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The fitness market - Belgium

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1.1 Definition and scope of study

The fitness market encompasses all sports centers where you can enjoy physical activity linked to the well-being of your body. Typically, fitness centers offer individual exercise, group classes, personalized supervision and relaxation, with spa and zen rooms, for example.

In addition to fitness clubs, the fitness market has recently come to include apps offering personal trainers, outdoor fitness communities, as well as apps and connected objects for measuring performance.

The global fitness market is experiencing significant growth, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.67% forecast for the period 2023-2030. Several factors are contributing to this expansion, including the gradual emergence from pandemic-related confinement, the importance attached to physical appearance, and the role of social networks in encouraging the quest for an aesthetically pleasing body. [Deloitte]

The Belgian market is undergoing a similar evolution. Although the health crisis and the successive confinements that accompanied it had a major impact on the fitness business, it has now recovered well and is once again showing good growth prospects.At the same time, as the market develops, competition increases, putting pressure on prices. At the same time, the range of services on offer is constantly evolving, with more personalized and affordable solutions.

The Belgian gym market is characterized by a diversity of players, including both new entrants with innovative concepts such as premium or women-only gyms, and long-established players such as the Franco-Dutch company Basic Fit, one of Europe's leading players in the sector.

1.2 Robust growth on the global market

Size of the fitness market World, ****-****, in billions of USD Source: ****

In ****, the global fitness industry is valued at over ** billion USD, down slightly from **** after a period of growth between **** and ****. Growth in demand is mainly due to increased health awareness, and in particular the fight against obesity, which ...

1.3 A geographically concentrated European market

The European market is worth mentioning for its size ; although smaller than the US market, Research and Markets estimates the European fitness market in **** at **.* billion euros, for a total of around **.* million members in European fitness centers. European fitness market Europe, ****-**** Source: Research and Markets In its **** report on ...

1.4 The Belgian gym market

In ****, Le Soir estimated the number of fitness enthusiasts in Belgium at over one million. In Wallonia and Brussels, it is estimated that there are between ***,*** and ***,*** fitness enthusiasts in between *** and *** clubs.

Based on, which lists the price of a gym membership in Belgium at between €**.** and €**, we ...


2.1 Sporting activities in Belgium

Lack of exercise is a major risk factor for various chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, leading to increased morbidity and mortality. On the other hand, regular physical activity, when it reaches a certain level, can have considerable health benefits. According to World Health Organization recommendations, adults aged ...

2.2 Demand trends

Interest in fitness is highly cyclical

Searches for "gym" on Google Trends France, ****-****, in index of google trends searches Source: ****

The graph above depicts the proportion of searches for a given term in a given region over a given period of time, relative to when it was most searched for ...


3.1 Market overview, the different structures: gym, fitness center, sport-health centre

According to the Robert dictionary, fitness is a "set of activities designed to maintain physical fitness by means of exercises performed with the aid of equipment". However, several places and gyms exist, so here's a quick overview :

Source: ****

All these centers and gyms generally offer cardio, strength training and stretching equipment. ...

3.2 Basic-fit: the Belgian leader

According to the Basic-Fit website, the company has around ***,*** subscribers in Belgium, representing around **% of the country's total membership (***).

Distribution of fitness club members Belgium, ****, in Source: ****

Basic-Fit is well established in Belgium. The Franco-Dutch company owns *** of the *,*** clubs in the country, employs *,*** of the *,*** employees in Europe, and has ...

3.3 New entrants

Numerous fitness gyms are opening in Belgium with the ambition of thinking outside the box. Here are just a few examples:

Ælite Club: Ælite Club is a new fitness club in Waterloo, created by two Belgian entrepreneurs with a passion for sport, Amaury Corthouts and Yves Bastin. The club offers ...


4.1 Room comparison: room rates, activities

Different fitness packages

4.2 The digitization of supply

Like most sectors, the fitness market is no exception to the trend towards digitalization, which has been further accentuated by the COVID-** health crisis and confinements. Practising at home with the aid of CDs, watching classes on TV or on the Internet, has been around for years, but "digital fitness" has ...

4.3 Prices for a monthly gym membership

In ****, the average price of a gym membership in Belgium was €**.**. Prices range from a minimum of €**.** to a maximum of €**, reflecting the diversity of offers and services provided by the various establishments in the sector.

Price of a gym membership Belgium, ****, in €/month Source: ****

According to, the average ...


5.1 Gym regulations in Belgium

Regulations governing gyms and fitness centers in Belgium are mainly based on laws and regulations relating to safety, public health and consumer protection.

- Certificate of conformity: gyms and fitness centers must obtain a certificate of conformity issued by the municipality in which they are located. This certificate attests that the ...


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