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Summary and extracts

1 Market Overview

1.1 Definition and scope of the study

The boat rental market, both recreational and sport, is based on three different business models:

  • Renting among professionals and renting by professionals to individuals;
  • Rental through specialized agencies;
  • Renting among individuals through online platforms.

The market is relatively concentrated around large European players; likewise, boating activities are concentrated in a few specific geographic areas. The sector is a sub-segment of the Italian nautical market as a whole, which grew exponentially by 12 percent in 2019.

The rental market has recently shown signs of recovery after a five-year period of weak growth, driven by a double push on both the demand and supply side as the boating industry gradually democratizes. However, the demand trends affecting the market are different, depending on the sub-segment identified, and also depend on the size of the boats: small, medium and large.

Consumers are becoming aware of the affordability of chartering, especially in the first segment-with nearly one in two travelers inclined to charter; and the supply side is proactively following demand by offering a wide choice of boats in many Italian cities, also taking advantage of growing tourist flows. Industry players are also trying to encourage interest in the second and third segments, through marketing campaigns aimed at communicating the affordability of this leisure activity or offering new services such as organizing seminars or team-building activities at sea; but they are threatened by an increasingly competitive environment with the adoption of online sharing platforms.

1.2 A dynamic rental market

The marine tourism sector, along with the rapidly expanding recreational yachting segment, has proven to be a significant lever for global economic growth. Through tax revenue generation, job creation and contribution to the local economy, marine tourism provides tangible benefits. Such activities not only promote economic development, but also encourage social ...

1.3 The boat rental market in Italy

The graph shows the evolution of the turnover of Sports and Recreational Equipment Rental, including unmanned recreational boat rentals, from **** to **** in millions of €. in ****, the turnover was ** million €. This gradually increased in subsequent years, reaching *** million € in ****, *** million € in ****, and *** million € in ****. In ****, there was a significant increase in turnover ...

1.4 Trade flows

Italy is a well-known exporter of boats; in this section we analyze data on HS code ****, which includes yachts and other boats intended for pleasure or sport, rowing boats, and canoes.

Between **** and ****, the pleasure or sport boat sector experienced significant growth in exports, which increased by **.* percent from ****.* million to ...

1.4 The impact of Covid-19 on the boat rental market

Despite the **** health crisis, Sailogy, a digital player in the boat rental market, reported a ** percent increase in sales in June **** compared to the same period in ****. [***] The explanation for this dramatic and somewhat surprising increase may be the concordance between the (***) boat rental model and the social distancing rules encouraged ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 The popularity of boating in Italy

In the taballe below, the Italian regions are distinguished by the number of registered recreational boats. The Mediterranean coast is much richer in terms of number of boats than the Adriatic Sea. It should be noted that these figures are not representative of the number of boats moored in the regions, ...

2.2 A seasonal practice

The graph shows the index of interest on Google Trends for the search "Boats for rent" in Italy from **** to ****. A clear seasonal pattern can be seen, with peaks occurring each year in the summer months, when demand for boat rentals is highest due to the tourist season. The index values ...

2.3 Italy's port infrastructure: distribution of berths

The graph presents data regarding the total number of berths and the number of infrastructure in the various Italian regions. Liguria is the region with the largest number of berths, with a total of **,***, followed by Sardinia with **,*** berths and Tuscany with **,*** berths. On the contrary, the region with the least ...

2.4 Nautical Licenses

One of the drivers of demand for boats, whether in buying and selling or chartering, is obtaining a boat license. As will be seen in section *.*, the most popular rental in summer **** was the catamaran without the presence of a skipper, assuming the possession of a boat license by the person ...

2.5 Boat rental and cruise data

According to GlobeSailor, an agency specializing in cruises and boat rentals, the summer season of the Italian boat rental market ended **** with a **% decrease compared to ****.

Italians' favorite destinationsin summer ****, were Italy in first place with ** percent of bookings, followed by Greece, Croatia and Spain. In Italy, the most popular destinations ...

2.6 Booking rate of sailboats and yachts

The average booking rate is the percentage ratio of the number of booked to the number of all. The highest booking rate is in the week from **/**/****, and the lowest is in the week from **/**/****. The graph presents data on the average booking rate for sailboats in ****, broken down by the ...

3 Market structure

3.1 The market structure

In order to analyze the structure of the rental boat market in Italy, active enterprises under Ateco Code **.**.* "Rental of sport and recreational equipment," which also includes enterprises active under Ateco Code ***.**.** "Unmanned rental of pleasure boats (***)," are analyzed. In particular, the number of active enterprises and the number of employees ...

3.2 The value chain

3.3 The main actors

The following is a list of the main players active in the Italian boat rental market:

M.Y.I s.r.l: based in Olbia, Sardinia, specializes in unmanned pleasure boat rentals. Founded on August **, ****, this limited liability company has seen a surge in turnover in recent years, reaching €**,***,*** in ****. With ...

4 Supply analysis

4.1 Types of charter boats

Most charter and chartering companies offer a wide range of pleasure boats and destinations, even at different times of the year, thanks to a small fleet and a network of contacts with various operators in the various domestic and foreign tourist locations.[***]

There are * types of charters; bareboat, captained, and ...

4.2 Variety of the type of rental offered

There are several types of pleasure boats that can be rented, varying in length, value, and equipment. The choice ranges from pedal boats to ocean-going sailboats and mega-yachts. Depending on the boat rented, there will be different customers and rates.

Boat rental is a key activity in the recreational boating market, ...

4.3 Rental rates

Prices for boat rentals start from about ** euros per day per person for a small dinghy, up to **,*** euros per day per person for a yacht.

In general, rates are divided into "low, medium and high season" and differ according to the type of pleasure boat available and the location. Discounts ...

4.4 Supply trends

Italy's first environmentally friendly boat sharing service

Innovation in the shared mobility sector now extends to the aquatic context, while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability. This new development is being led by Michele Lauriola and Leonardo Caiazza, founders of Essence, the first electric boat sharing service. This project emerged from ...

4.5 Prices

Based on statistics published by YatchRent we can give an overview of the price trend of boat rentals in Italy.

The average price is ****€ per week is lower than Spain, Turkey and Greece. However, the maximum average price of ****€ in the second week of August is higher than all other countries ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Boat rental regulations

From a legislative point of view, the number of recreational boats in Italy is divided into the following categories: watercraft , for which the length is up to * m or * t gross tonnage, embarcazzioni , for which the total gross tonnage is up to ** tons, pleasure vessels (***), of more than ** t gross tonnage. ...

5.2 Boating license

A boat license is required when the engine power or total engine power exceeds ** kW (***), or the displacement exceeds *** cc if two-stroke carbureted or fuel-injected, *,*** cc if outboard four-stroke, *. *** cc if the engine is four-stroke carbureted or fuel-injected, *,*** cc if the diesel engine is supercharged, or *,*** cc if the diesel engine ...

6 Positioning of players

6.1 Segmentation

  • M.Y.I srl
  • La Datcha Management s.r.l
  • Marina Charter s.r.l
  • Sail Italia s.r.l
  • North Sardinia Sail s.r.l
  • Mikasa Luxury Managment s.r.l
  • Yachting In Sardinia s.r.l
  • Vm Charter s.r.l

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Boat rental market
  • Boat rental market
  • Yacht charter market
  • Active enterprises under Ateco Code 77.21.0 "Rental of sports and recreational equipment"
  • Employees in active enterprises under Atco Code 77.21.0 "Rental of sports and recreational equipment"
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