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French market for men's shavers worth around €300 million

The global market for men's shavers has been growing steadily, with a forecast annual growth rate of 7% between 2024 and 2033. In 2023, the market is valued at $26.83 billion.

Europe currently dominates the market with a 26.2% share, but Asian markets, particularly India and China, are developing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 11% to 2031.

The market comprises three segments: clippers, electric shavers and wet shavers.

Procter & Gamble, which owns brands such as Gillette, Venus and Braun, dominates over 60% of the global market.

Companies such as Nivea and Bulldog Skincare for Men focus on sustainability and skin well-being, while Gillette invests heavily in research and development, as demonstrated by its heated razor.

The market is adapting to trends in durability and practicality, as evidenced by Bic's launch of the EasyRinse shaver, designed for easy cleaning and refilling in the USA, and plans for a similar product in France.

changing trends in the French shaving market

Recent trends indicate that more than half of French men have abandoned the usual daily shave. This transformation trend is not confined to the young; men over 45 are also increasingly opting for the bearded look.

Market dynamics reveal a dichotomy between the frequent shaving routine of older men and the irregular shaving habits of the younger population.

Shaving is increasingly seen as part of a wider grooming routine, with the adoption of products such as préras, aftershaves and beard oils.

The advances made by beard culture have opened up opportunities to penetrate the broader skin and facial care markets for men. This has led to strong growth in sub-segments such as shaving preparations, valued at around 80-85 million euros, with an increase of around 35% in four years. What was once considered a simple necessity has become a pleasurable personal care ritual.

The French market is dominated by mechanical shavers and blades, a segment that has seen sales fall from 340 to 310 million euros in 5 years.

The emergence of pure players specializing in subscription sales is noteworthy.

Men's shaving habits are influenced by friends, family and stylists rather than celebrities or influencers, with social media platforms such as Instagram playing a minor role.

The influence of environmental awareness and the demand for sustainable products is palpable. Well-known companies have launched products containing organic components and razor handles made from sustainable materials. For example, major brands such as Nivea and Bulldog Skincare for Men have turned to more natural solutions.

Key players

  • Gillette: the standard-bearer of shaving dominance
  • Wilkinson Sword: a major competitor
  • Philips: World leader in personal care electronics
  • Bic: leader in disposable razors.t.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

The men's razor market is a sub-segment of the men's hygiene and beauty market. The razor is the device used by men primarily to shave facial hair.the straight razor, with its large, fully exposed blade used by hairdressers or enthusiastic amateurs, can be contrasted with the safety razor, where only a portion of the blade is exposed.

The disposable-blade razor was patented by Gillette in 1904, the first electric razor dates back to 1928 (invented by Jacob Schick), and Gillette developed the first disposable "razor-blade" in 1974. Today's razors generally have one to 5 blades.

The (safety) razor market comprises several segments:

  • clippers
  • electric shavers
  • mechanical shavers (refillable shavers/systems, associated blades and disposable shavers)

The markets for shaving preparation products (gel/foam/shaving cream) andaftershave products (lotions/baumes/gel), linked to the razor market, will be discussed.

The global razor market is growing, with an average annual growth rate of 7% from 2024 to 2033. Europe dominates the global market, while the Latin American market is the most dynamic, posting strong growth.

The domestic market, on the other hand, is losing steam, with sales down 16% in seven years. While the French market is dominated by mechanical shavers, this segment is in sharp decline. The beard trend and the emergence of pure players specializing in distance-selling and the development of subscription offers have turned the market upside down. However, shavers are still mainly distributed in supermarkets and hypermarkets in France.

1.2 A growing global market

The global shaver market is in rather good shape, estimated in **** at $**.** billion, and expected to record a CAGR (***) of *% over the period ****-****.

evolution of global shaver market size World, ****-****, in billions of dollars Source: ****

Generally speaking, end-users are more likely to be male, which can help market players ...

1.3 The national market for men's shavers

The men's shaving market has seen a substantial **% drop in sales over the past seven years, from ***.* million euros to ***.* million euros by ****.

This decline, which has been accentuated by theimpact of the health crisis in France on spending and needs for beauty products, is above all linked to the new ...

1.4 The national market for before- and after-shave products

The shaving preparation and aftershave markets are directly linked to the razor market. Between **** and ****, sales of the shaving preparation market fell from **.** million to ** million, representing an overall decline of **.**% over four years.

Market for shaving preparation products France, ****-****, in millions of euros Source: ****

Between **** and ****, sales of theaftershave ...

1.5 Trade balance analysis

From **** to ****, French imports of razors and razor blades fell from $**.* million to $**.* million, while exports fell slightly from $*** million to $***.* million.

The coverage rate varied, peaking at **.*% in **** before falling to **.*% in ****. This suggests that French exports cover a smaller share of imports in **** than they did in ****, reflecting a ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 General characteristics of the request

In the world of men's shaving, in ****, manual shavers with refillable blades dominated the market (***), denoting a preference for both traditional and technological options. Disposable trimmers and manual razors followed, with **% and **% respectively, indicating significant use for specific needs or convenience.

Which shaving tool do you use most? France, ****, in Source: ...

2.2 A decline in shaving in favor of beards

By ****, the general trend was for a decline in shaving frequency among men, partly due to the pandemic and, with a notable drop in sales and unit sales for traditional shaving products (***). In fact, **% of men said they shaved less frequently during confinement. [***]

Kantar data also reveal a decline ...

2.3 Consumer influencers

In ****, most people seek advice and inspiration from friends, professional stylists and the articles they read. Interestingly, celebrities, sports stars and influencers no longer seem to be a source of inspiration for the French. [***]

Factors influencing shaving and hair removal habits in France France, ****, in Source : Gillette Regardless of age, the ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Business models and popular brands for manual shaving

The big, older shaving brands are increasingly facing competition from smaller players, as mentioned above. There are strong opportunities for brands to use direct and digital interactions to get to know their consumers better, and to use them to guide marketing and launch activities .

However, traditional players such as Wilkinson Sword, ...

3.2 The electric shaver business model and popular brands

We can observe similar trends but different brands among electric shavers. Here, the Philipps brand dominates, with Braun in second place. The business model is similar, with sales also focused on complementary parts such as shaver heads and cartridge refills.

3.3 An innovative market that tries to adapt to new market trends

Here again, we can distinguish between manufacturers of mechanical shavers and electric shavers, around whom the organization and dynamics of the market are structured.

The organization of the mechanical shaver industry is fairly straightforward:

Suppliers of raw materials such as steel and plastic for handles Manufacturers (***) as major players, with their ...

3.4 A new business model driven by new players

Even though giants such as Wilkinson, Gilette, Braun and Bic monopolize the men's razor market, new trends are shaking up this order with ideas that are attracting large numbers of customers. One of these trends is online sales, which have quickly become an obstacle to the major players in the market, ...

3.5 Interview with Alexis de Guitaut, director of the Rasage Classique website

Cantiane:Hello and welcome to Vue d'Ensemble, the podcast that gives you a **-minute insight into the challenges facing a market. My name is Cantiane, and I'm an analyst at Businesscoot, a start-up specializing in market research. Today, we're going to talk about the shaving market, and to do so, I'm ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Razor types

The cabbage cutter

Cabbage cutters, also known as straight razors, are designed for those who appreciate a traditional shave. It is very precise and requires a little training to sharpen it and use it safely. The advantage of the straight razor is its long service life, which can make it extremely ...

4.2 A more qualitative experience

Better-quality blades are a direct result of the gigantic R&D budgets of the major razor companies. Products last longer (***) by offering standard products with less frequent blade quality improvements, thus lowering the average price of its razors. Nevertheless, blades are improving overall.Manufacturers are also trying to personalize their offer ...

4.3 New products, symbols of consumer trends

Introduced in section *.*, these new products respond to consumer demand, whether for a better customer experience, a more eco-responsible, more functional, more practical or more affordable product. (***)   Bamboo: Wilkinson breaks new ground in disposables with a razor featuring an ultra-thin bamboo handle shaped to use as little material as possible. It ...

4.4 Pre- and aftershave products

Shaving preparation products

*. Spray Shaving Gels

Spray shaving gels are appreciated for their ease of application and effectiveness. They are generally composed of moisturizing and protective agents that form a slippery layer on the skin, allowing the razor to move effortlessly while reducing the risk of cuts and irritation.

Reference ...

4.5 Focus on online prices for France's favorite products

Amazon databases allow you to find best-sellers by product category and price. We have listed the prices of products in the "manual shaving" and "electric shavers" categories:

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulations

Compliance with safety standards: Shaving products, including electric and manual shavers, must comply with strict safety standards to avoid the risk of injury. In France, this generally means compliance with European standards (***), which define safety requirements for electrical appliances and shaving accessories.

Regulations on chemical substances: Related shaving products, such as ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Positioning the players

The segmentation of companies in the shaver sector is extremely simple: companies are mainly manufacturers of shavers, whether electric or mechanical.

There are very few companies in this market, which is virtually duopolistic for all types of shaver. What's more, brands are often grouped together as subsidiaries of other, larger groups. ...

  • Procter & Gamble
  • BIC Groupe
  • Gillette (Procter & Gamble)
  • Braun (Procter & Gamble)
  • Edgewell Personnal Care Group - Wilkinson
  • Gentleman Barbier
  • Caliquo
  • Art du Barbier
  • Thiers-Issard
  • Planète Rasoir
  • Mühle
  • Plisson 1808
  • Monsieur Barbier
  • Edwin Jagger
  • Big Moustache
  • Rasage Classique

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Trends in the size of the global shaver market
  • Factors influencing shaving and waxing habits in France
  • Number of men using razors in France, by type
  • The most popular beard lengths in France
  • Which shaving tool do you use most?
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Latest news

Homme Invest aims to establish itself in the men's cosmetics sector - 13/03/2024
  • Growth in the men's cosmetics market is expected to exceed 8% per year over the next few years.
  • The men's cosmetics market is expected to pass the $100 billion mark worldwide by 2031.
  • Shaving products account for over 40% of this market.
  • The "Homme Invest" company offers over 5,000 product references on its "Rasage Classique" online sales site.
  • The site features over 200 brands dedicated to men's grooming.
  • The company has developed a B-to-B activity with "l'Ambassade du Barbier", and boasts over 500 customers in this sector in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • The company generated total sales of 2 million euros.
Bic makes progress with its new shavers - 20/02/2024
  • In 2023, Bic's sales rose by 9.2% at constant exchange rates and by 1.3% as reported, reaching 2.26 billion euros.
  • Despite lower volumes in stationery and lighters, the number of units purchased in the shaving segment increased. 9.5% of Bic sales came from products launched in the last three years.
  • The EZ Reach lighter exceeded the 100 million euro sales threshold and gained 10.7% of the segment by value in European supermarkets in one year.
  • Sales of the lighter rose by 3.3% at constant exchange rates.
  • In France, Bic gained 1.4 points of market share in value in stationery.
Bic recaptures the flame - 16/10/2023
  • The non-permanent tattoo market is expected to triple over the next seven years to 1.5 billion euros.
  • Inkbox sales are in the region of $22 million.
  • Today, tobacco accounts for only half of the global market for firelighters, compared with 60-70% a decade ago.
  • In the United States, tobacco accounts for 28% of the flame market.
  • In Brazil, cooking far outstrips tobacco, with 50% of the flame market, compared with 8% for tobacco.
  • Bic's largest lighter factory produces 3 million units a day, or 50% of the division's worldwide production.
  • Bic has a broader vision for shaving, which generated over 15 million euros in sales in its first year.
  • By 2022, Bic has revised its sales forecasts three times, ending the year up 13.8% at constant exchange rates, to 2.23 billion euros.
Bic reports solid first-half results for 2023 - 31/07/2023
  • Group sales for the first six months of the year: over 1.1 billion euros
  • Stationery sales: 460 million euros (+4.7%)
  • Shaver division sales: 268 million euros (+11.9%)
  • Lighter sales: 434 million euros (-0.9%)
  • Total U.S. lighter market down: 5.6% in volume and 1.4% in value
  • Lighter-related sales growth in Europe: nearly 7.5
  • Share of Group revenues generated by e-commerce: 11.8% (vs. 11.3% in first-half 2022).
Bic back on track - 13/03/2023
  • More than 100 billion Bic tips manufactured since the company's inception
  • Gonzalve, who took the helm of the company in 2018, intends to return it to growth
  • Bic has set up a 230-strong consumer expert division
  • His boss is betting on semi-permanent tattooing with Inkbox, a technique using natural dyes whose designs disappear as the skin's cells renew
Bic benefits from the iron health of its pens - 16/02/2023
  • Bic continued to build on the momentum of 2021, which marked the first fruits of "Horizon", its transformation plan
  • Sales up 13.8% to 2.23 billion euros
  • The Group's strategy to clean up the number of references in its portfolio

Companies quoted in this study

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Procter & Gamble
BIC Groupe
Gillette (Procter & Gamble)
Braun (Procter & Gamble)
Edgewell Personnal Care Group - Wilkinson
Gentleman Barbier
Art du Barbier
Planète Rasoir
Plisson 1808

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