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In 2020, the Italian cosmetics market continues to thrive with steady annual growth, attributed to the favorable perception of Italian-made products. Cosmetics are broadly classified as beauty and skincare products, with offerings expanding to include unisex lines, bridging the traditional gender gap. Remarkably, the men's cosmetics segment has emerged as a robust market force, benefiting from a cultural shift towards greater awareness of male grooming. In addition, consumers are increasingly inclined to prefer organic products, due to greater environmental and health awareness, which should have a notable influence on the men's beauty sector.

Italian cosmetics market: trends and dynamics

Looking at the landscape of the Italian cosmetics market, we can see a robust performance, with both production and exports showing rising annual growth. This positive trend is fueled by the prestige of Italian-made products, which are well perceived both nationally and internationally. While there has traditionally been a clear demarcation between products for women and those for men, recent changes indicate a blurring of these lines with the emergence of unisex product lines. Men's cosmetics, in particular, stand out as a booming segment, experiencing notable growth in the market. This development is attributed to the increased importance men attach to face and body care. In addition, growing environmental and health concerns are expected to influence the men's beauty sector, particularly in the organic niche. Although exact figures are not provided, it can be deduced that segments focused on environmentally-friendly and health-conscious products could see their consumer base grow by several tens of millions. This trend reflects a broader, global move towards sustainable, ethical consumerism within the beauty industry. In short, the Italian cosmetics market is characterized by growth and change, with traditional gender-specific products evolving to meet the needs of modern, more health- and environmentally-conscious consumers. With strong production and export figures rising steadily every year, the industry makes a significant contribution to the Italian economy, attracting both domestic and international markets :

Revealing the Titans of Tenderness: The great brands of the Italian cosmetics landscape

In the flourishing world of Italian cosmetics, where beauty and care converge, certain market players have established themselves as veritable sculptors of human vanity. They have established themselves as the revered guardians of finesse, offering people a range of products to cleanse, rejuvenate and beautify. These titans of tenderness are both local heroes and international giants who have found fertile ground in Italy's beauty-loving soil.

  • at the helm is Milan-based wonder KIKO Milano, whose vibrant presence has transformed the Italian beauty scene into a canvas of infinite possibilities. KIKO has reimagined make-up as affordable luxury, capturing the hearts of young and old alike with its vivid pigments and innovative products.
  • When it comes to luxury, Bulgari's historic opulence cannot be ignored. Although primarily known for its exquisite jewelry, Bulgari has ventured into fragrances with a sophistication that rivals the allure of its precious stones. Its fragrances are synonymous with elegance, and float through the air like a breeze in the corridors of a Roman palace.
  • In skincare, the venerable house of Acqua di Parma shines like a carefully tended Italian garden. Its skincare and fragrance offerings evoke a timeless grace, embodying the quintessence of Italian craftsmanship and the serenity of coastal landscapes.
  • In personal care, family giant Barilla - whose presence in the cosmetics sector may surprise some - has leveraged its market position to promote personal care products as an extension of a healthy lifestyle. Although pasta and sauces are its claim to fame, Barilla resonates in Italian homes thanks to its commitment to wellness beyond the dining table.
  • At the same time, the story of transformation and empowerment is earnestly written by ethical and organic advocate L'ERBOLARIO. Rooted in an appreciation of nature's gifts, L'ERBOLARIO offers a botanical alcove for those seeking sanctuary from the harsh synthetic highways of the modern world.
  • Finally, the essence of masculinity has been redefined by PRORASO. This supplier of men's toiletries, from shaving creams to aftershaves, has delicately carved out a niche where tradition meets innovation. PRORASO serves the modern man who sees the ritual of grooming as a testament to his own personality.
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1 Market summary

1.1 Definition and presentation

A cosmetic includes any substance used to clean, moisturize or alter a person's skin, hair, nails or teeth.

Cosmetics can be divided into two macro-categories:

- Beauty products: e.g. makeup, perfume, skin cream.

- Care products: e.g. shampoo, soap, deodorant.

In addition, most products can be distinguished according to the end user, classifying cosmetics into feminine and masculine. The distinction that appears clearer and more outlined for some specific products (e.g. shaving razors) is gradually fading in favor of new unisex product lines.

In Italy, the cosmetics market has shown an incredible performance in recent years, thanks to the positive perception of the country of origin. In fact, both production and export have recorded an annual percentage increase since 2009. As far as men's cosmetics are concerned, the sector has recently been experiencing remarkable performances - positioning itself as a leading segment of the market - stimulated by the growing attention paid to facial and body care, which also comes from the men's population. Moreover, the progressive increase in interest in the environment and health is expected to have an impact on male beauty in the organic channel.

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  • Commercial performance of cosmetics
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Latest news

Chanel investe ancora in Italia: nuova giunteria per Gensi Group - 29/02/2024

1. **Investimento Chanel nel Calzaturificio Gensi Group**: - Inaugurazione di un nuovo reparto di giunteria di 3.000 metri quadrati nel sito produttivo di Mosciano Sant'Angelo (Teramo). - Attivazione di 4 nuove linee di produzione da 70 metri ciascuna. - Attualmente, 6 linee di produzione sono in funzione, con un piano di raddoppio nei prossimi 3 anni attraverso l'inserimento di nuove risorse professionali. 2. **Iniziative Aziendali per la Sostenibilità**: - Formazione di 3 gruppi di lavoro dedicati alla sostenibilità ambientale dell'azienda un anno fa. - Riduzione dei consumi energetici e degli scarti di lavorazione. - Avanzamenti nel riciclo e riuso. - Avvio dell'istituto interno di formazione "M'Astri Nascenti" in collaborazione con Arsutoria School, con 60 persone formate fino ad oggi. 3. **Forza Lavoro e Piani di Assunzione**: - Attualmente, l'azienda ha oltre 660 collaboratori, dei quali oltre 120 sono orlatrici. - Sono previste nuove assunzioni per aumentare ulteriormente la forza lavoro. 4. **Produzione Chanel e Supply Chain Italiana**: - Le calzature Chanel sono progettate in Francia ma prodotte in Italia. - Aziende italiane controllate da Chanel implicate nella produzione: Roveda di Parabiago (acquisita nel 1999), Gensi di Giulianova (acquisita nel 2015), e Ballin Shoes (acquisita nel 2020).

Chanel creates "La Parcelle", a new green and artistic space - 14/09/2023
  • Le 19M, the space dedicated to Chanel's métiers d'arts, was inaugurated in 2021.
  • Le 19M brings together 600 craftsmen and experts in eleven Maisons d'arts.
Beiersdorf démarre la production de son usine de cosmétiques à Leipzig - 04/05/2023
Beiersdorf (Nivea) clôture un exercice 2022 en hausse de 10,2 % - 01/03/2023
Chanel prepared for market changes - 24/05/2022
  • The group offers collections for men and women
  • Sales of 14.6 billion euros in 2021
  • The group owns networks of Chanel stores, boutiques and distributors
  • Chanel's strategy is to harmonize prices and reaffirm that it will not sell its fashion and watch and jewelry creations online
  • The group has invested $758 million in transforming its distribution network
  • According to analysts, the label created by Coco Chanel is the only one in the sector to rival the power of LVMH Louis Vuitton and its revenues of some 17 billion euros

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Marc Jacobs
Giorgio Armani
LVMH Parfums et Cosmétiques (Parfum Christian Dior)
ALTR London

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