The Shampoo Market


1.1 Definitions and scope of study

Shampoo is a hair care product, usually in the form of a viscous liquid, used for hair cleaning. Most of the time, these products are prepared by combining a surfactant -surfactant for washing and emulsifying liquids with water - with a co- surfactant which reinforces the action of the main surfactant.

Special shampoos are also available for people with dandruff , having coloured hair , having a certain type of hair or even allergic to gluten or wheat or focused on the use of natural products.

The global shampoo market is booming due to the increasing prevalence of hair disorders such as dandruff, hair loss, oily hair, dry hair, itching and many others

Increasing urbanization, increasing per capita income , lifestyle change and pollution are the main market drivers

We will focus here on the market with the following product families:

  • Antidandruff;
  • Cosmetics ;
  • Dry shampoo;
  • Herbal based;
  • Antibacterial.

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What is in this market study?

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  • How do companies in the market differ from each other?
  • Access company mapping and profiles.
  • Data from several dozen databases

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