the fitness market


1.1 Definition and presentation

The word fitness derives from the term "fit" and refers to the physical appearance of an individual. Fitness can be defined as physical activity practiced in open air or indoors. Fitness differs from sport in that it is more closely related to physical well-being at an aesthetic level.

The world of fitness has had an explosion in recent years worldwide but that has mainly affected Europe and the United States, regions in which there have been almost double the numbers for enrollment in the gym.

The fitness market in Italy has shown considerable growth in recent years representing a rapidly expanding sector, as a series of macro trends that affect the behavior, lifestyle and choices of consumers have shown to have a positive impact on the development of the market. 

Nutritional changes and new consumer needs and expectations for physical activity are variables that will affect the industry's performance. In addition, a considerable number of businesses have thrown themselves into the world of sportswear to both respond to growing demand and stimulate potential demand.

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