Since 2020, the home hairdressing market has grown significantly. However, the home hairdressing sector grew at an estimated annual rate of 8.5% between 2010 and 2020, with 25,490 home hairdressing activities declared in 2020. This expansion is partly due to the health crisis, which seems to have had less of an adverse impact on home hairdressing than on traditional salons, as evidenced by platforms such as Wecasa, which saw growth peaks of 700% in 2020.

The market has also seen a trend towards digitization, with increased reliance on the internet and mobile apps for customer engagement and service delivery in the home hairdressing segment. Despite the pandemic, hair salons reported the need to increase rates by 2 to 5 euros per customer to maintain profitability. Notably, home hairdressing networks such as Viadom Coiffure and Wecasa have achieved significant sales, with 52 million euros and 25 million euros respectively in 2021, demonstrating the viability and potential of the segment within the hairdressing industry.

Trends and dynamics in the home hairdressing market

The home hairdressing market in France is a dynamic sector that has experienced significant growth compared to the overall hairdressing sector. While the overall hairdressing market has shown only marginal growth of around 0.5%, the home hairdressing market has seen a notable increase of around 21% over the same period, with momentum continuing into 2020 with an increase of around 9% in 2020. Customer trends provide interesting data on market dynamics. A notable percentage of the population, around 16%, visit the hairdresser every month, while a third do so every two months, indicating varied preferences in terms of styling frequency.

The main factors influencing customer choice in selecting a hairdresser are the price of services and proximity, both of which favor home service providers who have lower overheads and deliver services directly to customers. In addition, the customer loyalty quotient plays a crucial role in market sustainability. Loyal customers not only contribute to revenue consistency, but also act as brand ambassadors through powerful word-of-mouth marketing. Interestingly, loyalty seems to increase with age; however, loyalty to a specific hairdresser appears to be just as important as loyalty to a salon brand, underscoring the personalized service factor in customer loyalty.

On the supply side, the home hairdressing market is showing structural growth, with a significant number of new entrants. Over the same period, this segment doubled and then tripled its business, indicating strong demand for home services. In terms of services offered, home hairdressers manage to provide a range of services close to those available in traditional salons, despite equipment limitations.

The internet has become an essential platform for independent home hairdressers, who can attract customers through websites or a social media presence, which is increasingly more important than a physical location in the digital age. In terms of pricing, home hairdressers tend to offer services at competitive rates compared to salons. For example, haircuts for men and women cost between 15 and 20 euros and 35 and 45 euros respectively. However, there are wide variations, with prices significantly higher in Paris than in other regions. This disparity suggests that location is a determining factor in pricing strategies. Regulatory frameworks play an essential role.

The home hairdressing landscape

A wide variety of players responding to changing consumer needs and preferences. This landscape is characterized by a mix of established networks, innovative platforms and independent professionals who collectively shape the home hairdressing experience.

  • Viadom Coiffure: A household name in home hairdressing.Viadom Coiffure is a leading figure in the medium segment of home hairdressing networks. With years of experience, Viadom has earned a reputation for providing practical, reliable services to customers who prefer the comfort of their own home for their hairdressing needs. Viadom's success is based on an extensive network of qualified hairdressers and a business model that emphasizes customer satisfaction and accessibility.
  • Wecasa: technology at the service of customers and hairdressers. Wecasa is at the forefront of the digital revolution in home hairdressing. The platform acts as an intermediary between customers and hairdressing professionals, simplifying the booking process with a user-friendly application. Wecasa's growth coincides with the growing trend towards the gig economy and the demand for immediate, on-demand services. Wecasa's business model appeals to the technophile generation looking for quick and easy solutions to their hairdressing needs.
  • The Reporthair: The high-end touch. The Reporthair takes home hairdressing to the next level by targeting the luxury market segment. This network prides itself on offering not only hairdressing services, but also a complete beauty experience to discerning customers. Focusing on major cities such as Paris and Lyon, The Reporthair is positioned to serve those who are willing to pay a premium for the exclusivity and personalized attention that comes with high-end home hairdressing.
  • Independent home hairdressers: Local charm and personalized service. In the midst of networks and platforms, independent home hairdressers maintain a vital presence in the market. These independent professionals often rely on their entrepreneurial skills, personal reputation and recommendations to build a loyal clientele. They embody the spirit of individualism and offer a personalized touch often appreciated by customers looking for more than just a hairdressing service.
  • Smartphone applications: the new frontier of hairdressing services. The hairdressing market has also seen the introduction of various smartphone applications designed to put customers in touch with independent hairdressers. These applications are aimed at a mobile audience that values convenience, choice and flexibility.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

being a hairdresser consists of carrying out various hygienic and aesthetic care operations on the hair, in a hairdressing salon or directly at the client's home. It can be a cut, a coloring or a perm for example. Salons have developed various additional activities, notably the sale of beauty products and accessories in order to create a complementary income.

Working in a more particular framework, the hairdresser at home is a professional who maintains an activity similar to that of a hairdresser in traditional salon. However, he has no fixed installation, does not need heavy or sophisticated equipment, and moves by his own means to the place of residence of the customer (house, apartment, house of cure?).

The absence of material restricts him in his activities, but he can perfectly ensure the usual services of the hairdressers (straightening, cut, coloring, care of the hair...). He can also sell products to his customers.

The market of the hairdressing at home is studied in parallel with the hairdressing sector in general because they remain similar, whether it is on a part of the demand of the customers, in terms of tendencies for example, but also because they solicit people with similar formations, etc...

However, the two markets have different dynamics on other points, such as turnover, we can observe a stagnation of the hairdressing market as a whole with a growth of 0.5% over 2014-2018, while for the home hairdressing market, estimates show a growth of 21% over the same period, which continues until 2020 with a growth of 9% between 2019 and 2020.

The health crisis and the digitalization of connecting supply and demand have been two growth factors for the market.

List of charts

  • Hierarchical criteria for a client's choice of hairdresser
  • Survey on customer loyalty by age
  • Main criteria for choosing a hairdresser
  • Frequency of visits to the hairdresser
  • Breakdown of revenues by activity
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