the hairdressing market

Update 24/10/2019


1.1 Market presentation

Being a hairdresser consists of performing various hygienic and aesthetic care operations on the hair in a hair salon, or directly at the customer's home. It can be a cut, a colouring, a perm... The salons have developed different ancillary activities, in particular the sale of beauty products and accessories .

These are the following several billion euros which are spent every year by the French, and especially French women, in hair salons. However, the sector margins have been weakened in recent years, with increasing competition from home hairdressers. The latter offer cuts at lower average prices.

The training of new hairdressers is also at half mast, with a number of apprentices in sharp decline . Creations and covers have also slowed down.

As a result, hair salons are looking for a new lease of life with the development of barber shop and a ever faster adaptation to fashion phenomena .



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