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the cosmetics market

Update 16/10/2019


1.1 Presentation and definition of the cosmetics manufacturing market

In France, cosmetic products are defined by article L. 5131-1 of the Public Health Code as "any product intended to be brought into contact with superficial parts of the human body, for the purpose of cleaning, perfuming, modifying the appearance, protecting, maintaining or correcting body odours » . This category therefore includes in particular healthcare products (moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams, body moisturizers, etc.) and make-up products (foundations, powders, varnishes, mascaras, etc.).

The cosmetic processing refers to the activity of companies that subcontract on behalf of other groups, or who produce cosmetics for their own account

The shaping activity includes in particular the formulation of the product, the different stages of its development production as well as the packaging of the finished product.

Manufacturers must be very reactive to convince the major brands. The latter are increasingly opting for the "factoryless" one working exclusively with cosmetic subcontractors (cosmetic manufacturers)

As a result, many manufacturers now offer organic products in order to meet a very strong demand in recent years.


Europe is the world's leading producer of cosmetics. A market driven by countries with very dynamic growth rates such as India. France is a leading market in Europe and has a trade surplus

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