****

If **.*% of European women aged **-** use condoms, this means that approximately **.* million women on the European continent will ...

1.4 The UK market

Lastly, in the United Kingdom, attitudes towards contraception are slightly different from the European average.

Trends in the use of contraceptive methods United Kingdom, ****-****, % Source: ****

There has been a marked change in contraceptive behaviour in the United Kingdom, with the male condom becoming the second most widely used contraceptive method, ...

1.5 Imports and exports

For this section we use UN Comtrade to obtain the trade balances of Spain with the world for category ****** - "Rubber; vulcanized (***), contraceptive sheaths".

Trade balance in condoms United Kingdom, ****-****, $ millions Source: ****

This graph shows us a slowdown in domestic production as well as a slowdown in condom imports into ...

1.6 Containment, a temporary shutdown of the industry

Durex CEO, Mr. Narasimhan says the global pandemic has had a significant impact on the number of intimate occasions, according to an interview with Guardian. When the lockdown was declared, the British government asked couples not living together to make a final decision on whether to spend this time together or ...


2.1 Heterogeneous demand according to age

While we have seen that more and more women aged **-** are using condoms as a method of contraception between **** and ****, this dynamic can be qualified.

Indeed, there is a profound disaffection with condom use among younger people. In ****, **% of young British men who had had sex at least once in ...

2.2 Some stability in interest in online condoms

Here is the history of the evolution of searches for "condoms" in the UK over the last * years.

Evolution of Google searches on "condoms" United Kingdom, ****-****, base *** Source: ****

The graph above represents the proportion of searches for a given keyword in a given region and for a specific period, compared ...


3.1 Global production polarized by Asia

Worldwide, the most common male condom brands are Durex, Manix, Intimy, Protex, Nepenthes, My.Size specialize. For women, the best known brands are Ormelle and Mifarma.

The male condom is made either of latex from the sap of the rubber tree or of polyurethane obtained from petroleum derivatives. The female condom, ...

3.2 Rather varied distribution channels

In the UK, there are * main distribution channels for condoms:

Large and medium-sized stores Pharmacies Internet (***) Vending machines Condoms distributed free of charge by various institutions/authorities (***)

While data specific to condom sales are not readily available, the market for condoms in this case can be extended to include personal care ...

3.3 A UK market largely dominated by Durex

In the UK market, one major player is crushing the others, taking over **% of sales.

Sales of the main condom brands United Kingdom, ****, EUR millions Source: ****

There is therefore a quasi-monopoly situation in the United Kingdom exercised by Durex.

Evolution of the turnover of the main condom brands United Kingdom, ****-****, ...

3.4 Growth captured by small players

The future growth prospects for the smaller players seem to be quite good compared to the large groups.

Growth of small players in the condom market United Kingdom, ****, % Source: ****

While Woowoo's growth looks exceptional compared to ****, this number needs to be qualified because the starting point for sales volumes in **** was ...


4.1 A major innovation for even more comfort?

In general, Britons who are reluctant to use condoms are reluctant for reasons of comfort: they don't know how to use them or don't feel pleasure when using them.

In an attempt to overcome the barriers to their use, researchers have been looking at ways to improve the condom through innovative ...

4.2 Price analysis

Here is a summary table of the top-selling condoms on Amazon in the UK.

Two major findings can be seen in this table: Durex is the undisputed leader on the British market, with * of the ** best-selling products, including the top *. We also observe that the price per unit decreases proportionally to ...


5.1 Regulation of medical devices in the UK

In the UK, condoms are considered medical devices.

If you are a UK-based manufacturer and intend to supply medical devices to the UK, you should be aware of the following regulations:

The Medical Devices Regulations **** (***) The General Product Safety Regulations **** (***).

These regulations are safety regulations under the Consumer Protection Act **** and ...


6.1 Segmentation

Here is an overview of the major players in the UK condom market.

  • Reckitt Bencksider (Durex)
  • Amazon UK
  • Tesco
  • Boots
  • Sainsbury

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