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1.1 Market overview and definition

The market for coin-operated laundries (or self-service laundries) is part of the wider retail laundry market, which also includes dry cleaners. This activity consists of making washing machines and dryers available to the public for occasional use, in return for payment by the kilo or by the piece. Laundromats are therefore distinct from dry cleaners, where one or more people dry-clean and/or iron clothes.

The coin laundry concept owes much of its success to the implementation of full or partial self-service. Laundromat owners are committed to ensuring that their equipment is running smoothly on a weekly basis. One of the keys to success is to rely on durable, solid laundry equipment.

The global coin laundry market was estimated at $17.55 billion in 2022, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.3% to 2030.this growth is mainly due to new alternative electronic payment methods, such as contactless credit cards, or compatible mobile wallets that offer a cost-effective alternative to handling cash. In addition, cashless washing machines avoid the laborious management of cash in laundries, and offer safer solutions than cash-operated machines, which must be carefully monitored to prevent theft.

In France, the coin-operated laundry sector is part of the laundry and dry-cleaning business. Heavily impacted by the health crisis in 2020, its sales are currently enjoying exceptional growth (41.0% in two years). The number of establishments in the sector is declining, while the number of employees has continued to rise since the end of Covid-19. Laundromats achieve extremely varied results depending on their location, with those located in major cities close to universities and schools being the most lucrative.

1.2 The global market

Estimated at $**.** billion in ****, the global coin laundry market is expected to grow at a CAGR of *.*% to ****.

Projected growth of the global coin laundry market World, **** - ****, in $ billions Source: ****

Millennials, graduates and working professionals are the main customers for laundromat services, as are boarding schools and hostels. In developing ...

1.3 The domestic market

In France, laundromat activities are recorded in the INSEE nomenclature under NAF code **.**B: "Retail laundry and dry-cleaning""This code covers the following activities:

Laundry, dry-cleaning, ironing, etc., of all articles of clothing (***) and textile materials, carried out on behalf of private individuals; Retail laundries, including depots; Self-service laundries; Supply of ...

1.4 The impact of the health crisis on the sector

A market heavily impacted by the health crisis

Insee also provides a comparison of sales index trends for activities registered under NAF code **.**B in **** and ****.

sales index trends for retail laundry and dry-cleaning activities France, October **** - September ****, index *** in **** Source: ****

A significant drop in sales is therefore recorded during ...


2.1 French washing machine ownership and frequency of use

Laundromats are mainly aimed at people who don't have a washing machine at home . The French laundromat market is therefore mainly targeting students and young couples(***), **.*% of whom don't have a washing machine at home. conversely, over **% of people aged ** and over own a washing machine in ****, according to the latest ...

2.2 Demand mainly located in highly urbanized areas and student neighborhoods

Every year, the French Ministry of Education publishes a new edition of Repères et Références statistiques, a report on education in France. In ****, the number of students in higher education will reach *.*** million, a drop of *.*% compared to ****.

Number of students enrolled in higher education France, **** - ****, in ...

2.3 Seasonal demand: holidaymakers love laundromats

Seasonality of sales :

As mentioned in the section on the impact of Covid-**, the evolution of the sales index allows us to examine the seasonality of the market. INSEE allows us to make the comparison in the graph below.

sales index trends for retail laundry and dry-cleaning activities France, ****-****, index ...


3.1 Value chain

Source: ****

The value chain in the coin laundry sector is relatively simple. It consists of purchasing commercial equipment from specialist stores: mainly washing machines, but also cleaning equipment and possibly more, depending on the services offered by the laundromat.

Owners can then decide whether to remain independent or join a ...

3.2 Number of businesses, number of employees for retail laundries - dry cleaners: focus on laundries

Number of companies and employees under NAF code **.**B:

INSEE enables us to study changes in the number of companies and employees registered under NAF code **.**B, which covers laundries and dry cleaners.

change in number of companies and employees for NAF code **.**B (***) France, ****-****, in units Source: ****

Over the ...

3.3 A wide range of profitability levels

The société.com website allows you to establish and compare the financial results of several laundromats in different situations:

Case *: A laundromat located in a sparsely populated area

This laundromat is located in a town with a population of **,***.

Case *: A laundromat in Paris

Case *: a laundromat near a railway ...

3.4 Opening a coin laundry in France

Although opening a laundromat does not require a specific diploma, the operator must ensure not only regular maintenance of the equipment, but also compliance with regulations and the accounting and management of the service on offer. regular maintenance of the equipment, as well as compliance with regulations, accounting and management of ...

3.5 Dry cleaner and laundromat franchises

The dry cleaning and laundromat market offers good profitability opportunities for investors.

Wash'N Dry

Wash'N Dry is a network of laundromat franchises offering both washing machines and dryers. It is also possible to combine the business with other services such as ironing, alterations and sewing. Since its creation in ****, the brand ...


4.1 Example of average rates

In most cases, several types of washing machines and dryers are available, with capacities ranging from * to ** kg. Laundromat prices vary according to washing machine capacity:

Source: ****

To illustrate these ranges, the table below shows the prices charged by Lavomatic in Rouen, with * locations:

Source: ****

4.2 Equipment available

Laundromats are generally equipped with four types of machines:

*. The washing machine

In addition to drum size, the factors that vary when choosing a washing machine are noise and space optimization, especially for residential laundries, as well as spin power.

For residential laundries

These machines can operate free of charge, ...

4.3 Collaborative platforms struggling to take off

La Machine du Voisin:

La Machine du Voisin was a collaborative platform that offered a slightly lower average price for laundry than traditional laundromats: * euros, compared with * euros on average for the latter. But the platform's main focus was on creating social links. The service, which allows private individuals to share ...


5. Consumer safety framework

According to the DGCCRF (***), operators of coin-operated laundries are legally obliged to check weekly that the safety devices on washing machines and spin-dryers available to the public are working properly. They must record these observations in a register. In addition, they must have a declaration of conformity for each machine installed ...


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Reviews (2)

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The sports distribution market - France

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