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The French marina management market in 2021 was worth 517 million euros, marking a 6.2% increase over 2020.

The French marina market has undergone significant change, particularly since 2020. In that year, there were 473 coastal marinas and 556 river marinas.

The boating industry as a whole recorded a sales volume of 4.95 billion euros in 2021, recovering to a growth rate of 4.9% after the slowdown due to the pandemic. Pleasure boat registrations are on the rise, with 91,427 licenses issued in 2020, mainly coastal licenses.

The pleasure boat fleet in maritime waters grew by 0.7% on annual average, while there were 630 new boat registrations in inland waters in 2020, largely motorboats.

Environmental sustainability has become a priority, with over 100 marinas awarded the Blue Flag label. The increase in collaborative offerings, such as yacht clubs and shared rental services, has been a key trend in the democratization of access to boating.

Regulations have evolved since 1983, with local authorities now managing marina operations, which may be direct or under concession, involving a variety of entities ranging from public enterprises to private companies and yacht clubs.

Market trends and the emergence of sustainable boating

In recent years, the French marina market has experienced a significant upward trend, with the boating industry growing at an average annual rate of around 5%.

The market is driven by the development of recreational boating, which has become increasingly democratized thanks to the second-hand boat market and the popularity of rental services. The number of boating licenses issued has risen steadily, with coastal licenses being the most common, accounting for around 80% of all licenses. The number of pleasure boat registrations continued to grow. In 2021, around 74% of the fleet will be motorboats.

The Brittany and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur regions are home to around half of all registered pleasure boats.

Local authorities have the power to choose how to manage their marinas, which can take the form of a public-private partnership or a concession.

Marina managers, whether they represent chambers of commerce, semi-public companies, yacht clubs or private entities, play an essential role in meeting today's challenges.role in meeting today's challenges, such as digitization, sustainable development and the creation of synergies with shipyards and boat rental companies.

For marinas, environmental considerations are becoming crucial. Initiatives such as the "Ports propres de France" guide and Blue Flag accreditation underline the industry's commitment to sustainable practices.

Key players in the marina market

  • La Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan: La Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan is France's largest marina operator, managing a network of 17 marinas. Its seasonal workforce ranges from 130 to 258 employees.
  • Port Adhoc: a private-sector pioneer Port Adhoc entered the marina market as a subsidiary of NGE, taking over marinas previously managed by the public sector. Its influence extends to the innovative redevelopment of marinas, such as Port-Barcarès in the Occitanie region of France, where boat hire, digital solutions and infrastructure renovations have become widespread.
  • Alizée Soft and Solution Plaisance: Alizée Soft and Solution Plaisance offer specialized software solutions for improved port management. Targeting practical needs such as dock entries and exits, these companies are integral to the modernization and efficiency of port operations.
  • Nautical clubs and associations: Nautical clubs and associations, such as the Cercle nautique et touristique du Lacydon, are essential community players in the marina landscape.
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI ): The institutional backbone. The CCI Var in particular embodies the institutional footprint on the marina market, orchestrating port operations and contributing to the regional maritime economy.
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Summary and extracts

1 Market overview

1.1 Definition and scope of study

A marina can be maritime, fluvial or lacustrine , depending on whether it's located on the sea, river or lake. It is reserved for pleasure boats, which may be sail or motor-powered. River ports are generally smaller in size, so marinas are more important in terms of activity levels.

In 2020, there will be almost a thousand marinas, contributing to the economic and tourism boom in certain towns and regions. With a national capacity of over 200,000 berths, marinas must also increasingly meet the challenges of sustainable development.

From 2017 to 2019, the French boating industry will see average annual growth of 5%, driven in particular by the democratization of boating. The study focuses on the operation of marinas (in mainland France only), whose activity represents nearly 11% of the marine industry.

In 2021, the recovery is underway, with the marina market representing 517 million euros, up 6.2% on 2020.

In France, until 1983, the operation of marinas was the exclusive responsibility of the State. The decentralization laws of 1983 and 1984 gradually transferred this responsibility for marinas to local authorities.
The latter can choose whether to manage their harbors on a public-private basis or under a concession. As a resulteasure port managers are subject to public service obligations.

1.2 The French marina market

The boating industry:

The marina business is part of the boating industry. In ****, the nautical sector will account for *.** billion euros in sales, representing growth of *.*% compared to ****. So, while the industry is regaining some of its dynamism, it is not returning to the same level of activity it enjoyed before ...

2 Demand analysis

2.1 Number of boating licenses issued

Between **** and ****, nearly *.* million permits were issued in France, according to

Since ****, nearly ***,*** permits have been issued following an examination - the following graph shows the distribution of permit options.

Coastal permits are far more widespread, accounting for **% of all permits issued.

Breakdown of permits issued by examination ...

2.2 Pleasure boat registrations in maritime waters

Number of registrations : [***]

The number of new boat registrations has been rising steadily for many years. The graph below highlights the fleet of vessels registered in France on each **/** since ****: we note an average annual fleet growth of *.*%.

The ****/**** season is marked by a recovery in registrations after a certain slowdown ...

2.3 Pleasure boats on inland waters

Between **** and ****, *,*** boats were registered in inland waters, **% of which were motor vessels (***)

NB: inland waters can be both rivers and lakes. Inland waters represent almost *** km of navigable waterways, as well as various lakes and water bodies.

Breakdown of new boats registered in inland waters by type France, **** - ****, in ...

2.4 Boater profile and expectations of marinas?

According to ODIT Franceaccording to ODIT France, boaters' expectations can be translated into three levels of service requirements, for which their propensity to pay for a better quality of service or an additional service varies:

*. The "basics" of harbor services: a harbor master's office, a well-lit harbor, showers and toilets, ...

3 Market structure

3.1 Marina management methods and challenges

Local authorities choose how to manage their ports, and there are two main types of port operation:

public-private partnership: in this case, the local authority directly manages port operations, although this is less common. concession operation: more widespread

All marina managers have public service obligations, and must ensure that regulations and ...

3.2 Marinas

In ****, according to Mer.gouv, there were *** marinas and yachting facilities, **% of which were "ports" in the strict sense - or *** .

In ****, there will be *** , according to the French Ministry of the Sea.

In ****, Brittany and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur accounted for the majority of French marinas, with around **% in terms of ...

3.3 Inland marinas

According to the French Ministry of the Sea, there will be *** inland waterway ports and harbors in France by ****.

While there are more inland ports, they are smaller, accounting for just *% of total sites in France in ****.

Breakdown of berths between seaports and river ports (***) France, ****, in Source: ****

The Rhône-Saône ...

3.4 Analysis of port services

The primary function of a marina is to provide a shelter for parking pleasure boats, as well as various technical services. Residents can be year-round or temporary.

Port-Camargue is Europe's largest marina, according to a **** article in Le Figaro. Established ** years ago, its *** hectares house *,*** berths - half of which are ...

4 Offer analysis

4.1 Typology of marinas

Seaside marinas feature one or more breakwaters to protect boats from swell or storms.

In most cases, boats are moored on floating pontoons (***). Some harbors may also have mooring areas requiring a boat to get ashore.

There are also dry berths (***).

When marinas are used, the berths are located as close ...

4.2 Price analysis and comparison


Berths cannot normally be marketed for more than one year (***). Except in cases where the yachtsman in question has contributed financially to the construction of the harbor - in which case he can have a berth for a maximum of ** years. [***]

In practice, prices depend on :

Boat length Time of ...

4.3 The growing importance of sustainable development in marinas

For the French Ministry of the Sea, one of the challenges is to reconcile increased marina capacity with a sustainable development approach.

Admittedly, the economic stakes of French marinas are high, and are linked to the knock-on effects on the regional economy: tourism and related employment, etc. But the other major ...

4.4 The rise of collaborative offers in marinas: a solution for attracting new audiences?

The collaborative offer is a tool for promoting marinas and attracting a new audience. Offering boat-sharing services - so that those who have a license but no boat can become marina customers - is therefore a solution for democratizing access to marinas via platforms that put professionals in touch with private ...

5 Regulations

5.1 Regulations

UNAN (***) provides a practical guide to the administration of marinas.

" Since the decentralization laws of ****, municipalities have been responsible for creating, developing and operating seaports used mainly for pleasure boating. the other local authorities (***) are responsible for yachting facilities in ports under their responsibility, i.e. fishing and/or commercial ...

6 Positioning the players

6.1 Segmentation

  • Port de la Rochelle
  • Port de Concarneau
  • Loire Atlantique Pêche et Plaisance
  • Compagnie des ports du Morbihan
  • Brest’aim
  • Cercle nautique et touristique du Lacydon
  • Port Adhoc
  • Marinov
  • CCI Var
  • Alizée Soft
  • Solutions Plaisance
  • InSilio
  • Association des Usagers des Ports de Pornic
  • Boat Club de France
  • Port de Lorient - Sellor
  • Izysea
  • Port Camargue
  • Sodeports
  • Port Cergy
  • Société Publique Exploitations Ports de la Manche

List of charts presented in this market study

  • Boating industry sales growth
  • Structure of the pleasure boat fleet
  • Breakdown of licences issued by examination in France by type
  • Number of registered pleasure boats by region
  • Breakdown of pleasure boats registered in France by propulsion method
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Latest news

Izysea closes its 550,000 euro financing round - 14/11/2023
  • Start-up Izysea completes €550,000 financing round.
  • Izysea was launched two years ago.
  • Izysea's solution has been adopted by nearly 400 ports in France and the French overseas territories.
  • In 2024, Izysea aims to sign 50 new contracts.
  • The company employs around ten people and has signed around twenty contracts to date.
  • The company expects to reach profitability in early 2025.
Izysea wants to bring its apps to 30 more ports by 2024 - 19/09/2023
  • Digital solutions for French and European marinas
  • Founded in 2021.
  • Izysea's goal is to deploy its digital solutions in around 50 ports by 2024, compared with around 20 today.
  • The start-up currently has a team of 10 people based in La Trinité sur Mer and Angers.
  • Izysea works in partnership with a call center based in Rennes and Angers, which has 150 teleconsultants trained to answer sailors' questions.
  • Izysea's solutions are currently present in 350 seaports and inland ports in France.
A facelift for the port of La Trinité-sur-Mer - 08/08/2023
  • The port of La Trinité-sur-Mer has 1,250 berths for sailboats and motorboats.
  • The Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan is to invest 18 million euros in modernizing the port.
Lorient gives its marinas a facelift - 04/08/2023
  • Lorient has 9 marinas on its coastline.
  • The harbors are managed by Sellor.
  • The ports offer 3,200 berths.
  • The facilities welcome 20,000 overnight calls per year.
  • Lorient La Base is home to 110 ocean-racing boats, and work is underway to accommodate 9 additional Class 40 boats.
The Port of Lorient gets involved in ship dismantling - 03/05/2023
  • Nearly a hundred trawlers: number of trawlers taken out of the water since the Brexit.
  • 4 to 5 vessels to be demolished: number of vessels that the Guyot environnement group plans to demolish in Lorient by next summer.
The Port of La Rochelle aims to make its mark in offshore wind energy - 23/03/2023
  • La Rochelle to host Shipping Days, France's first conventional shipping trade fair
  • Breton maritime stevedore Kuhn, with sales of 165 million euros, operates six of the eight terminals in La Rochelle, and is bidding with Belgian installer Deme for the logistics of the next wind farm project off the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier, in 2024.
  • 90 hectares dedicated to floating wind turbines

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Port de la Rochelle
Port de Concarneau
Loire Atlantique Pêche et Plaisance
Compagnie des ports du Morbihan
Cercle nautique et touristique du Lacydon
Port Adhoc
Alizée Soft
Solutions Plaisance

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