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The cosmetics market - Italy

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1.1 Definition and presentation

A cosmetic includes any substance used to clean, moisturize or alter a person's skin, hair, nails or teeth.

Cosmetics can be distinguished into two categories:

  • Beauty products: e.g. makeup, perfume, skin cream.
  • Care products: e.g. shampoo, soap, deodorant.

In Italy, the cosmetics market has shown incredible performance in recent years, thanks to the positive perception of the country of origin. In fact, both production and exports have shown an annual percentage increase since 2009. The market, however, is highly competitive and concentrated in the hands of a few cosmetics giants, who have to continuously innovate their offerings to keep up with the changing needs of consumers and not lose market share to an increasing number of smaller players trying to conquer a certain niche.

In fact, following the growing interest in issues such as sustainability and the environment, or the increased focus on product provenance and ingredient origin, or even the higher consideration given to personal care, both existing businesses and new entrants need to quickly change their positioning accordingly.

1.2 The global cosmetics market

The global cosmetics market is doing well with impressive annual growth rates: *.* percent in ****, *.* percent in ****, and *.** percent in ****.

The **** turnover of the cosmetics market is USD *** billion, and the growth forecast is very important. What's more, between **** and **** (***) the overall market turnover was not much impacted, this then shows that ...

1.3 The European market, a world leader

In ****, the European cosmetics market is estimated at **.* billion euros, it is the largest market in the world. [***]

The European market accounts for about ** percent of the global cosmetics market, which is thus valued at more than *** billion euros. [***]

European cosmetics market shares Europe, ****, in % Source: ****

The chart below shows the ...

1.4 The domestic cosmetics market

The cosmetics industry in Italy has suffered very heavily from the Covid-** crisis. In fact, between **** and ****, the turnover of manufacturing companies in Italy contracted by -*.*%.

Cosmetics market turnover Italy, ****-****, in billion euros Source: ****

In ****, however, it recovered to a value of just under * billion euros, which is still ...

1.5 Trade in cosmetics

Exports account for **% of the turnover of the cosmetics market in Italy, so if we add the turnover of domestic production with the turnover of exports we arrive at a total value of the cosmetics market in Italy of **.* billion euros in ****.

Over the past decade, the trend of cosmetics trade ...

1.6 The impact of COVID-19 on the cosmetics market

Perfumes and color cosmetics have seen a sharp decline in ****, but overall demand for beauty products remains strong, with consumers turning instead to the skin care categories in **** (***), all of which are less disrupted by the new Covid-** routines and lend themselves well to online discovery and purchase. Covid-** has transformed ...


2.1 The consumption of cosmetics in Italy

The year **** was very bad for the cosmetics market, the pandemic crisis drastically reduced their consumption, and the year ended with a negative trend. Purchases on the domestic market dropped by -*.*% for a total value of *.** million euros, a smaller drop in consumption than in other sectors of Italian manufacturing. ...

2.2 The difference between male and female demand

Consumption of products in the cosmetics market differs between men and women. In detail, the composition of consumption is broken down in the following graphs:

Composition of male cosmetics consumption Italy, ****, % Source: ****

Men's cosmetics account for **% of the total cosmetics market in Italy.

Composition of female cosmetics consumption Italy, ****, % Source: ****

Women's ...

2.3 Men's cosmetics: a trend trying to establish itself

The men's beauty sector is worth a quarter of cosmetic spending in Italy, worth *.* billion euros in ****, and is one of the categories that will grow the most between now and ****. This value is promising for the market, but still limited. Nevertheless, Businesscoot offers market research on men's cosmetics.

According to ...

2.4 Organic cosmetics: an increasingly important demand

A **** economic survey published by Cosmetica Italia is interested in the evolution of the cosmetics industry in Italy and all sectors related to this market. From the research, the following results directly affect the organic segment.

Most requested keywords for the sector Italy, ****, in % Source: ****

The graph above shows the industry's ...


3.1 The structure of the Italian market

As in Subpart *.*, the code to which the data refer is the ATECO code **.** for the sector "manufacture of toiletries: perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and the like." The following graphs show the trends in the number of enterprises in the sector and the number of people employed in the sector. Both experience ...

3.2 The most productive market segments

Cosmetics in Italy are distributed following the breakdown below:

Breakdown of cosmetics distribution channels Italy, ****, in % Source: ****

Large-scale retail trade (***) dominates product distribution, with a value of *.** billion euros as turnover generated in **** for all cosmetics sales made.

Breakdown of sales by destination channel Italy, ****, in % Source: ****

The graph above provides ...

3.3 Industrial production of cosmetics in Italy

The previous two parts of the market structure highlight the number of companies and employees in the industry in Italy, and the distribution channels that report more revenue to companies. In this part we will be interested in the industrial production of cosmetics in Italy, the latter belonging to Ateco Code ...


4.1 Price trends for production and consumption

Regarding the price of cosmetic products in Italy more generally, the consumer price of beauty products has been rising slightly for several years according to Istat data.

Producer price index for perfumes and cosmetics Italy, ****-****, Base ****=*** Source: ****

The graph presented above shows the producer prices of perfumes and cosmetics in ...

4.2 Types of products in the market

Cosmetics are a broad category of different products sold in the market. The latter can be:

4.3 New product launches

The Covid-** crisis of **** severely slowed down innovation in the industry: in fact, in **** there were ***,*** new products marketed, while in **** ***,***, a decline of -*.*%. However, **** was a very promising year, and although there is no official data yet on the number of new launches, a **** report shows some product categories ...


5.1 EU cosmetics regulation: updates 2022

Regulation ****/**** was updated on March *, ****, and has new bans that cosmetic retailers must comply with when offering their products for sale.

These are zinc pyrithione and butylphenyl mathylproponial. In fact, these two substances have recently been classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic. As of March ****, cosmetics companies are no longer allowed ...


6.1 Segmentation of actors

  • L'Oréal
  • ALTR London
  • KIKO S.P.A.
  • Sephora
  • Estée Lauder
  • Alkos Cosmétiques Groupe

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