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1.1 Definition and presentation

The wedding planner is a professional qualified to advise and assist in the organization of weddings. The role covered today by the so-called wedding planner has ancient origins, in fact, such a figure, committed to assisting the wedding, dates back to the birth of weddings, undoubtedly in different ways. In fact, the wedding planner, private or agency, is related to the value of marriage and has evolved over time following the social, cultural and religious transformations related to marriage.

In Italy the figure of the wedding plnner is relatively recent. It is believed that it appeared around 2008. Nevertheless, the market for wedding planners has grown exponentially in recent years, supported by strong demand. Recently, in fact, a growing number of weddings have been held on the Italian territory. The boom comes in particular from foreign tourism, which feeds the wedding industry. Undoubtedly, with the growth in demand, the supply has expanded to involve a large number of companies and professionals. The expansion of supply has consequently required more stringent legislation on the subject. The market for wedding planners will therefore have to adapt to the new regulations and leverage the changing needs and habits of consumers.

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