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The term 'marina' is used to describe a variety of locations, ecosystems, buildings, and circumstances, ranging from small, charming natural bays to big, contemporary private boat harbors. In reality, there are at least two sorts of ports: permanent ports and fitting-out ports, both of which host vessels that moor there permanently for most of the year. Transit ports serve as a tourist attraction for cruise stopovers or as a convenient stoppage and refueling location for vessels on the way. Urban ports are frequently made up of portions or docks from big cities and are positioned on city waterfronts. Ports that are located outside of metropolitan areas were built to improve a tourist attraction or to service the requirements of the local people. Finally, there are ports accessible by foot or bicycle, ports accessible by vehicle, and ports accessible by plane. Marinas of this sort vary not only in size, but also in the nature, number, and quality of services they provide. 

In 2021, the Marinas sector will have a market size of $6.1 billion dollars, as measured by revenue; the Marinas industry's market size is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 3.4%.

Marinas are in high demand in Italy today, both from the market and from local governments, since they are seen as the driving force behind the growth of a coastal region's tourism industry, as well as an economic activator and integrator of interior tourist resources. Although the Italian peninsula is a great location for sailing, the country nevertheless lags behind its European counterparts. Statistics show that there is one boat for every 750 people and only one well fitted mooring for every two vessels. There are 537 marinas and moorings with a total of over 160,000 berths along Italy's 7,500-kilometer coastline, including the islands. In the Mediterranean, particularly in Italy, there is still much to be done in the marina industry. The market for pleasure boats (and hence their manufacture) is well known to be expanding rapidly, notably in Italy, and is geared toward vessels of increasingly bigger proportions and higher quality.

In Italy, operators' emphasis is currently concentrated on the recovery, growth, and reorganization of existing port regions rather than on new ventures for which state concessions and municipal and construction licenses are more difficult to secure.






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