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The boat rental market - France

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1.1 Presentation and definition of the market

France is a major world player in the nautical sector and in particular one of the largest manufacturers of pleasure boats, sailboats and motorboats After a sharp decline in the nautical sector due to the economic crisis of 2008, the recovery is underway, with a craze for boat rentals rather than for sale The vast majority of charters take place at sea, but some charters also take place on lakes and rivers.

The rental business is based on three different business models

  • The rental from professionals to individuals
  • the management-rental via specialized agencies
  • the private hire via online platforms

The global rental market has been growing relatively fast in recent years, with an estimated CAGR of 5% over the period 2020-2030 The market is relatively concentrated around large-scale European players . Similarly, boating and yachting activities are logically concentrated in a few specific geographical areas such as the PACA region and Corsica

The the yacht charter market is growing nicely and boating is becoming more democratic this trend is gradually gaining ground, even if water sports activities still seem inaccessible to a large part of the French population. The actors of the sector try to encourage this tendency, through marketing campaigns communicating on the financial accessibility of this leisure or by proposing new services like the organization of seminars or team-building activities, at sea.

Above all, the he traditional pleasure boating offer is being modernised and is attracting new players, facilitating access to boating for as many people as possible, through the development of online rental platforms allowing the rental of boats between individuals for a relatively short period However, the latter still face competition from traditional players, the rental management agencies


1.2 Yacht charter, a growing global market

Turnover of the global yacht charter market World, ****-****, in billions of dollars CAGR: *% Source: ****

In ****, the global yacht charter market is estimated to be worth USD **.** billion. Over the period ****-*****, the CAGR (***) is estimated at *%. This increase in the market can be explained in part by a change in ...

1.3 France, a major global player

Boating, a fast growing activity

France is the third largest European manufacturer of pleasure boats, behind Germany and the United Kingdom. France is the fourth largest producer of motor yachts.

The nautical sector employs **,*** people in *,*** companies, generated a turnover of *.* billion euros in ****. This turnover is largely made up of ...

1.4 The effects of Covid-19 on the boat rental market

The impact of covid on the freight boat rental market

The graph below highlights the evolution of the turnover index of the NAF code **.**Z "Rental and leasing of water transport equipment" - over two different time periods: the first from February **** to February ****, which is the period when there were ...


2.1 The popularity of renting

Renting facilitates access to boating

Boating is an activity that is often considered to be not very accessible, especially because of the potential costs involved.

**% of French people agree or agree somewhat with the statement "boating is too expensive". Renting can therefore be a solution to allow French people to ...

2.2 The target clientele for rental companies

A large potential customer base

Concerning the core target, ** million people will be practicing a water sport in France in ****, and * million others will be regular boaters

According to a survey operated by the charter company Yacht Syst, **.*% of boat rental customers are groups of friends, **.*% are families, **% are couples and ...

2.3 River tourism, a popular sector: strong demand from foreign customers

Driven by "slow tourism" (***), river tourism has seen a strong demand in recent years, according to Thierry Guimbaud, Director General of VNF. [***]

Indeed, more and more travelers aspire to a greener tourism, more respectful of the environment. According to a study conducted by Booking **% of tourists are willing to make a ...

2.4 The importance of the climate hazard

Boating activity remains subject to the weather. For example, hurricanes Irma and Maria that hit the Caribbean in September **** destroyed *** to *** boats according to the estimates of the local charter companies .

The tourist season is especially disrupted in Saint Martin and Tortola where charter companies have suffered a dry loss corresponding ...


3.1 A market dominated by a few large European-owned companies

According to the report of the Ecorys consulting firm, the Mediterranean area concentrates **% of the world boat rental market.

Almost **% of the turnover generated in the European market is achieved by a few "giants" of the sector such as Sunsail, Le Boat and Footloose (***) as well as Dream Yacht Charter and ...

3.2 Different business models for boat rental

Different types of rental

The three main modes of boat rental are:

The rental from professional to private, in which the professional owns the boat and rents it; Management-rental, in which the owner of a boat delegates its management and rental to a professional, on the same principle as a rental ...

3.3 A geographically concentrated market

The yachting and pleasure boat market is clearly localised in France. The coastal areas concentrate **% of the French market (***), with the PACA, Corsica, Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions alone accounting for **% of marinas.

In ****, the PACA and Corsica regions together totalled *** ports and **,*** rings or **% of France's marina ...

3.4 The role of the rental management agencies

Rental management agencies (***), agencies whose services are referenced on the internet are increasing their market share

The site HeyCaptain for example, is aimed exclusively at professionals, offering to list and publicize available offers to customers (***). Agencies also have access to better booking management tools, designed specifically for their business. According to ...

3.5 The rise of digital rental platforms

In the context of the rise of the sharing economy around ****, some companies have launched themselves into the role of online intermediary for boat rentals between individuals These online platforms that list classified ads act as a "trusted third party" to carry out the transaction, in exchange for a commission by ...


4.1 Types of boats rented

According to the report of the rental company Nautal, the most rented boats are sailing boats, this is mainly due to the fact that this type of boat has a better profitability of the "price per cabin" for a week of rental (***). Motorboats come in third place in the type of ...

4.2 Diversity of rental types offered

The influence of eco-tourism

Boating and yachting are benefiting from the craze for off-the-beaten-track activities with less ecological impact. The Paris Tourism Fair in March ****, for example, relied on ecological issues for its central theme. We can observe the emergence eco-cruises, more respectful of the environment, often with an ecological theme ...

4.3 Rental rates

Classic rentals, by the day or by the week

According to Click In Marseille, it is necessary to count on average between *** and *** € to rent a sailboat for a day and between *** and **** € for a catamaran, obviously the prices vary according to the period chosen and the type of boat chosen. ...

4.4 Vers un renouvellement du parc nautique

En septembre ****, le Parlement européen a élargi au secteur du nautisme la réglementation du SEQE-EU. Le SEQE-EU est le système d'échange de quota d'émission de CO* de l'Union européenne. Ce système a pour objectif de quantifier et de proposer une forme de taxation des ...


5.1 Framework for the rental of boats

Rental conditions

The site Service proposes a list of formalities to be observed to guard against hazards and bad surprises. Indeed, although it is not compulsory, it is recommended to draw up a rental contract between the owner and the renter, specifying the deposit, the rental price, the cancellation ...

5.2 Regulations in case of rental with Skipper

The different rental contracts

With the proliferation of collaborative rental platforms, the Maritime Affairs authorities have stepped up their checks at sea. It is therefore important to know the legal framework relating to each boat rental with skipper. The charter contract determines who has commercial and nautical control of the vessel. ...

5.3 Boat license regulations

The boating license is mandatory to drive a boat pleasure craft at sea or inland waters (***)

On rivers and canals, the operation of sailing boats equipped with a motor of more than *.* kilowatts is subject to the possession of a licence valid for inland waters and corresponding to the length of ...


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The boat rental market - France

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